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OMG you guys it's SNOWING, it never EVER snows so early here, well it's not settling or anything, but still, actual snow! And I had a driving lesson today, thankfully just missed the snow, but it was raining insanely, and I didn't kill anyone so all is good! Driving test coming soon, which is a scary thought, but I think I am getting there...

What else? Well, I haven't been doing enough work of course, which will catch up with me soon, but hasn't yet, and I managed to finally speak in today's seminar (well, I had spoken before, today I spoke lots!) which is good. Very little progress boy-wise, because I got scared and started flirting with everyone else in order to hide my love, because I am stupid. :(

Just saw Gossip Girl, and I have to say this show gets better every episode, I can't even, it's just so incredibly fantastic! It is amazing to have something like that I can just watch and enjoy, and not shout WTF?! Though I have heard yesterday's Heroes is actually okay, am trying to dl it now, so will see.
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I love how in this country a white Easter is way more likely than a white Christmas!

I also love that it is snowing, as this is the first snow I have seen all year and if it settles it will make my library time in Oxford that bit more exciting as this city covered in snow is exquisite. Not that that's likely, apparently it's not cold enough!

In other news I just found out that my exam timetable has been published, in 60 days time I am going to be taking my finals. I have 8 exams spread over ten days and then that's it.

Okay, if that's not motivation, I don't know what is.
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It's snowing. Enormous snowflakes. In mid april. WTF, weather, WTF?

I am beginning to think that it will never be spring ever. :(
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Eeee, it is snowing!!! How wonderful is that?

I am sitting here on my desk, wrapped in a blanket and writing a very bad essay about the lack of external world and then I just happen to look outside and the deceptive greyness is in fact beautiful snow, I keep glancing now with the fear it would have stopped and yet it has not as of this moment. It feels me with such glee, I am awake at this early hour (for an arts student, nine is early, thank you very much) because instead of writing the essay the night before, having had plently of time as did not go out for a friend's birthday I spend a while reading a chaptered OC future fic which was yayness. But yes, I have to say I am very glad that the world exists or that God/an evil demon/aliens on Mars have given us all/just me such a lovely hallucination....going back to essay now.



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