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I have been internetless and not able to share anything with you all for ages, but we are stealing someone's wireless so am finally online!

Sectus was awesome, more about that later, what I really want to talk about is Deathly Hallows.
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Over the weekend have repeatedly tried to post a long squee regarding OotP, as finally saw it on Friday with a bunch of fandomers and I loved it so, but things kept going wrong and deleting my attempts! :( So yeah, loved it and Luna and Harry and Umbridge (not loved, but feared! She was terrifying) and everyone was awesome. Long review shall follow after I see it again. Hopefully soon. Not thinking of DH, not at all, in a week it will be all over. Oh my god. For the first time ever I am avoiding spoilers, though it is so difficult, I am tempted to click links.

Tomorrow is my first day of work in London. Need to get up at 7, oh dear. Wish me luck! I really hope I like this. But being in London will be awesome as so many of you are there! :D

Going to bed now, haven't gone to bed so early in so very long.
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I am reading all about America's containment policy against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, it is in some ways highly entertaining. I mean US policy makers were crazily paranoid about Russia, and saw it as incredible when it comes to 'clarity of strategic vision', surely they must have had better spies??

What made me laugh out loud however is this:

“We must be CONSTANTLY VIGILANT lest we fall into a trap” US secretary of state Dulles warned in May 1953

Ahahahah, oh dear, this is brilliant, why hello Mad Eye Moody!

Have to read a whole book before tonight, and then one more and then essay, boo, but at least it is better than philosophy.
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That is the title of a whole page article in the Cherwell about Harry Potter slash.

There is a Harry/Draco fanart.

It is the most hilarious and awful thing ever.

I just opened my student newspaper, idly flicking through the pages and suddenly WHAM, ahaha, they think we are harmless 14 year olds.


Feb. 2nd, 2007 01:10 am
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I keep clicking on the update button and then clicking away. But it is February and life is okay. (if you erase the last 4 days)

Was feeling melancholy earlier, not even sure why and then I came here and my flist seems to have exploded with the fact that the release date for HP7 (I am not used to calling in by its name yet!) is July 21st...as in this July! During Sectus! And whoa, but we just learned the title? How could she be so quick?! I like the long pauses between books...well I know that it will be two years sinse HBP. But wow. The end of Harry Potter. I don't want to know how it ends yet, I don't want it to end. At the same time OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Just wanted to add my dismay to the general havoc, it will be pretty awesome to get the book with hundreds of others and read and wow, it will be amazing. Which reminds me.

ATTENTION OXFORD PEOPLE: Are any of you going to Sectus?? During [personal profile] loneraven's party I remember speaking to people who hadn't heard of it...so I am telling you now. It is a HP conference in London this summer from the 19th to the 22nd of July!!! You should all GO! It will add to the general fantasticness of everything.
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Yay, the Boatrace is tomorrow...I actually watched a programme about it on ITV today. So sad. Am going to London to watch it. Is anyone else going to be there? Well, mostly to meet people, but also watch it. I am quite excited, considering I haven't been down to the river once during the past two terms and have never ever watched a race before. Not going to the after party though, going back in the evening. To revise. Have done little revision still. :(

Have been reading fic though! Mostly OC, after much struggle was able to find a lot of good OC fic. Especially this, also this and this! :D No idea why I am linking to OC fic, there is like no one else here who watches it/cares. Own reference I guess. Not to worry, am still mostly about the HP. In fact just listened to Slashcast

which was really, really awesome. Go and Download it people! It is like amazingly professional and fun!

I have little else to say. I wish someone would prank me, but no one has. :( I want to fool someone else, like my brother. But I don't know how. Oh life. I think I am going to go wash my hair and then return to my data (ahaha. wrote date instead...) project. Or catch up on the last few episodes of the L word. For which I was spoiled for... :'( despite being in the bathroom at the time of the conversation, I could HEAR. :((

It just started raining again. I think that it hasn't stopped raining in the past week, and just when I was about to say that it is finally sunny. Woe. What the hell is wrong with me??? Why am I talking about the weather?! :( I am going away now. This was brought to you by severe boredom.

A rant about icons might follow soon enough.
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It is snowing outside! It has been snowing all morning and the ground in nowhere near covered but the grass is and it is pretty and white and yay, snow!

I am going sales shopping today, (need to get boots!!) and then will finally see Narnia. Was meant to be revising yesterday, sadly that didn't happen, instead I read fic and watched tv. It was nice.

I read 100 Harry/Ron drabbles by [livejournal.com profile] shocolate which were all linked to form a wonderful, heart breaking story that I really loved. Read it, but when you have a few spare hours, because reading the first few and then leaving the rest till later is not going to happen believe me. Also bring tissues.

Then I watched The Notebook, which I also loved, and also made me cry. It was so good though, wah I want to see it again.

So yeah, that was my day, procrastination and nothing else and collections (exams) are getting closer and I know not very much, but will start revising tomorrow! Definitely. :D

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  • Brutal honesty meme. People, pls fill my paranoia. Seriously. I have always wanted to know how is it that I annoy you lovely flist so that I can better myself. Or not. Either way, I heart this meme and so you all should do it. Yes. Not that I have bad things to say about you, that is not what I meant. Honest! Love!

  • Also, once again a reminder for Christmas Cards, I will be buying them soon, so fill the poll!
  • Missed maths lecture today, hmm, feel guilty as lecturer is my economics tutor and scared he might have notice.
  • Politics tute went well, my tutor is lovely, my essay not so well. He said it had a heavy conservative slant :((( What? How? :(((
  • I want Cedric/Harry like NOW! [profile] baleheadbabe linked to a discussion on IMDB which is all about the Harry/Cedric love and someone linked to a fic at the end of it. Omg, hahaha that fic was so bad and funny. Am in search of good fic now, so recs to any would be appreciated and lovely, fics don't need to be spectacular, at this point I am rather desperate.
  • Really should be reading Varian, as economics is evil.

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The premiere was...well I will try to look at things in a positive way, however omg never again, not sleeping for two hours and getting there 12 hours too early! (Met a girl on bus home who had managed to get a poster from the premiere, turned out she was at the front and got there at 4.30pm! What the hell??? We were there at 5:30am and the actors started arriving at 5pm)

It fucking rained and people were rude and inconsiderate, autograph collectors should die.

Fandom people I met were lovely and I love you all, have friended anyone I remember the name of, too dead to search everyone out. Most of the others dressed up and looked amazing! There will be pictures hopefully. We had two Bellas, Tom Riddle, Millicent, Neville, AU Slytherin Lily, Parvati, Snape, Lucius, Harry and various other Slytherins. [livejournal.com profile] son_of_darkness in his role as Harry was interviewed by all possible tv's apart from a British one, he is clearly famous around the world now.


  • CEDRIC IS REALLY REALLY HOT! He wore LEATHER trousers and a red velvet jacket. All the boys were in velvet for some reason.
  • Dan was omg so cute and tiny and wore LONG *GREEN* VELVET jacket!

  • Rupert! I loved Rupert, his hair is ever so purty and he was just so sweet! (blue velvet jacket) They all went shopping together!!

  • Cho (Katy) was hot, also her dress was gorgeous.
  • Tom Felton is a chav and we call him Chav Tomson from now on.
  • Still don't like Emma.
  • Bonnie has *really* grown, she has the whole slut Ginny thing down with her ridiculously high red *velvet* shoes. WTF is with all the velvet?

  • Krum is also hot.
  • I am clearly of the shallow.
  • I simply can't do the screaming thing, I feel dissapointed with self.
I want to sleep so much but have economics due in tomorrow at 9 which I have yet to begin. :(((((((((
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OMG! There was a dead daddy long legs in the bath when I went to take a shower. Ewww. :( There are tons of them in the house, and I don't know what to do. The one in my room bumps against the wall when I am trying to sleep and it is horrible.

However [livejournal.com profile] elanor_isolda[profile] gave me a huge POA promo poster thing, (It is awesome!) well it is cardboard and freestanding so not a poster exactly but never mind. It takes a large portion of my room and thankfully my mum is not horrified and only wondered if I have plans to take it to Oxford with me. I am not sure yet, but it depends on the size of my room.

And the GOF Trailer is fantastic! So much better than I thought it would be. :D :D :D
Trailer Spoilers )
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Wow, I could hear the Oasis concert from my room, which is miles away from The Bowl, so well. Weird. A concert has never been so loud before, I don't think. It is nice to be a walking distance away from a big concert venue though, I can't wait for the Eminem one.

And it seems like today everyone is discussing Spoiler Policies and such, I will of course use cuts and things when discussing any, usually I am the biggest spoiler whore, read the ending almost before the beginning, (I always knew Sirius was Harry's godfather even before I knew who Sirius was, and I knew that Moody wasn't Moody) but since OotP when I found out about Sirius and I didn't want to do so my spoiler reading tendencies have changed. Well I still read the spoilers floating around right now, (I am not sure why, I am annoyed with myself for always having to click every stupid link) but I am refusing to believe them, a few sound like they are taken from badfic, but one will make me feel incredibly smug so I sort of hope it is true.

My legs hurt, my parents dragged me along for a country walk thing in the heat and I walked for hours. In a way it was nice, the countryside was pretty and there were lovely horses and rabbits and a deer! However it was too hot at times and my feet are not used to walk for four hours. The worst thing was that the pub in which we were going to have lunch in stopped serving food at 2, we of course got there at quarter past and so had to have crisps and peanuts for lunch and walk a couple of more hours before we could get back to the car. Despite all this it was fun, am not likely to do it again soon, but it was a nice and different way to spend day, thanks to a good map we hardly even got lost.

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Spend entirely too many hours shopping today and as a result bought absolutely nothing. Zilch. I really wanted to buy something, I tried lots of things on but didn't like anything enough to buy it. I did however see Mr and Mrs Smith and really liked it, which is surprising considering the lack of plot and the constant fighting, but then again I've always known I am shallow and the hotness of the film was too much to be allowed, it was funny too which helped. Also, Adam Brody was in it and I love him. He also brings me rather nicely to the OC's season finale which finally aired here today, I was spoiled but some bits did surprise me. Thoughts including spoilers )

I have been reading the fics from [livejournal.com profile] big_bang_hd, so far I've read Wheel of Fortune and Queen of Hearts, it has been entirely too long since I've read any long and plotty H/D fics, especially post OotP ones and those two were really good for very different reasons, can't wait to read the other two.

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The Goblet of Fire Trailer.

It is beautiful. GoF is my favourite HP book and I love every part of it so very much. I am more excited by the film than by HBP in some ways, I think because it is safe and known. The trailer is wonderful though, you can see how Emma's hair becomes better and beter each year (and by that I mean less and less like Hermione's) Not saying any spoilers but if you do see it, comment because I do want to talk about it very much! Wheeee, GoF!!!

I was sketching graphs till half eleven today, so I think that it has been a well spend day. :)


Mar. 21st, 2005 11:02 pm
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Hello <333

I am in a happy, happy mood. I think it comes from being productive, like I actually did work today. As in homework and also I didn't quite fail that maths test I did last week, like I thought I would.

I can't believe my last post was the drunk one, I was going to post yesterday, but every time I do with no drabbles I feel guilty and so I don't. Which is silly. And my calendar looks sad with all the empty squares where there are days I haven't posted. I want it to be all full. And I never even get close to it.

OMG America on Friday! Yay!!!! I will have to take tons and tons of pics and spam you all when I get back. :D

Haven't had time to read any fic today, but [livejournal.com profile] colourme_hp has given me a lot of pretty art to look at and squee over. A totally awesome community, very busy and very pretty. So much love for the fanart!

I don't really read much fic anymore, I don't really know why. I have a huge list of things I want to read, the majority of those being novel lengths and I just haven't started. And when all of you post fic, I always mean to read it, bookmark it and then don't. I mean I do read some, but it is very random what I choose to read. And it is never something I'd planned on reading. What is wrong with me? Why do I not read fic? I don't know why I am saying this, but I think it's to do with my love for fanart, I love looking at it and I am contuinuously looking for new fanartists to friend and fangirl. Maybe because art is something I can quickly look at, as well as review and it doesn't take too long. I guess the time reason is laughable, considering how long I spend online, just reading/refreshing flist when I could be reading. I think it is because I have lost the habit. Whatever it is, I hope it changes. Soon. This probably applies when it comes to writing, but I won't go into that now.

In other, better news, Smallville ep was actually good. And Smallville fic is something I actually want to read. And I am not sure where to find it, sure I can find lots of fic. But I want to read a recent novel length dealing with all the Clark/Lex interactions from this season. I don't know if this exists and if it does, have no idea how to go about finding it. It is so much easier in HP, if I am looking for fic, I know exactly where to find it. I know all the classics etc. But am without a clue when it comes to Smallville, that's a fandom that can sure do with a newby community.

And I remember there is a community with starter packs for all sorts of fandoms, but can't remember its name. If anyone knows it, I will be very thankful.

Wow, and to think I started this not knowing what I was going to say. And look what happened. Stopping now, or I will be needing a lj-cut.

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I was meant to spend this weekend in a very productive way, but that plan sort of failed. At least I did the majority of my homework including an evil English essay and I wrote fic. Am still ill. It is most annoying. Have a horrible dry cough, that feels like I am choking, even though I am not.

So I have come to the conclusion that waiting till I write all the V-Day drabbles I promised until I post them is not going to work, because in less than two weeks I will be in America and won't be able to write/post them for ages. That is why I am going to post things as I write them, that way I won't appear horribly late.

This one is just short of 1500 words, and this is with me forcefully cutting it down. I don't know how it happened, oh well. I quite like it.

This is for [livejournal.com profile] jetami who requested Harry/Draco, hot. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: A school trip goes wrong as Harry and Draco get stuck in a magical cave rumoured to influence people’s behaviour.

A/N: This is unbetaed, if you spot any mistake please tell me. And reviews make me *very* happy. :D

Harry/Draco, R. )

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Character Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] dorrie6  Read more... )

Well that was fun. What do you think?

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Right, so writing all drabbles for today totally didn't happen, but as there are so many squeeful things everywehere on LJ today no one will mind. And as you get them in a couple of days, it will be nice as there won't be overload of fluff and stuff. Also it will mean that I will be capable of writing something that doesn't contain love and mushiness, because frankly I am getting tired if it. Oh and all day it was the most horrible torture to be unable to see any of the Hardcore Valentine Day cards, because every single post on my flist has them and I didn't even know what they were. Well now I can see them. Finally. Some are truly disturbing, some are quite nice. But for once I will not be a sheep *resists*

Oh and some of those ficlets decided to get a plot along the way. I appologise.

And now for the one drabble I am posting today. Because it is 100 words of H/D dialogue. :D

This is for [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita, because she said she wanted something sweet and fluffy and H/D, leaving me to choose the prompt.

“Do you love me?”

“What are you talking about Potter?”

“Answer the question.”




“I love you.”

“You do?”




“Um… Potter, why are you doing this?”




“You are ruining a perfectly nice dinner by being…well. You.”

“I’m so sorry for being me. Won’t happen again.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Me? I am ridiculous?”

“Harry. Harry, look at me.”

“Go away.”

“Harry, please. I’m sorry.”


“I do. I love you.”

“You do?”


“You are not just saying it so that I’ll shag you.”



"Of course not. You’d shag me anyway.”

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Hello. I wrote this odd little drabble today and thought I'd share. It is for once exactly 100 words and I rather like it. Anybody that tells me what they think gets a biscuit!

Untitled, 100 words, Draco. )

And now a request, well more of a plea really, I am willing to beg. Will anybody be willing to beta something for me? Please? It is just over 2000 words, H/D and PG/PG-13. further details, including bribes :D )

And lastly a very big slash survey which is rather cool in my opinion, please steal it, because I am interested in your answers.

Slash Survey )

And if you didn't take my Hermione poll please do so and tell me why if you have the time.


Feb. 5th, 2005 06:52 pm
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I wrote a drabble for [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon's Harry/Draco Drabble Project, the prompt is: Post-war, troops coming back.

Regrets, 200 words. PG )

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Hmm, I am not sure why I haven't posted for a while. I have certainly been here, I guess I have nothing much to say, which is odd for me, and also not quite true.

So this will be long and rambly and behind cuts, but before that a quick rec.

Apocrypha by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon is a wonderfully rich Severus/James. I hadn't realised how much that pairing appeals to me. This is seven parts and completed, the link goes to part one.

Stuff )

And now a very simple poll. Because I have seen a lot of animosity towards Hermione and I am not sure why people don't like her. But that is for another post. Now I just want to know if you do, to see whether she is well liked or not. And this refers to canon Hermione.

[Poll #429987]


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