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I've been doing logic exercises most of today, they are ridiculously difficult and also really, really pointless, however I feel strangely accomplished. At least they sort of make sense eventually, unlike the maths which doesn't. Did really bad on last maths work, thankfully after class today got most things but suspect that my economics tutor will offer me extra classes in a patronising way next time I see him. During my tute on Monday I had to draw a stupid graph on the board and I got really confused and nervous but did say the right thing, he didn't understand and told me too sit down, noting my nervousness then proceeded to do what I'd said, thankfully tute partner noticed and told him. Still, it was humiliating. :( Next week I have to be really, really prepared, only I can't because it is just so difficult.
In better news, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide again, last year it was awesome. I am really looking forward to my assignment even though so many of the fandoms I wanted to request weren't there, (What happened to Daria? Why is it not there anymore? It can't be because it isn't obscure, where's the fic then?) I did however ask for One Tree Hill and it was there and yay.
Good luck to NaNoWriMo people! I failed miserably last year, but still plan to finish what I started because I liked my idea, even if you don't get to the dreaded 50 000 words, you will have fun, writing under such pressure and not caring about brilliance of content is quite lovely.
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Oh My God, GOF world premiere on Sunday! I will be going to London with fandom people and it will be so much fun. I haven't been to London in the longest time, there is just so much work all the time.
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Right, I haven’t been around all that much this past week, for a couple of reasons. One, work and school means no time left for me at all. And when I have time I don’t like going on lj because it is either political posts or nano updates. Both of these depress me. And that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, or you shouldn’t post them, but they still depress me. Seeing how much everybody has written makes me feel like I will never do it, because I’ve had pretty much no time at all and it will only get worse. And the political posts are so interesting I find myself following links and reading articles and then the time flies, but they are good, and useful, as I have to write an essay with the lovely title: Account for the result of the US presidential election. Wah! I can’t do it! I don’t know why it happened!

Despite what I’ve just said I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I think I can do it. It was simply too good to resist, I was a bit disappointed that two of the things I wanted were not on the list, but the things I requested are pretty good too. I just hope somebody writes me Othello slash, for the world needs it, or failing that 1984. I have so much love for that book and actually have written some fic for it right after finishing it, but there is so much to explore with the ideas that somebody has to write it. My third request is of course Murder by Numbers, as that always needs more fics. I don’t remember what I offered to write but I can’t wait to get my assignment.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,535 / 50,000

Yes I hate seeing other people’s nano word counts but mine will not depress anyone only make them sneer in contempt.


The drabbles are not forgotten, I have written one and will do the rest very soon.

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*points at icon* That's how I felt for the last couple of days, as if time is slipping away and I am not even doing anything productive. And I mean anything at all. But it is also my official nano title and I love it very much, oh and I've updated [livejournal.com profile] kuteki_writing with some more character development, if anyone wants to read it friend it. To be very honest a big reason for me to want to have it friends only is the pretty banners available, and you know need for privacy, yeah that's it. ^_^

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Now a little bit of Fandom, for I feel bad being all whiny. I haven't had much time to read fic, but I've realised there are tons of amazing artists on my flist and they've drawn some really good things recently. I love art!

[livejournal.com profile] sherant has drawn the best H/D pic I've seen in a long time here NC-17 and NOT WORK SAFE!

[livejournal.com profile] khames has coloured [livejournal.com profile] greeksong 's Draco/Snape lineart and it is such beautiful colouring.

[livejournal.com profile] monkey_puppet has drawn a Halloween pic with Severus and Lucius that has such cool colours

[livejournal.com profile] teawithvoldy's Harry is so adorable and once again I love the pretty colours.

[livejournal.com profile] yukipon's Halloween series consists of the most adorable pics ever. So far there is Hermione, Draco, Ron and Remus.

The only thing I've been reading is [livejournal.com profile] anise_anise drabbles. And there is such a perfect mix in there, from fluffy H/D to semi non-con Sirius/Harry and everything in between, these can be found here, here and here.

Enjoy! <3 Katia

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Today went incredibly fast and I didn't do anything, this is bad as although it it still fairly early in the holiday I need to catch up with homework and reading and tons of things.

But never mind *waves to new friends from [livejournal.com profile] mctabby's friending frenzy*  How are you all doing?

As some of you know I am meant to be writing a fic a day as a sort of practise forn nanowrimo, which at the moment is a grant total of fic and a drabble. And for today I promised I will have more, which I do, but it's not as long as I would have liked. It will however have a second part posted tomorrow.

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I have an idea. I don't know if I can do it, but I sure am willing to try. In 10 days I will be starting nanowrimo. During that month I will probably stop writing anything else, which will suck. Also I am not used to write a lot every day, instead I tend to just waste hours in LJ browsing my flist and getting annoyed that you guys don't upadate very often and basically doing nothing much. So I have the time and if I get organised to write a fic a day leading up to the first of November, it will be a wonderful way to get into the habit of just writing. Of course the fics won't be brillliant but it might be fun and writing is writing. So I ask you to tell me what you think, so I have poll, oh and if you want to tell me anything else please comment. Perhaps a good idea would be for you to give me challenges or something.
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All I've been recently thinking about is nanowrimo, and I keep wanting to write and squee about it, but for fear of alienating my flist I've comtrolled myself. I also created a journal for posting plot ideas, character developments and possibly even the thing itself. It is rather imaginatively [livejournal.com profile] kuteki_writing and it will be friends only, as I am a bit nervous about it all. If for some odd reason or other you want to read it you can friend it and I will be very happy to share it. It will mean that I will not spam you with random plot addition and terrified pleas for something or other. Or at least not too often.

But just this once: I have a plot, kind of. I have a main character and her name is Lara and I have a very vivid uiverse and I really, really like it. I have a lot of ideas and can't wait to develop more of the actual plot, but I think I can do it now that I know who and where. The how will be a piece of cake. All I need now is a title, I really want a title but can't think of one, it's not a problem of choosing a title, more of the head empty of a single idea for a title.

And now I am off to sleep


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So, I've signed up for NaNoWriMo. I don't even know why. It is absolutely insane. I haven't even got the inkling of a plot yet. There is no way in hell I will be able to write 50 000 words in a month. But I really, really want to! I have been one of those people that have decided by the age of three that they want to be writers. And yet I keep telling myself that I couldn't possibly write now, due to too much schoolwork, not enough time, bla bla bla. Well it is about time I actually finish something. And it might be fun, I actually have enough time, judging by the hours I spend on the Internet, all I need now is a plot. Nevermind, that's only a silly detail.

If someone wants to join me in the insanity, please do. I do believe it will be fun :)

If someone wants to give me any plot ideas, also feel free to do so ;)


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