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So, we are in the dawn of a new beginning, I am terrified and excited and hopeful that despite all it will be okay, it has to be! Yeah, you guessed it, tomorrow I have to do my first presentation at the LSE in front of a group of super smart, but hopefully sleep deprived people. Oh yeah there is the US election too...

I can't concentrate and have done no work at all, instead reading all types of election-related news, and keep thinking I will be staying up anyway, so can do my presentation then. So no fun election party for me, but hopefully a celebration tomorrow! I looked at my post from four years ago, it was half way through the next day that the result was announced, so I sort of can't help but expect a similar thing, but I am also cautiously optimistic, because things are looking pretty okay, are they not? But then again I have never met a Republican, all the Americans at the LSE (and there are a lot here) I know are Democrats, and same goes for everyone else I know, so I have never actually spoken to a McCain supporter. Add to this, where I choose to get my news from, and you get a very nice, liberal sheltered picture. So my glimpse into conservative America has been formed by trollish comments left on blogs or youtube, and thus seem almost unreal in their craziness. But these people are very real and in their millions, which is scary. Similarly it is all good to laugh at Palin on SNL or even feel sorry for her after the prank, but the possibility of her actually being VP is all kinds of awful, I was reading an article on the Bush doctrine and its consequences the other day and it is terrifying to think that she didn't know what it was. Among many, many other things of course, but as someone who is currently studying international relations and is very much aware of the impact the US has on pretty much everything, I can't help but worry. This election matters. It matters not only for Americans but for the rest of the world, and I really wish I could do something more than fervently hope the right choice is made.


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