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Note to self:
Buying things on eBay does mean you actually pay for the stuff, even if you don't see the money. You are a poor student, stop it.

Note to people from the three hints meme I couldn't guess:
Tell me who you are, please.

Everybody has already gone to uni an I have a week left and it is odd, saying goodbye to people has really made it sink in. I haven't even begin buying things I will be needing. I have however spend quite a long time today learning things for driving theory, still know little but at least Hazard Perception is fun.
The Harry Potter calendar pictures are actually quite awesome, though the person who made it appears to be a die hard Harry/Hermione shipper, it is quite amusing really. Though I can't be the only one to think there is something very wrong with this picture? Harry is stabbed to death by his forbidden love with Hermione, quite symbolic really.
Why do I always get into obscure fandoms that have no fic?? Why does no one else watching One Tree Hill wants to slash it? (It is even not a fandom at yuletide, this will have to be amended this year) The world is cruel.
I can't be the only one to watch Hex, right? Is it not terribly addictive? I mean it is pretty awful and cliched and yet just so appealing.
I love my icon to ickle bits. It is from Mean Girls. And no it doesn't represent my views.
Random post over.
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Last few days have been very busy, only with things I want to be doing as opposed to things I ned to be doing.

Watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday and loved it, it has been too long since I've read it so I didn't really notice inconsistencies and what not which is good. Keira did well in my opinion, certainly better than I thought she would (Though I find it funny when she is meant to be the 'plainer' sister, because...well) and Mathew MacFadyen made an excellent Darcy. The music and the sets were gorgeous and it just had the right sort of atmosphere. Bingley was just so cute and Jane was quite perfect, in a fresh sort of innocent way. Mr Wickham looks like Orlando Bloom which is weird. I heart Jane an awful lot but I do wish Kitty and Lydia didn't giggle quite so much. I adored Mr Bennet, but then again I always have. As a final thought I wished there had been a Darcy/Elizabeth kiss, because the ending with Mr Bennet's prolonged laughter bordered on the creepy.

I also went shopping (Again, I should really stop this) and nearly found a suit for uni that fits me, I've been having problems with that, all the jackets are either too big or the sleeves are too short and if they fit I can't find a maching skirt. I bought one from GAP of all places, but my mum dissaproves and so will be rturning the jacket shortly. Argh! It is so annoying needing a suit from Uni, I am running out og places to look.

However yesterday I received three postcards from my college parents!!! I though I didn't have college parents, and was sad about that but I do and they are lovely. My father is doing Classics and Russian and my mother PPE, I also have a brother. The postcards are completely full with writing and I have been offered biscuits and in a round about way condoms...

Will soon be in possession of my computer (we bought a new hard drive), it wil be empty but at least I will have time to get things onto it before I go, and we could still possibly extract things from the old hard drive.

I do miss the internet you.

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Scary, scary storm. Thunder and lightning and a lot of it too. The lights just flickered :( And today was such a lovely day too. I am not complaining, just saying.


My birthday is on Friday and I still have no idea what is happening, I will be going out on Thursday but have no idea who is coming as few people have confirmed and no one has money/is working all the time and I maybe I need to get myself more friends. Then again, three people have said they will see me on the Friday and I will be going shopping then with one of them for my present and then I think we are going to the cinema. In the evening something family is planned, though we could invite a couple of people. On Saturday I will be going out again with people that can't come on Thursday, hopefully. It is all coming very fast and I hate it when I don't know what will happen exactly, and panic that no one will turn up. Also I will be 19, and the rational part of my brain is aware that isn't old, but on the other hand it isn't 18 any more, and 18 is the best age and last year of being a teenager is omg just so scary. And yet I am full of birthday squee! My dad has agreed to get me a pink mini fridge for uni! :D How cool is that? (Not for a birthday present, that would be sad, besides I prefer surprises must to my parents' annoyance)


Today the Economics part of my reading list arrived. (Yay for Amazon) Three large books, from which I will need to read a substantial part and answer questions. Is it bad that I find it boring? I have always hated the making notes for yourself part of the course (Eh. That's why I didn't do any of it...) I am afraid I might find it all a little boring, and this isn't as bad as it sounds, I like economics, I like getting taught and discussions in class and evreything but note making. Which actually is bad, because university is supposed to be about independent study and research and reading books, right? How exactly do they expect us to change so completely from what we are all used to?


Oh and bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! No I am not insane, I am however writing a couple of things and I haven't done that in forever and I am very excited and will have to finish everything for once. Writing it down means that I am more likely to. I hope. :D

Oh and isn't my icon the greatest thing ever? *emg* <-evil monkey grin

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So I went to York today and am leaning towards having it as my reserve. Still not sure, but am not going to be able to visit Durham and so it will probably be York. What it was all like including pros and cons. )

Well good seems more than bad. But I have nothing to compare it with. I just hate making decisions blind. If anyone knows anything about Durham, please tell me. Anything at all.

And now I am off to read part 2 of Surrender The Grey, because it is Wednesday.

Might make first personal post later today, if you missed poll when I posted it, and for some odd reason care, feel free to fill it and I'll add you to the filter.

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Going to York tomorrow. Open day. Still don't know whether to have York or Durham as my reserve and I guess seeing it will help me. Still. I hope I don't hate it or something, because that would suck and people that have seen it don't like it very much. At least I miss school again. :) But I hate making choices and important decisions are an evil thing. I just don't know whether I should have York or Durham. Same course, same offer (AAB). Both pretty far away, both about the same on the league tables I think. How do I make my decision. No idea. If anyone has any advice, please feel free to share.

In other news, I tried to glimps at flist, but somehow it was skip=90 after a day and I had to give up, bookmatking the many fics I came across, will have to catch up soon. Did see the HBP covers. Very nice, very intriguing. I can't believe I've never really seen the UK adult version before. Their cover is so much prettier. What does adult even mean? Is anything apart from the cover different?

I watch too much TV on Tuesdays and there is no one on my flist that I can share my squeeing with. How do people that are interested in multiple fandoms deal with that? Do you have friends from all fandoms? Do you just not post silly posts with Yay and Squee? It is a serious matter I think, because I love the OC more and more and I don't just want to read fic, but other posts and meta and stuff. Oh well. Don't even know where to start looking. And as in the UK we are way behind I am wary of spoilers.

This is a post with too many questions, none of which are likely to get answered, but I am going to bed now. I actually did some maths today *feels proud*


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