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*waves* Hope you all had a lovely Christmas etc and have planned a good way of ending the year. Mine was not bad at all (best things I got was a camera, a watch and a chocolate fountain!) and I have spend the last couple of days either shopping (I am too weak to resist the sales, even if I have no money whatsoever, very bad!) or reading Yuletide, and not any work, even though I am going to Morocco in less than a week and need to do some work before that, but never mind that now, here's some recs. I love Yuletide and read everything with which I am even vaguely familiar, so these are a very random mix. In no particular order:

Wimbledon: In Dreams: This is a story set after the ending of the film and it is what I wanted to read ever since I saw the film about three years ago, it is quiet and bittersweet and utterly lovely.

But I'm a Cheerleader: Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders: As the title probably makes clear this is wonderfully funny and it really keeps with the spirit of the film.

Love Actually: Someone you love: This is about Sarah and Karl after the film ends and it is absolutely perfect.

Saved By The Bell
: Bayside Revisited: I used to love Saved By the bell, can't quite believe fic exists, but it does and this sees the gang reuniting after 15 years and it was a joy to read from start to finish. Oh nostalgia.

RPF Politicians: Ten Sephirot. Nine and a Half Fingers, Eight Nights, 44 Presidents: Yes this is Rahm Emanual/Barack Obama, but really what makes this fic utterly compelling is the stuff before the slash. Really beautifully written and great characterisation.

RPF Pundits
: Breaking News: Rahm/Anderson Cooper, need I say more? Okay, this really is a great fic, and you should really, really read it!

Angels in America: I'll find you in the morning sun: This is a fic about Prior after the end of the play, it includes a Louis that finally gets a clue, an incredible Hannah and an always wonderful Belize and it is really fantastic, and what I particularly liked was that the hope. It managed to be realistic without being too bleak.

RPF Gossip Girl
: Ed Westwick is no Repair man: Ed/Chase is not something I normally seek out, but this has a really great Ed voice and I really enjoyed it.

Shelter: Laying In: It takes off where the film ends and presents us with the hard reality of actually moving in with your boyfriend, who is the brother of your best friend and having to take care of your nephew while trying to attend college and it includes a really great OC.

Little Miss Sunshine: Nine Steps in a Circle: Dwayne and Frank both need to rebuilt their lives and their developing friendship helps them along. I really enjoyed this fic, a great storytelling voice.

The History Boys: Now for a breath I tarry: A fic the follows Scripps through his three years in Oxford, don't want to spoil it, but it (eventually) has a pairing I hadn't really read before and it does it really very well.

Merlin: Buggre Alle This: Bodyswap fic, seriously awesome, what more can I say?

More might come later, though I have pretty much exhausted my known fandoms. Hope you are all good! A more substantial update may come later.


Dec. 30th, 2007 03:35 pm
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Hey all! I hope those from you that celebrate it have had a lovely Christmas and the rest of you have had a lovely week! :D I predictably have a new lap top as everything we did with my old one failed to save it, and it is shiny and new and most importantly it works which is wonderful. My track record with computers is appalling, but hopefully this one will not break after a year *craddles*

I am actually very much alive and have had a really nice holiday so far, sadly not as productive as I had promised myself, but there is still some time that this can change in, after all what are New Year resolutions for? I have been going to London quite a bit and Oxford and went to Paris after Christmas for a couple of days and in the few days I have spend at home I watched lots of cheesy  tv, thanks to [personal profile] lauds I became briefly obsessed with Nearly Famous, afterwards started watching Gossip Girl and have been ctaching up with Ugly Betty. I am not ashamed.

I have also been reading Yuletide, I love Yuletide so very much, though for the first time this year I didn't sign up, I have read more fics than ever before and they quality is really high.

So here be recs:

My Secret Magi I love Scrubs and it is funny in a way that is difficult to write, and yet this fic does it very well, it is absolutely hilarious and holiday themed and light.

His Dark Materials: Philip Pullman (Another thing I have done this holiday is reread these, oh I had forgotten how much I loved them!)
The Ivory Horn: This fic is absolutely brilliant. One of my most favourite from the fest, it tells the story of Will after the end, where he studies Physics in Oxford (Exeter, of course) and tries to get Lyra back. Wonderful and shocking twist, well not exactly a twist but you'll see what I mean. (Wow judging from the amount of comments, most of you must have read this already, but if you have missed it by some chance, do read it!!)
Christingle: Another lovely story about Will in Oxford. I like this very much. This sounded like it is written by someone at Oxford, because the little details, which people tend to get wrong are all right. ([personal profile] loneraven, this reminds me of you, if you haven't written it, you should read it!)

One Tree Hill
if you shake her heart enough she will appear: It is about what Brooke does after finishing school, it's about friendship and more. It is quietly lovely and so very Brooke.

Billy Elliot
Dancing Boys: Wonderful, wonderful Billy/Michael, after many years apart Billy finishes school and comes home. Michael's POV, the sort of fic I have always wanted, and never quite realised it. Perfect.

The Devil Wears Prada
Still Life with Lipstick: Miranda/Andy. It's fashion week and they meet again. Lovely Miranda characterisation.

Are We the Fools for Being Surprised? It is a Daria/Jane fic set in college, I was always going to love it, but it also has spot on dialogue, so that I can completely visualise it. The world always needs more Daria fic.

Friends (I don't think I have ever read Friends fic in my life)
The One Where Chandler Sneaks A Pee : Pre series, Chandler and Joey have lived together for only a few weeks and Chandler really needs to pee. It is one big misunderstanding with hilarious consequences.
The One Where Chandler Isn't Gay: Because really blowjobs totally don't count. Brilliant, made me laugh so much. Oh Joey.

Goodbye Lenin
Mmm-Mmm Good! Alex/Denis, short, porny and utterly awesome.

Little Miss Sunshine

A fucking conversation about whatever: I love this film, it is darkly funny and this fic is incredibly true to the spirit of the film, a conversation between Dwayne and uncle Frank. Really good.

Susan Coolidge - What Katy Did series

Snow White and Rose red: It has been a long time since I have read these, the plot is very fuzzy in my head, but this was written so well, so very true to the books, full of innocence and subtleness, Clover/Rose Red.

Ugly Betty
Setting the Record Straight: This was the fic that stopped me reading more and made me catch up on ugly betty, Marc give Justin advice, it is so cute. Also I love Cliff.
No Place Like Home: This is absolute Crack but I liked it, Amanda dreams of being Dorothy and it all goes to Oz from here.

More to come I am sure, there are a few more fandoms I need to get through.


Oct. 29th, 2007 05:06 pm
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I am bored and can't concentrate on what I should be reading at all.

That is very bad as last week, I did nothing on the weekend and monday and consequently had the week of hell, no fun or sleep! At the end in worked out all right, in a miracle sort of way I did both of my essays, the second one in under 4 hours and my tutor really liked it though after, I was so shattered I slept half way through saturday.

Anyway, the point is that I alway tell myself: never again. I try to learn from my mistakes, but it is Monday evening and I have done very, very little and can't seem to concentrate for longer than about 2 minutes. At all.

And maybe because I haven't really gone anywhere since Saturday, which is really awful :( And so feel restless and jittery and should have gone to the library, but it is 25mins walk and I had to carry my lap top which is annoying, so I thought I will stay and read Durkheim: The Division of labour in society and I can't do it. :((

What should I do? Help!

Also I have been away so much that I feel like I am really missing out on fandom and LJ and everything and somhow I can never catch up and maybe this is a good thing, because for a long time now I have stopped feeling like I can really express myself here and I am not sure why.

But due to lack of internet I have missed:
  • [community profile] yuletide sign ups, I have done[community profile] yuletide the past 3 years and it is my favourite thing ever and I missed the deadline :(
  • The Dumbledore is gay squee, I only found out days late and by then people flist was less with the joy and more with the wank which made  me feel very sad
  • Heroes, I have now caught up, but I have missed reaction posts and fic and feel like it is odd to post my reactions so late after the fact, though perhaps this is partly due to my confusion over how I feel. I am a bit disappointed, but the last few eps have made me squee madly, so I keep hoping it will be as awesome as before. At least there is always Nathan. With a shotgun. And a Peter shrine. Wanting more is greedy. Also Sark and Hero are love. And I may be the only person in all the land, but I like West, so there!
  • And much, much more I am sure.
But on the bright side, Halloween is very soon and I am going to a party, though no clue how to dress up! I have finally started my Oxford application, and decided to leave the US alone and apply next year if I don't get in here, which is likely, and then spend the year doing things which can improve my US application. Not sure what things yet, but there is time. And, well can't think of anything else, as am feeling really down, but things are okay.
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I am ill, also an idiot. The two are not related I don't think, though if they were that would make me feel a bit better.

Illness is sucky, sore throat, headache, blocked nose, standard symptoms I guess, only it means that haven't done anything productove which I was meant to, oh god the stupid holiday will be over so soon and I haven't done any revision whatsoever and haven't even applied for internships. I am an utter failure.

In other news, the idiot news, booked return train ticked for the wrong date, had to cancel and lose a fiver and maybe never get any of the money back, it's meant to take about a month. It is ridiculous. What makes it worse is that if I had booked not a week ago or evn yesterday but like an hour a go it would have been £10 cheaper but then the cheap option disappeared by the time I had finished my lunch. Yay! Not. :(((

Thankfully [livejournal.com profile] yuletide  is a thing of joy, though another way of not doing useful things, woe. But. Recs:

My Holiday Musical - SCRUBS. This is my favourite thing ever, it is absolutely brilliant, soo hilarious and true to canon, long and plotty like an actual episode, also very unique and funny and everyone should abosolutely READ it. Even if you don't like/haven't seen much of Scrubs, read if you love any of the following: House/E.R./Firefly/Buffy...not saying why, not gonna spoil you but trust me!

Make your own kind of Music - Beautiful Thing. Oh this is utterly lovely, set after the end of the film, deals in a very realistic manner with Ste and Jamie's relationship. Nice and long and beautifully written. If you've ever wondered what happens next, this is the answer.

Somewhere, One day - The History Boys. I really enjoyed this, set years later it centers around Dakin and his life, after Lockwoods's death he ends up meeting Irwin again and..well read for yorself.

For wherever you go, I will go - V for Vendetta. Gorgeous and heartbreaking about Ruth and Valerie.

More recs coming up, but too tired to read/write right now.
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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! if you celebrate it! If not, HAPPY HOLIDAYS/HOGSWATCH/MONDAY! Hope the day has been and will continue to be rather shiny for you all, a tad glittery perhaps, filled to the brim with tasty food, smily relatives, drunken friends, loving lovers, possibly a present or two, definitely rest and laughter and crappy tv!

It has been good for me so far, spend the morning watching Family Guy, The Movie with my family, a lovely lunch, finally completed my CV (heh, better late than...) rather enjoyed my [community profile] yuletide fic, (Yay Rent!), have very much enjoyed a few others, but recs will follow when I read a bit more.

Am now off to [profile] anna_bonita's house for Christmas dinner so I hope you all have a good night.

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Whoo! I am ridiculously pleased with myself despite being an awful procrastinator and not having done any studying as of yet. But there's always tomorrow, right?? Hee, am pleased because I did manage to finish my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic on time despite all the odds being against that and that I actually like it. I am not sure if others will, but it feels very close to my heart for a variety of reasons and so I am happy with it. Am quite terrified of anyone else reading it, but at least no one will do so for at least a couple of days.

Went to London yesterday with my brother to show my grandparents who are visiting around, went on a boat tour which was fairly uneventful and also went to an anime/manga exhibition. That was fun.

The actual reason for this post is to wish Ani a Happy Birthday, I was hoping to have a fic ready, but felt rather uninspired, so just give me a prompt and I will write you something.

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY [profile] anna_bonita!!! ♥HEARTS♥

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Life is good. Or it will be tomorrow, right now tutes are so arranged that my next essay is due in *the following* Friday :D There will be maths and Logic in the mean time, but those are not essays and are therefore doable. Yay! (See! This time during essay crisis I resisted the pull of LJ!)

So, will have free time tomorrow and can go shopping, or would if I had money. I have my card now, but the old pin doesn't work and so I still can't take money out, will try to sign things but got pin wrong twice already and am worried that something will happen to card *note to self: call bank asap*

Mondays are evil days, early lectures, two hour economics tute, two deadlines. However I do feel very accomplished. This evening was so random, first went to Travel Aid meeting, then went to the Union for about five minutes before it ended, then went to a stand up comedy show which was brilliant but only caught the last 20 minutes. Randomness, but fun. Will read a bit now (fiction!!!) and then go to bed. :DD

GOF!! Am so excited.

This Friday at midnight with HPsoc.
Then Saturday in London with tons fandom people.

[livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment scares me...but it will be fun.

Dear [livejournal.com profile] yuletide Santa,
Whatever you write for any of the fandoms will make me love you, sorry about the confusing details, if you want to ignore them I'll understand.
Love, Katia
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I've been doing logic exercises most of today, they are ridiculously difficult and also really, really pointless, however I feel strangely accomplished. At least they sort of make sense eventually, unlike the maths which doesn't. Did really bad on last maths work, thankfully after class today got most things but suspect that my economics tutor will offer me extra classes in a patronising way next time I see him. During my tute on Monday I had to draw a stupid graph on the board and I got really confused and nervous but did say the right thing, he didn't understand and told me too sit down, noting my nervousness then proceeded to do what I'd said, thankfully tute partner noticed and told him. Still, it was humiliating. :( Next week I have to be really, really prepared, only I can't because it is just so difficult.
In better news, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide again, last year it was awesome. I am really looking forward to my assignment even though so many of the fandoms I wanted to request weren't there, (What happened to Daria? Why is it not there anymore? It can't be because it isn't obscure, where's the fic then?) I did however ask for One Tree Hill and it was there and yay.
Good luck to NaNoWriMo people! I failed miserably last year, but still plan to finish what I started because I liked my idea, even if you don't get to the dreaded 50 000 words, you will have fun, writing under such pressure and not caring about brilliance of content is quite lovely.
[profile] ***
Oh My God, GOF world premiere on Sunday! I will be going to London with fandom people and it will be so much fun. I haven't been to London in the longest time, there is just so much work all the time.
iTunes meme )
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Well the good news is that there is a week left of school The bad news is that there is a whole week left of school and also in a week I will know.

Have been busy this week, catching up with all the work I've missed and all that. In case of failing will of course be blaming Oxford for making me miss school. Have to plan a Christmas review for Thursday, rumours about dressing up as reindeers are hopefully gross exagerations. But have to participate or not watching the other forms, and I can't miss that. One of the other classes are doing Christmas Carol with a twist, Scrooge is gay, they are having fairies instead of ghosts and a rent boy, I am not too sure on the details but it shall be funny. Last year they did a beauty contest with the boys in drag, they are an interesting form.

Have written Christmas Cards, will send them as quick as possible. The way I figure late is always better than never. It is a personal philosophy I often share with my teachers, strangely most are not too pleased.

Need to catch up on new lj fic, have read a few, all very good. I hate missing fics because I forget and never find them again.

This entry really has no point, next time I promise actual content and fic. Yes I have to write fic, the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide  one not yet started, will do so now. Yes, that is what I am going instead of wasting my time. Bye.

PS, If you have time to waste, and even if you don't but are curious you could watch the demented cartoon movie, but by any means don't. It is really very bad, I mean it in the awful way bad and yet I wasted about half an hour watching it.

Also I will be going to the States for Easter, but more on that later.


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