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I can't leave the angry post out there for so long.

Nonetheless a short drama update

In other news things are less good than last week, because I had 5 revision classes this week and spend most of it a) not working and b) franticly attempting to read my old essays so as to know something for the class, only not actually learning anything.

And I still haven't applied to LSE and I don't really know how to write this personal statement, which is so much longer than the Oxford one and just completely different!

On the bright side my food intake of today consists of a chocolate croissant for breakfast and a Belgium waffle with ice cream and maple syrup for lunch. I know that sounds awful, but oh my god it was good.

I am in the college library and really bored. I also have nothing else to say. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Link me to something entertaining pretty please!


Nov. 16th, 2007 04:25 pm
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I am in the SSL so often, I feel like I actually live here, I probably would if that was allowed. I could sleep on the sofas and all would be good.

I am here now, of course, I even have my own computer in the computer room where I have customised Firefox and it remembers my email to facebook and everything else. I also know all the computer room regulars, I don't know their names or anything but I spend so much time with them I feel that that is irrelevant.

I finished my essay and went to bed at 4 last night, which was okay I suppose but then Friday is almost gone and I am too tired to write my essay on the affect of the Media on India politics, even though it was due in yesterday for my tute. Oh well.

I think I might go back to my horrible dirty and cold house (long, ranty story, don't get me started!) and have a nap, possibly watch Heroes, that would be nice, everyone is finally liking that episode and I still haven't had time to see it! Well, I am not sure if my laptop is quite up to downloading anything, but I shall try. Oh yeah, my laptop, which just recently turned 1 year old has decided to die on me. It apparently needs a new hard drive, it sort of works still, but it ever so often restarts itself and it takes up to an hour to switch one once that happens which does make essay writing rather exciting. And does explain why I live in the computer room of the Social Sciences Library.

Okay if I am too tired to read about the cassette culture in India, it really is time to go home.


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Dear self,

please, please learn from your mistakes. You don't do any work on the weekend, work like mad for a few days and then procrastinate on the day your essay is due and so it turns out both late and shit. And then you say never again. And then you proceed to do it again straight away. Always. :( This is not good. This is instead really bad. Just remember next week how you felt at 2:30 in the morning not yet done with your Weber essay (after a FULL day) which is basically a bad copy of the Weber lecture which your tutor gave you this morning.

Yeah. It is not a pleasant feeling, you can do better, you know that, you just need to stop failing and wasting time because it is really bad.

P.S. Do the washing up tomorrow morning otherwise it will be difficult to tell people off when they haven't done theirs.

Not that much love,
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I am alive!! I realise I have not updated for like 5 weeks, so thought I should let people know what's up. I am not really sure why I haven't updated in so long, It's not like I haven't been around, on the contrary, the last few weeks I have read more Harry Potter fic than I had read in the whole of last year. Hee, other people are rereading canon before the end, I am rereading classic H/D epics....it has been awesome.

I am going to see OOTP with t00bs in London tomorrow! Which will be amazing Oh my god, so excited, can't wait! Haven't read the book in so long, so won't even notice things that are missing, which would make a much less annoying viewing experience. Can't wait to see Luna, I love Luna so very much, love her! And from what I have seen Ivana is fantastic.

Sectus in less than a week! And obviously DH, a large part of me is in denial about that, it is like I know it is going to happen, but I am not really thinking about it, for once am almost completely unspoiled, which is very unusual for me, and hope to keep it that way!

Expect a proper update later, but in case that doesn't happen, the last month or so has been pretty awesome. Despite the lack of summer, and the rain, rain, rain! At least this weekend will be sunny! :D

The last few weeks of my summer term were brilliant, despite work and rain, god they seem so long ago now! Stayed in Oxford for a week after term finished as had my college ball, such a wonderful week that was, no work + Oxford = love, most people were there and there was too much wine and punting in the rain and filming of Northern Lights and eating out every day and so much more. The Ball itself wasn't spectacular but I did enjoy myself and ended up buying a proper Ball dress which I can wear for Not the Yule Ball at Sectus so yay, even if I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

First week of holiday was at home and did nothing. Nothing. Mmm. On the Friday went back to Ox for a PPE reunion dinner with old members, which was amazing. So weird. Most people there had either graduated very recently/not yet or were very old. All the old ones were men and extremely affluent, imagine getting progressively more and more drunk and having to make small talk to the CEO of some company or other who also happens to be the father of someone in your year and some big wig barrister and an ex president of the Union... Yeah... ended up missing my bus home, had to spend the night in a room with three smelly snoring boys. :( However. Acquainted myself with a not so old old member rather well... Meeting him tomorrow, before OOTP. We'll see.

Then last week went to Switzerland, Luzern, to visit a friend. It was pretty, rained there too, but went to many many art galleries. I heart art. And had lots of chocolate and cake  <3 AND climbed a mountain and went in a boat over the lake. Beautiful if ridiculously expensive country.

What else?? Ohh, the job dilemma, I had no plans for the summer, and kept applying for jobs, had an interview last Friday and found out today that I got it. It is with a small company that does political research and is not paying me anything, but it is something, and I shall be in London if I find somewhere to live which will be yay. Start on Monday, which is scary.

Going to bed now, expect angst regarding FUTURE. I have many plans and ideas. No clue. Mostly a lot of FEAR.

How is everyone else??
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Hello! Have not updated in ages and too many things have happened for me to attempt a proper update. Will try anyway. :D

  1. It is very cold and crisp, walking through the starlit quads at night gives me such a wonderful feeling of happiness and content and a general sense of belonging. Cannot quite believe that on Saturday I will be going home for just under six weeks. Will miss Oxford and all the wonderful people I have met, Ahmed's Kebab Van, Ben's Cookies, The Bodleian, even Hall food! Well, not that last one, but still. Also my room, can't believe candidates will sleep here whilst I am gone, can't believe it has been almost a year since my own interview. Remember exactly how terrified I was.
  2. FRANZ FERDINAND tomorrow, hopefully will be able to get to Alexandra Palace, not sure how exactly. Thought that I could stay the night in London, but not sure anymore, as don't know where and will have to be back at college for 11 on Thursday for an important meeting.
  3. The vast majority of my friends are at a Ball tonight, I didn't go because have not got a spare fifty quid for a ticket or a dress, instead went to Sainsbury's and bought bread then went to the JCR and watched Trainspotting, had not seen it and it was one of those films I have always wanted to see. Um, I did like it, but I am not sure why and I want to see it again.
  4. Had lovely dinner with the other people that do PPE here and then watched The Rules of Attraction, omg how awesome was that, yes I am shallow and Ian Somerhalder kissing boys is enough for me to squee over a film, I cannot believe there is no fic in which Sean/Paul happens in a more real way than Paul's daydreams. I want to read the book.
  5. I am sure most of you have seen this, however OMG so awesome! You put in music you like and it makes you a radio station that consists of what you said and similar songs, it is awesome and so far no adverts.
  6. Last Bop of term is on Friday, theme's Fantasies. I am sure there are other ways to interpret this, but my interpretation is sexual, have not completely decided on a costume, but am leaning towards a nurse's outfit, because one of the themed nights for the Ski trip is Pirates and Nurses so I will end up wearing it again. The other is white trash. Ugh.
  7. Lots of people have already decided who to marry for next year, we get to be College parents for next year's freshers and I don't know who to marry! Wah, I didn't want to marry a PPEist and so my closest friends have found someone and now I don't know who to marry. Wangst, I know, heh. Will propose to someone as soon as I have figured out who I want.

  8. On Saturday had first cocktail party, to celebrate the end of The Christ Church regatta (rowing competition), I couldn't care less about rowing, but dressing up and going to Freud's, a gorgous converted church was well worth it. It was an amazing night, everyone thought I was drunk and I only had two drinks! Grasshoppers are awesome, I love chocolate minty things, chocolate Mint Bliss at Starbucks is like the best thing ever!
  9. Have only a bit of logic left to do and no more tutorials this term, finishing off the last economics work was sort of hell, but it was then that I realised how happy I was. It was one am, I was wondering around college, (had to retrieve a copy of my text book from a friend's room where I'd left it), it was ridiculously cold, I'd slept too few hours the night before. And yet, I felt sort of elated, it is hard to explain why really. I hadn't even started writing up the three short (two page) essays due in the next morning. I think it had something to do with running into people on the way there and back and stopping for casual chats despite the late hour, seeing the lights of the other PPEists and knowing they too are working on this, calling them at half one to go buy chips and cheese as a break. Sleeping for four hours and still somehow making it to the 10 o'clock lecture. Um. Yeah, I am a freak. :))
  10. I bought Christmas Cards, they are wondreful and have snuggling polarbears and penguins!!
And on a final note, I have a Cedric/Harry bunny that refuses to go away and shall have to be written. Yeah I know I haven't written anything in months and am afraid, but will try my best. In the mean time, have a few (too few, seriously, where is the Harry/Cedric?) Harry/Cedric recs:


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