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"The worst pair of opposites is boredom and terror. Sometimes your life is a pendulum swing from one to the other. The sea is without a wrinkle. There is not a whisper of wind. The hours last forever. You are so bored you sink into a state of apathy close to a coma. Then the sea becomes rough and your emotions are whipped into a frenzy. Yet even these two opposites do not remain distinct. In your boredom there are elements of terror… And in the grip of terror - the worst storm - yet you feel boredom, a deep weariness with it all." The Life of Pi

Not much else I can add apart from two things I discovered today, one is that I am no longer able to write essays (specifically introductions) and two I remember absolutely nothing for any of my papers (specifically Bentham to Weber, my last exam, in the afternoon of a double day) If I was still able to write essays I might put a conclusion here, which would probably refer to doom and failure, but I can't so you are spared.

Hope people with exams are doing fabulously and people in England have been enjoying the glorious weather I've been hearing rumours about and that everyone else is generally doing okay!!
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Today for the first time in my life I bought a lottery ticket, it was enormously exciting and I told one person that I’d won and then everyone in the library thought I’d won and thus would not need to do finals. At which point I tried to explain to them the problem that lottery cases pose to knowledge and they all returned to their seats surprisingly quickly.

Today has been that sort of day, sunny and actually warm for the first time this year, which I had failed to notice and coming out of the library wearing my long coat was met with a lot of mocking, oh well. I have been feeling disorientated and a bit out of it all day and reading Mill and laughing a lot. None of these things are related.

And almost winning the lottery, don’t forget that!

I have also been taking photos because I am determined to do the photo meme “A week in the life of…a finalist” for posterity reasons and because taking pictures of Oxford makes me happy and my insistence to take out my camera at every opportune moment seems to really amuse people, I do hope no one takes it from me and tries to kill me with it, but I am taking my chances. I haven’t yet posted any photos because that is rather a lot of effort but I will do soon.


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Why do I only post when upset/annoyed/worried? I am sorry for that, I always want to actually say stuff (most recently regarding the new ep of Gossip Girl which is so much love!) and also post photos, because I have been trying to do this weekly photo meme and have been taking photos of my day (in the library! Though slightly more exciting than than..slightly) and other things but instead you are getting a mini rant.
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Just an FYI: I am alive.

I am just really terrified...(less than four weeks now, ohgod)
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I love how in this country a white Easter is way more likely than a white Christmas!

I also love that it is snowing, as this is the first snow I have seen all year and if it settles it will make my library time in Oxford that bit more exciting as this city covered in snow is exquisite. Not that that's likely, apparently it's not cold enough!

In other news I just found out that my exam timetable has been published, in 60 days time I am going to be taking my finals. I have 8 exams spread over ten days and then that's it.

Okay, if that's not motivation, I don't know what is.


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