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Off to Barcelona! Wheee!

See you all next week, need to pack now...
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I am back from Morocco. Well, have been back since Monday, but as it was the first week of term I was thrown a bit off the deep end into classes and seminars and trying to see lots of people and having last minute driving lessons and doing copious amounts of laundry. Am now reading for my first essay for the year (On ethics in foreign policy, this whole choosing your own essay topic thing used to annoy me, but I do love it now) and of course now have found the time to update!

Things are good right now and I am sure that by half way through next week, it will be less good, so I want to record this...

I had driving test number two on Friday and it was raining and dark and horrible and nonetheless...I PASSED! :D Yay, I can now drive and soon there will be insurance and hopefully one day I will learn the way to my house.

In other news Morocco was absolutely fabulous. It started very badly, as it was meant to be 4 of us going, but ended up being only 2, but apart from the minor glitch it was fantastic. Met some awesome people, had a bit of a crazy itinerary (Marrakesh - Ouarzazate - Desert (near Merzouga) - Rissani - Fez - Rabat - Casablanca - Marrakesh) but impossibly it all worked out, spend one night in a bus, one in a Berber tend in the Sahara, two at a friends' girlfriend's flat, one in a room with a stranger I'd met hours earlier and one (innocently) sharing a bed. Saw snow in the mountains, rain in the desert, the sunrise over dunes, the sunset from a camel's back, the markets in Fes and Marrakesh, the mosque in Casablanca, the apartment of a friend of the boyfriend of a friend of the girlfriend of a friend (that was insane). The people were on the whole very nice especially when they don't want to sell you anything but they are not too bad even when they do (esp if you very firmly say no or la in Arabic) speak a million languages and (probably because I was travelling with at least one guy and was never by myself) almost no one did/say anything inappropriate to me.

Best week ever. Highly recommend it as it was really very cheap too, well it can be, as you can fine basic accomodation for under £10 and fantastic food for £1-£2, yeah the food was another high point. They were very nice about making me vegetarian things and even in the desert made me my own tagine (the others had to share) and everything was very delicious, cous cous and tagines are the main things, with lots of root vegetables, fried aubergines, fantastic pitta bread, eggs and lots of herbs. Mmm, getting hungry just thinking about it! And though I didn't buy very much they had lots of beautiful things for sale and I personally enjoy the game that is haggling, especially since I wasn't too bothered about buying specific things, though we did meet a number of people who'd been ripped off (felt very smug when comparing how much we'd spend for the same thing)

Now just need to sort out the 1000s of photos I have taken.

Oh and I am so pleased to see how almost my whole flist has been converted to Merlin! I started watching as soon as ep 1 came out and there was tiny bit of fic, (used to go on to [livejournal.com profile] merlinbbc  and [livejournal.com profile] merlinxarthur after each ep aired to read ALL the reviews/comments and fics, guess that would be no longer possible...) though nothing great and I have looked away for a bit and now suddenly there is lots of fic and it is really good and as a result have been reading Arthur/Merlin AUs till very late at night. Though still not sure where people are posting, as the comms memberships have not grown all that much.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Have tried but failed to catch up on what I have missed, so please tell me stuff! And Merlin recs wouldn't go unappreciated...

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Hello! Yes, it really has been too long. What can I say, I am too lazy to even update, even though I have been around the past few weeks. It's just hard to get back into the habit after so long. What Have I been doing? Well working in London, then off to Bulgaria and Istanbul for two weeks, then back for a bit, then to Germany for a bit and then back again.

As for what I have been doing since I have been back that would be nothing useful whatsever, mostly reading Heroes fic, and then randomly deciding to watch Torchwood. And then there was the beginning of Heroes season 2 which was much awesomeness.

I have also written fic. Not just any fic mind.

I have written a four thousand words Heroes/Torchwood crossover.

I am clearly insane, but in a good way I think. It will be the sort of thing that will be jossed as soon as the second ep of Heroes airs, but I don't care, I've never been bunnied so hard about anything. And now I am in desperate need of a second opinion, so desperate I am making my brother read it, and he has never even heard of Torchwood. So someone, anyone who has basic knowledge of both shows, has seen S2E1 of Heroes/Doesn't mind a small spoiler please PLEASE give it a read through. *begs shamelessly*
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I am alive!! I realise I have not updated for like 5 weeks, so thought I should let people know what's up. I am not really sure why I haven't updated in so long, It's not like I haven't been around, on the contrary, the last few weeks I have read more Harry Potter fic than I had read in the whole of last year. Hee, other people are rereading canon before the end, I am rereading classic H/D epics....it has been awesome.

I am going to see OOTP with t00bs in London tomorrow! Which will be amazing Oh my god, so excited, can't wait! Haven't read the book in so long, so won't even notice things that are missing, which would make a much less annoying viewing experience. Can't wait to see Luna, I love Luna so very much, love her! And from what I have seen Ivana is fantastic.

Sectus in less than a week! And obviously DH, a large part of me is in denial about that, it is like I know it is going to happen, but I am not really thinking about it, for once am almost completely unspoiled, which is very unusual for me, and hope to keep it that way!

Expect a proper update later, but in case that doesn't happen, the last month or so has been pretty awesome. Despite the lack of summer, and the rain, rain, rain! At least this weekend will be sunny! :D

The last few weeks of my summer term were brilliant, despite work and rain, god they seem so long ago now! Stayed in Oxford for a week after term finished as had my college ball, such a wonderful week that was, no work + Oxford = love, most people were there and there was too much wine and punting in the rain and filming of Northern Lights and eating out every day and so much more. The Ball itself wasn't spectacular but I did enjoy myself and ended up buying a proper Ball dress which I can wear for Not the Yule Ball at Sectus so yay, even if I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

First week of holiday was at home and did nothing. Nothing. Mmm. On the Friday went back to Ox for a PPE reunion dinner with old members, which was amazing. So weird. Most people there had either graduated very recently/not yet or were very old. All the old ones were men and extremely affluent, imagine getting progressively more and more drunk and having to make small talk to the CEO of some company or other who also happens to be the father of someone in your year and some big wig barrister and an ex president of the Union... Yeah... ended up missing my bus home, had to spend the night in a room with three smelly snoring boys. :( However. Acquainted myself with a not so old old member rather well... Meeting him tomorrow, before OOTP. We'll see.

Then last week went to Switzerland, Luzern, to visit a friend. It was pretty, rained there too, but went to many many art galleries. I heart art. And had lots of chocolate and cake  <3 AND climbed a mountain and went in a boat over the lake. Beautiful if ridiculously expensive country.

What else?? Ohh, the job dilemma, I had no plans for the summer, and kept applying for jobs, had an interview last Friday and found out today that I got it. It is with a small company that does political research and is not paying me anything, but it is something, and I shall be in London if I find somewhere to live which will be yay. Start on Monday, which is scary.

Going to bed now, expect angst regarding FUTURE. I have many plans and ideas. No clue. Mostly a lot of FEAR.

How is everyone else??
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Can't believe last time I updated was when I was stranded in the airport in Doha, well I got home all right and haven't done anything since. Yeah, I suck at recapping things, and India was amazing, a bit too much to attempt to describe. In Brief. Went to Mimbai for a couple of days, looked at the markets, the temples the parks and monuments, took a boat to Elephanta caves and were even asked to 'star' in a Bollywood movie. Hee. Mumbai is so busy and loud and dirty and chaotic and so very alive, wished we were there for longer. From there we took the train to Goa where we looked at the old Portugese part and then the beach which was so beautiful. Huts on a perfect palm beach. Pete broke his arm and had to leave us which was sad but Goa was amazing and I kept buying shiny things. A night bus (that was interesting) took us to Hampi which is an old temple town and possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The landscape was incredible. Huge rocks piled up into hills topped with temples around a winding river surrounded by rice fields. The temples are so beautiful. From the heat of Hampi we took a public bus service to Bijapur. A rather large  mostly Muslim city which is not really on the main tourist track. Did not see s single other tousirst the whole time we were there! It was awesome, really dusty we had to cover our faces and breath through cloth, no one spoke english and 15p bought you a meal. There were wild pigs living on the streets and beautiful Mosques in which we were the only people. People stared so much and some laughed with joy at the sight of us, it was almost scary but not quite. I absolutely loved Bijapur.

if anyone is interested in having a look at photos I finally put them up on facebook and now they've made that shareable so here are the links. But beware, though I selected only my favourite photos there are rather a lot.

Mumbai - Album 1

Goa - Album 2

Hampi - Album 3

Bijapur - Album 4

Since I got back home I have done no work, made no attempt to sort out my summer and have had almost nonexistent social life.

Sad, no? Well actually I have had a great time.

I have become completely obsessed with Heroes. It is wonderful and amazing and taken over my life. After watching all the episodes I have read all the fics I could get a hold of, haunted icon communities and even bought a paid account again so that I can add lots of shiny new icons. I want to talk about Heroes inessenatly and post recs and theories and just LOVE. But I shall do that tomorrow, for now I think it might be bed time.

I have also cut my hair today, It is shorter than I have had it for years and scares me a bit, but at least people for once will notice that it is cut, which they never normally do.
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Greetings! Depending on timezones no one will be up and reading this any time soon. But just in case you are PLEASE tell me how you are, post a fun link, something nice to make me smile!

I am in Doha, Qatar. We missed our connecting flight due to an hour and a half delay in the first flight and as a result have to fly to Manchester before going to Heathrow totalling 8 and a half hours delay.

This would not be unbearable if I had slept for the last two days or eaten. I haven't slept for more than 4 hours (in a train) in the last 48. This is not good. I didn't have dinner as I felt sick and airplane food is disgusting as a rule. Now we are stuck in Qatar and a measly lunch is our only compensation. We can't even get it yet. I am not quite sure where to energy for sitting up and typing is coming from, but I am using it before I burn out completely which is likely to happen any time soon.

Anyway. Free internet, will be here for a while. Please entertain me somehow if you can, in nice work safe ways, who knows what rules they have here... I do want to know what everyone is up to, haven't read flist in a few weeks. I do hope you are all okay, and have warm bed to sleep in. I have never truly appreciated having a bed. A bed is a good thing indeed.

Much love
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Greetings from Mumbai!

Just wanted to say how amazing it is here but the space bar on this isseriously not working so I can't say anything else. Hope you are all good. I have been here only 2 days and yet it feels like so much more.

okcan'tdealwith this speak later

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Greetings, I am Katia in case you have all forgotten me, though you are excused if you have. 

I feel so detached from LJ, have spend a lot of today trying to catch up with everyone's lifes, which is a bit hard to do. So please to be telling me about your summer. How was it? How are you?? Have I missed anything big? Book 7 spoilers? Amazing new fic? Anything?

I have had the most brilliant Summer ever, have seen and experienced a million things and though it is good to be home, I at a bit of a loss what to do in the two weeks before I get back to Oxford to help with freshers week. Can't believe I am a second year now, have four college children none of them have emailed me which worries me, I hope they ddin't hate my letter. College was being so strict about what we said, lots of people's letters were edited. Awful. 

Have to tidy room and grab some food before going out so no time to post pics but here is a list of awesome, bizarre and horrible things from the last month.

  • Right at the beginning on way to Burgas from Sofia my bus exploded and burned down completely. Yeah I do have pics. No I don't know why it happened, thankfully no one was hurt but a bunch of people lost their stuff.
  • Almost two weeks of total relaxation, going to the beach, shopping eating and going out all I did. Lovely.
  • OXAB, oxford help to the balkans) Working in an orphanage and playing with the kids for two weeks was the best thing I have ever done. I wanted to take the kids home after it was over. I never knew that I would like something like this, especially since the majority of the kids had very major mental disabilities but it was so awesome. We had an amazing time and I so miss them all.
  • My birthday was pretty good too, we ended up staying in a really nice hotel in Burgas and a large number of cocktails was involved, also a jacuzzi.
  • Had planned to go to Istanbul. Bought tickets to do that on the 3rd of September but as it was sunny the others decided to dtay a day longer in Bulgaria. We changed the tickets. Then one person decided he isn't going and they all changed their minds, won't go into it here but omg most stressful day ever. Was so pissed off.
  • Eventually decided to go to Athens, were not sure how but got an overnight train to Sofia and in the morning eventually find a bus to Greece. Not Athens but a place in Greece we had never heard of. Fun. Turned out this was Tessaloniki but with an odd Bulgarian name.
  • Managed to find a way to get to Athens. So lucky, found accomodation from a guy on the street.
  • Athens was soo very beautiful and am so glad I went, can't believe I have been to Greece twice this summer.
  • Then back to Bulgaria where it seemed so amazingly cheap, had an awesome time going to such nice cafes, bars and restaurants and even spend a day in the mountains.

Pictures coming soon. 

How are you?

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Greetings from Athens!

Just a word to say I am alive, it has been a while, have had a most a amazing time in the orphanage in Bulgaria, on the beach and on my birthday and now in Greece. Was planning to go to Istanbul but bombs changed our mind.

Will be home on Thursday, 

Lots of love,

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Hello! I am back! Had the most awesome trip ever, million pictures and stories, both good and not so good! Have no idea what is going on at all. It is Lumos weekend, is it not? Such a bad time to be back when no one is around! What else is evryone up to? My phone was stolen in Budapest so I am currently phoneless as well as numberless. Please give me your number...if I had it before/am likely to need it of course, will not prank you or anything like that. :D Here is a poll, the second question means nothing. Nothing at all. [Poll #781711][Poll #781711]
Will be back sooner this time! Can someone tell me how I can upload pics on LJ, for the album bit confuses me.
Oh! Got my results back, it seems that everyone in my college fucked up Economics, (like people who had above 70 in every colection got 50 something.) but I got 62! I have never been more shocked in my life! I just wish I'd spend less time panocking about econ and more time revising philosophy but never mind at least it is all over now and I got a good solid 2:1, more that I deserved considering my revision, so I am very happy. 62 IN ECONOMICS! Keep thinking it's a mistake, I seriously made stuff up.
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I am back from Greece, most lovely holiday ever, will spam you with pics of the gorgeous scenery and maybe even me if I can find any where I am more decently dressed than a bikini...but not now. Am going to Poland tomorrow, then onto the Check Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Back on the 28th. Will hopefully check my email etc at some point, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

Good news: I have passed my exams! :D
Bad news (maybe): I have no knowledge of my actual mark or way of finding out. :(

Good news: Pirates was awesome!!! I can not believe it was so long, it did not feel so long. But so much looove, oh Jack you evil, evil bastard, but Norrington, OMG!!! Just no words can describe my love. So much love, can't wait for part 3, the ending was so shocking, did not expect it and Keira was not half bad either, the whole haunting thing ruled. The wheel and the threesomeway fight and that new evil guy that goes way back with Jack. Ahem. LOVE.
Bad news: Have to wait another year to see how it all resolves.

Good News: The World Cup is over! Too much football is not good for the soul
Bad News: Zidane is a complete and utter idiot, his head looks damn painful too.

Bye! :D

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Hello! I am in Zante and it is brilliant here, missing my internet connection. Am in a fairly nice internet cafe, but me and my brother are the only occupants in the whole place. There is also dial up. You forget how awesome broadband is until you are forced to use dial up.

However it has been full of adventure. Also earthquakes. No one told us that they have near daily earthquakes, apparently the whole island was destroyed in the 50s by a huge earthquake! There has been two so far, that we've felt. They are always during the night and not too strong, but still!

Then there were the near death experiences. Also two so far. Rather hope they will stay at two...

It is unbelievably, ridiculously hot. Over 40 degrees every single day, even the nights are hot. We go to the beach really early or after 7, the rest of the day there is the pool or naps. I have never had so many naps in my life. Am reading Night Watch, have had it for ages and am finally now reading it. OMG young Vetinary, so so awesome!

It is so amazing to have nothing to do but swim, read, eat and sleep. Oh life. So good.

Watched the football yesterday...maybe one of those days England will learn that when it gets to penalties getting the ball in the net is a rather major element of winning the game. We can only hope.

With this I leave you. My postcards offer still stands. Leave me an address and you get a postcard. Probably not from here, most of the postcards here are to do with turtles or a 20 year old shipwreck, which by shipwreck standards is not that impressive.


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