Jan. 22nd, 2006 10:10 pm
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I am writing an essay and of course think this is the best time to update, also I just felt like saying hello. How is everyone?

My neighbour, (I don't think I have mentioned her before, she is sort of crazy has a loud tv at all hours and shouts "I don't care" randomly when she is alone, I sort of hate her, but though we share a wall, I can't get to her room without going to the next staircase) has someone over and they are shouting and yufglkjl I am not happy, so I am listening to loud music, which means I can hear them less, but am also dancing on my chair and not writing my econ essay, even though it's not that difficult and for tomorrow.

I never realised how much more fun essay writing is when music is involved. Yay.

Just wanted to say thank to a few people, my parents came to visit and brought me food and things I had forgotten and some post, which yay.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] fatale (eee, your name really is love!) for a most beautiful V day card, which I really did not expect. It is just so gorgeous and yay, also the chocolates which I don't want to eat because they are just so cute. Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I used to complain about getting no mail through my pigeon hole apart from flyers, but this term I had two very lovely things, and yay (belated) thanking, because I want to.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sparksandclocks for an amzing purple angel bear keyring which now means I can actually find my key and sometimes even lock my door. Jodie you are unbelievebly lovely, I want to send you something back, even if isn't quite the hot cellist you asked for. *loves*

Last term I went to get a Neil Gaiman signing and [livejournal.com profile] loneraven's friend took a pic of me with Neil on her phone and last week I got the pictures all shiny and proper in my pidge, such a lovely surprise. Thank you Iona! :D *mwah*

I always feel so very absent when I get here, but this term I will make effort to be around, I want to know what is going on!

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Fandom meet ups are love, a whole lot of love.

I met with [livejournal.com profile] sparksandclocks after getting lost in the tube and we got to the cinema where there were so many fandom people all dressed up it was amazing! The film the second time round was no less good, and seeing it with fandom people did mean my squee was nicely shared, though I didn't cry this time.

Then a lot of us went back to [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze's and [livejournal.com profile] baleheadbabe's flat and it was the sort of night that you need to have been there in order to believe it. Very nice meeting everyone, have friended all I remember meeting. Love!

Me and Jodie left at about three and promptly got the bus on the wrong side of the road. Fun. She did realise that and we eventually (fourish) got back to her flat, which is all lovely and white. ([livejournal.com profile] jacinthsong, I have your Serenity poster, will have to rememeber to give it to you) And instead of going straight to sleep we talked until half six, which looking back was rather insane. Woke up at 2 this afternoon and got to Oxford just before 7, not sure where the hours went, but did not read any of the People's Peace on the coach.

Hustings for Academic Affairs officer were right after dinner, went okay, have a good chance of winning I think, would really love to do it.

Should sleep now, suprisingly not that tired.
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EEEEE GOF! AWESOME! The atmosphere was so good, so many people had dressed up and everyone clapped and cheered and laughed in the right places and it was so much fun seeing it with fans, and yay tomorrow once again. :DDD

Spoilers )
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Am now in the posession of a Good Omens signed by both authors! Squee!!! :D Terry Pratchett wrote 'Burn this book!' and Neil wrote: 'Apply holy match here' with a huge arrow pointing to the corner of the book. Heh, he was lovely and asked me if I wanted a picture because [livejournal.com profile] chains_of_irony who was in front of me had asked for one but I had no camera! [livejournal.com profile] loneraven's friend had a camera phone and did take a picture, which is lovely even if my head looks like it's been pastede on, will eventually get my hands on that pic. He read from Anansi Boys and I want to read it now, when I am once again in the posession of money (soon!) will buy it and answered questions. He seemed so dissapointed about Good Omen's film adaptation failure and said that Johnny Depp had agreed to be Crowley at which point the squee surpassed that of when Terry Pratchett said slashfic and Natalie Portman was to be Anathema. Wah, I want that film so much now, there would have been foot notes!!

Afterwards I made my way back to college and food as quickly as possible because having completely forgotten to eat was shaking and in a state close to fainting, a chicken Burger from Ahmed's made it all better. If I haven't mentioned before 's Ahmed's is a famous kebab van, the best one in Oxford. :D

Then watched A Very Long engagement, quite appropriate considering yesterday's date and very, very good and I cried and then Good Will Hunting which I have seen before and love.

My parents are coming to see me today, very soon in fact and my room has no visible floor space at all... However they are bringing me my new debit card as it has arrived this morning. *loves on Halifax* They said 5-7 working days not 3! :DD I will have money and things will be good.
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Things right now are a million times better because I met Terry Pratchett and he was wonderfully funny and he signed my Good Omens and then on Friday if I get it signed by Neil Gaiman too it will be omg so awesome.

I wish I could talk about this more, but have an essay for tomorrow morning which for various reasons I have yet to start.

Oh! [livejournal.com profile] potatofiend asked him what he thinks of fanfiction with regards to Crowley and Aziraphale and his answer was : "Oh, you mean slashfic?" !!! The entire chamber went into a collective squee! Well not the entire chember, but a lot of people.

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OMG it was the best thing ever, he was lovely and answered to all sort of things and it was only about 20 people in a cosy sitting room, so it was very personal and unofficial it wasn't a prepared speech or anything like which made it much better.

It was also the most embarrassing night in my life, first of all I got to Exeter College a bit early and was talking about him with my friend, who came to show me the way but decided to stay. I didn't know what Philip Pullman looks like, and HE WAS RIGHT THERE reading the notice board. I didn't know, so Sam told me it's him and I sort of freaked and ran away and squeed in a way that was really embarrassing considering the other people's reactions. (Are you here for the talk? Yes, I am the speaker. Oh, you must be Mr Pullman, nice to meet you.)I didn't expect to react like that! It just came out of nowhere, and he was right there!

Then in the middle of one of his answers my phone rang and it took me like an hour to find it and switch it off and then at the end of the night I knocked over someone's glass of wine. Not my fault as it was on the floor, but still.

I didn't ask any questions but other people asked the things I wanted to know so it was all good. He told us how he thinks Blair is a bit dodgy and a bullshitter, he told us how he met Tolkien at a dinner in Exeter college and how terrifying it was, he told us that the film finally has a script and they will soon start casting and parts will be filmed in Oxford, he told us he is writing The Book of Dust which is set four years in the future in Lyra's world, he showed us a stabbed squirrel...

I didn't take Northern Lights with me to get it signed, which I regret because a lot of people did but seeing was amazing.

[livejournal.com profile] loneraven, [livejournal.com profile] jacinthsong did you love it? I can't belive he said he didn't like God! Sorry I left so abruptly (after cleaning the wine) I didn't even ask you what you thought! :DDD


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