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You know when you are so tired that your bones literally ache? Yeah. That is how I feel. Apart from five hours of sleep and a shit essay the day has been lovely. The first sun in I don't know how long, lovely dinner with friends and HEROES.

And the weekend was really awesome, have never been so insanely busy, every second was something, there was a bop, I went to a garden party and organised another one, played croquet (and won), watched a play, watched a film, got drunk (twice), dressed as a tree, went for dinner, had many many cocktails, applied for a job, sold tickets, had to go to an exec meeting and a jcr meeting, went to a club, went to a pub, laughed, baked scones, did some life drawing and probably more. Yay, it did mean that I did no work from Thursday morning till Sunday evening, but oh well it was fun. And today is sunny. And tomorrow I am spending the whole day in the social sciences library and reading all about Chinese foreign policy.

Oh and no time for a long review of Heroes, as need to read a bit more before collapsing into bed, but.

Such fun watching this with [personal profile] proskynesis, she gets the broyay and the Nathan love and my stupid comments.

Now, that it is over, what am I going to do with my summer??
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I am so lazy, I sometimes amaze myself, my tute was moved a week forward and I still have not done the essay, however as a result this past week has been very much fun.

My friend came to visit yesterday and we went to the Bridge, which was a bit dull so we left pretty early and then I introduced her to the wonder of the Oxford kebab vans! No alcohol was involved in our evening (this is perhaps the reason for said dullness) because the night before I went to the Cellar, for a drum and bass night and there was gin beforehand, as a result I was more drunk than I've been in way too long, and had a very good night. I blame the gin. Then the night before I finally saw Brokeback Mountain and I really liked it, though perhaps a tad less than I thought I will, which always seems to happen with really hyped up films, but I lack the time and inclination for a lengthy review and so this by  [livejournal.com profile] iscaris says exactly what I think much better than I could ever say it..

Oh yeah, the slave auction is on tonight. I had gotten pretty used to the idea, but was invited to a Burns night celebration tonight and had to decline it, a part of me wishes I had done it, but then again there is always next year.

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I am alive! *waves and bounces*! :DDD It is my 2 year LJ-versary today and I thought it would be appropriate to finally update. It has been a good year, I have met so many of you and you are all fabulous and even though I hardly have time to be around I feel very comfortable in fandom whenever I slip back into lj land. *loves and loves*

France was so good and I only did a little bit of skiing, spending most of my time relaxing or getting drunk (heee!), it was so cool to meet lots of new people and share with them the smallest room ever. Seriously it was four of us in this hallway like thing and it was self catering with no kitchen just a stove and a sink all squashed together. It was such a mess by the end it was disgusting, heh, I can't believe we managed to clean. The snow was beautiful and the weather wonderful and sunny. I fell on my face whilst dressed as a nurse because of the Polarbear! There were only Pizza restaurants and Oxford won all the races, yayness.

I have been ridiculously busy but not actually doing anything in the past few days, finally send all the christmas cards, hope you get them sometime before Chinese New Year...but it's the thought that counts, right? Thank you so much everyone that has send me a card, they are all gorgeous and I love them! :DD

I suck at organising things, went Christmas shopping and ended up with a lot of things for myself...

I have earmuffs and they are white fluffy love.

I miss you all so much, but have to start finish my yuletide fic, would anyone be willing to very quickly read through it when I am done???
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  • Brutal honesty meme. People, pls fill my paranoia. Seriously. I have always wanted to know how is it that I annoy you lovely flist so that I can better myself. Or not. Either way, I heart this meme and so you all should do it. Yes. Not that I have bad things to say about you, that is not what I meant. Honest! Love!

  • Also, once again a reminder for Christmas Cards, I will be buying them soon, so fill the poll!
  • Missed maths lecture today, hmm, feel guilty as lecturer is my economics tutor and scared he might have notice.
  • Politics tute went well, my tutor is lovely, my essay not so well. He said it had a heavy conservative slant :((( What? How? :(((
  • I want Cedric/Harry like NOW! [profile] baleheadbabe linked to a discussion on IMDB which is all about the Harry/Cedric love and someone linked to a fic at the end of it. Omg, hahaha that fic was so bad and funny. Am in search of good fic now, so recs to any would be appreciated and lovely, fics don't need to be spectacular, at this point I am rather desperate.
  • Really should be reading Varian, as economics is evil.

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Have not been updating much recently, not that there has been that much going on, but somehow I haven't been in my room, in the few occasions I have been here, it's been with someone else and people keep coming over which is lovely but I also like being occasionally alone. So things:
  • Have somehow signed up to the Varsity Ski Trip. Um. I don't really like skiing, that is to say I am really crap, but I am hoping that it will be really, really fun. Am only girl that is going from my friends and will have to share room with boys. Don't like that very much, but at least it won't be with strange Cambridge people. Omg so much money, can't believe I am going.
  • How are there only two weeks of term left??? It has gone past so quickly I can't believe it, I will miss Oxford and all the new people I have met, woe Milton Keynes will feel so empty. Was supposed to book driving test so I can pass during the holiday but have not done so, driving instructor will not be pleased.
  • Got my GOF ticket for tomorrow at midnight! Yay, omg so looking forward to that, I get to see it twice with a big group of fans. :D *dances with joy*
  • Went to the union for the Europe debate yesterday, very very good, was going to go to Park End but went to Sainsbury's instead, it seems that after 10 they never have any bread. :( It was odd, as I was the only girl (recently am always only girl, as my closest girl friend here has a boyfriend and is never here) and there were 8 boys and they had boy conversations, I am clearly in need of more girl friends.

  • Went to see our cuppers play today, despite the ridiculous name "How to kill a Fresher?" it was hilarious and very gay. ([profile] slasheuse I really wanted to come see your play, but was stuck doing logic work, hope it went wonderfully!)
  • Was supposed to go out tonight, but went home to change after the play and stayed in because, a) it is incredibly freezing outside, omg Oxford is the coldest place evah!, b) I am sick to death of the Bridge (a club, boo) and c) I wanted to stay in and spend some quality time with my laptop. :D
  • I have spend like an hour writing this post, heh, I am also browsing flist and listening to music and dancing occasinally, am in a happy mood despite some things which made me all sad yesterday.(Will likely update about this later, I tried to ignore it but am unable to do so) But eee, Franz Ferdinand with [personal profile] fadagaski in less that two weeks.

  • Was gifted dark chocolate today, mmmm.
  • Am in need of FIC! Has been so long since I have read any. Can anyone REC ME any POST HBP H/D??

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I am so BORED!

I am supposed to be writing an essay, I *am* writing an essay but I am so bored of it that I am doing everything possible in order to avoid it, mainly eating but also checking my email a million times. I was good this time, spend all day yesterday in various libraries doing all the necessary reading, have way too many pages of notes, some are even relevant, and know exactly what each paragraph will consists of.

This is a problem. I know so much that writing it up bores me to tears. I don't understand how people work with plans, especially when it comes to creative writing, how the hell do you do a detailed plan and are then interested enough to carry on?

It must be a gift that I will never possess, and it's been so long sinse I have actually written anything (creative, not essays unfortunately).

I guess I should add something constructive seeing as I am updating and all...

  • I didn't get a ticket for the Snow Ball and I really wanted to go. :(
  • I have so much work for the next couple of days I suspect I won't get to do any of the fun things I want to do. 
  • We have a Pink! Bop on Friday and money will go to Breast Cancer research, it's at the same time as Tolkien soc's Fireworks party, the HP soc's Halloween Feast and a film I want to see. Decisions are evil and should die.

  • I survived my first economics tutorial and even somehow did well on my essay, even if my graph was completely different form other people's it was apparently correct.
  • I had a half seven Fire Drill yesterday morning and thought it was 2 o'clock and panicked and left my key in my room, thankfully after checking they'd left the door open.
  • I should go back to my essay now even though I want to have ice cream and possibly pizza instead.
  • I have tried to catch up with flist but if you think I have missed anything crucial please link me.
  • I have no bread but I do have cheese and biscuits.

  • I want to do something but lack the courage to do it.
  • I feel so restless and full of pent up energy but can't afford the time wasted of going to Yoga, should not have updated.


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