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I am sure all of you are just dying to know all about how my maths exams went, too bad because I will tell you anyway. But consider yourself lucky as I am using a cut.Read more... )

In other, better news I had the english mock (the war one) today and it was quite fun. It was very official, we did it in the Hall with GCSE people, and even though I didn't quite finish it was nice. I liked the extracts, one of them was from Arms And The Man which I hadn't heard of prior to today but which is set in Bulgaria, and has Bulgarian people in it, I found this cool. It is really funny too, has a modern feel to it despite being written in 1894. There was also an extract from Pat Barker's The Ghost Road, the third in the Regeneration trilogy and it was so good *wants to read now* It is a shame really that I have done no further reading, no novels anyway, as I want to read Regeneration, and not only for the shallow reasons of it being historical slash, all the extracts I have read from it are really good.

In case you are wondering, yes my life has been taken over by exams. Although I am going to a party on friday with people from my old school I haven't seen in ages and that makes me happy. Also I am in dire need of a Prom dress, I thought that I have a long time, because it is on August 19th (day after results day. WHY?) but I am now also going to my old school's prom and that's on July 1st, day after last exam. So I have no time to *buy* a dress and no idea what to do with my hair. Every time I think of it, I go all guilty for having silly worries. Vicious cycle really.

Also my flist is Star Wars crazy and I think I am getting infected or something, because I want to see it now. I am not a Star Wars fan, haven't even seen all of the original trilogy and thought that the two new ones were kinda awful but suddenly the love is everywhere and I want to see it. Maya's summary also helped, and I certainly haven't been reading any slash. Nope *hides*

Also I have a question which is silly, but indulge me. What do you think of my default icon, the pink one. I never thought that I would have an icon that I keep using, but it sort of happened and now that my 50 icon ran out *cries* and my paid account runs out in a week I guess I will have to just go back to three *cries more* But I want to know if you all hate my icon, because it is pink and pale. I always associate people with their icons and I was wondering whether you do too and how do you see me because of it? Feel free to express hatred, I don't mind because I love it as it goes with my layout and I found it randomly and squeed. Wow that was a weirdly confusing and long question, if you actually got till the end *offers cookies*

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Today was my last day of school...ever.

How strange to think that after so many years it is over. All morning I felt like I was about to throw up, like I normally feel right before an exam. I am not really sure why, considering my two years at the school have gone really quickly and all the people I will miss I plan to keep in touch with. Nevertheless I felt very, well I guess sad is the word I should use, even though it wasn't consciously so. I will miss it, I think. At least a little bit.

The only reason I went to school is for the maths lesson with the hope the teacher will be able to help me at least a little bit. Instead...we had a party. That's right a maths party. Hehe, it was really nice actually, lots of sweets and chocolate fingers and lemonade and the five people that turned up had, well fun is too strong a word, but it wasn't bad. Through all this, my teacher tried to help, but didn't know how to answer half the things I asked her. I only hope this means those questions are too hard to be on the exam. I also had english, my last lesson ever was english, but isntead of actually comparing the books, half the lesson was spend on a sort of lecture/speech about taking the initiative and university tutorials. Um, yes I am not sure either.

BUT! Cool prank, sort of. People drove a car into the Common room! Well, sort of pushed it in throught the double doors, but still amusing. Theachers were not amused.

And I think Friday is like an impossible day for doing any work, ever, because it is Friday. So I spend some time reading an amazing OC fic, that was so very appropriate for the last day of school that I am going to REC it to you and beg you to read it even if you don't like the OC. It begins with the perfect summer before going off to uni and deals with nostalgia about last time you will do this and that and change and losing people and everything quite a lot of you also finishing school are probably feeling. An not only that, it is very well written and has Seth's voice just incredibly right. It has references to everything you can thing of, and they are funny too. It has Anna, who ends up in the same college as Seth, because she would. And there is Ryan. a little different from what I normally see him, but works nonetheless. Ok I will stop babbling and link you, click it!

Always take the weather with you by [livejournal.com profile] amerella

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Hello! Today was my first whole day of purely revision and I think that needs to be mentioned. *feels proud of self* The exams are getting closer by the minute and this time I need to start revising earlier than I normally do, that is why I haven't been around very much lately and won't be fully back till they are over. Which is in two months and a week. And then no more school....ever. You'd think I was pleased, but I feel...odd. It is frightening that the real world is so very close and I am not sure I can cope. At the same time, I am really excited and can't wait to go to Uni(v) Even if I will miss people, not my close friends because I will continue to see those, but...the others. People I really like, talk to in class and between lessons but will probably never see again. I hate leaving things, places, people, items. I guess starting anew is sometimes desirable, but I am afraid. And my mind is running in circles, a bit like this post. 

I will end this with a few dates.

  • 3 weeks of actual school left! (That feels weird, because I haven't actually began to believe it, we haven't finished any of the syllabuses yet..)
  • 4 weeks until P3 (am so scared, have revised all day, don't know much, teachers can't help me. Either at all, or spend the whole lesson on a single question)
  • 9 weeks till my last exam!

Am going to sleep now, as 4am is not something I can get used to. Although the reason I stayed up so late wasn't bad at all...

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Well, I haven’t really been the most active fandomer since I’ve come back…and tomorrow I am leaving again. Only for two days though. Belgium and France, the battlefields tour. They were going to film us but changed their minds at the last moment. I don’t know whether to be upset or relieved. I have to get up at four am! Considering I’ve only slept five hours the last couple of nights, that really isn’t a good thing. I am looking forward to this trip, even though none of my imediate friends are going and I am not really sure who I will share a room with. Also they keep warning us to bring lots of warm clothes and waterprove shoes which I don't have. I don't even have proper trainers. Most of my shoes are not exactly sensible.

So, since I’ve been back I’ve been putting off updating with an actual account of my holiday. Which I am writing not because anyone really wants it, but because I like remembering things. I have been reading too. Mostly random but brilliant crossovers, some SV and GO oh and some new HP from my flist. It feels nice to be interested in fics again. Now all I have to do is start writing, but I am in a good mood (Just watched a double bill of new Scrubs which I adore) and won’t get into that right now for fear of loosing it

This was going to be a long post about other things, but I don't have the time to finish it and so this is all you get. :) I need to decide what I am wearing, pack and head in for an early night. See you later *waves*
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Wow. Haven't read flist for two day and was on skip=150 and that is without communites, (exception these two because they are pretty) only personal posts. Am dreading what will happen when I go on holiday and have huge admiration for anyone with more than 100 people friended.

But yesterday I was in London for Westmisnster day and it was very good, could have been better, (some people were idiots) but I liked it. I can't believe that last year's was such a long time ago, I remeber it so well, rereading the post I made then I remeber everything I said like it was yesterday. Having a journal really is a good thing. And now for this year's behind a cut, because it will be long and not very interesting if you don't care about British Politics. Oh and before I forget we were filmed, I don't know if it is going to be on telly or not, but a huge camera was right behind me and every time I turned around it stared at me, it was scary Read more... )

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Well the good news is that there is a week left of school The bad news is that there is a whole week left of school and also in a week I will know.

Have been busy this week, catching up with all the work I've missed and all that. In case of failing will of course be blaming Oxford for making me miss school. Have to plan a Christmas review for Thursday, rumours about dressing up as reindeers are hopefully gross exagerations. But have to participate or not watching the other forms, and I can't miss that. One of the other classes are doing Christmas Carol with a twist, Scrooge is gay, they are having fairies instead of ghosts and a rent boy, I am not too sure on the details but it shall be funny. Last year they did a beauty contest with the boys in drag, they are an interesting form.

Have written Christmas Cards, will send them as quick as possible. The way I figure late is always better than never. It is a personal philosophy I often share with my teachers, strangely most are not too pleased.

Need to catch up on new lj fic, have read a few, all very good. I hate missing fics because I forget and never find them again.

This entry really has no point, next time I promise actual content and fic. Yes I have to write fic, the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide  one not yet started, will do so now. Yes, that is what I am going instead of wasting my time. Bye.

PS, If you have time to waste, and even if you don't but are curious you could watch the demented cartoon movie, but by any means don't. It is really very bad, I mean it in the awful way bad and yet I wasted about half an hour watching it.

Also I will be going to the States for Easter, but more on that later.

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Now that I got this over with I can do things that really matter such as sleeping and eating and sleeping, also catching up with reading and doing some more writing. I haven't been very productive at all recently. But hopefully this is about to change.

 We won our house cup.Friendship and stuff )

Our assembly ended with "No! Please say no to drugs!" I guess that's one way of wishing us a good summer.

I am having my work training tomorrow! I'm scared.

Going to write many emails now, as am afraid people think I'd forgotten them.

I'm back

Jul. 3rd, 2004 04:52 pm
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Hello, I finally have internet access, and it is strange as I'm not used to it, so I don't crave it as much as I did. But it is nice to be able to check what's been going on and catch up on stuff and fics. Also doing homework could be advantegious at some point in the future, as during the weeks with no internet I was given research for all my subjects. I dropped Media, am left with only four and am sticking with them despite everyone saying that there is no point, and it's better to do three. So, you think what did I do with all that spare time when I have no internet, well you probably don't, but I'll tell you anyway, I don't do anything at all. Well, in fact I watch Big Brother, which is a bit pathetic, but I am seriously addicted. Also I decide what I want to do at Uni, and then I change my mind, and again and again. At the moment it's PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), but yesterday it was English Lit. I hate making life altering important decisions, it takes me ages to decide what to wear every day.

This is a post I wrote nearly 2 weeks ago now, which I was going to post then, mistakingly believeing that AOL are not fucking stupid and I'll have internet, but here it is now, abit late, but nevertheless I like it. )

Oh, and my school banned gmail, so I can't check it there anymore, in fact I can't even check it here, as it says Done, but shows me a blank page, hopefully no one has send me anything important there, am using Yahoo mail, at least I can see that.


Am going off to read the latest chapter of Underwater Light, which I haven't had the time to do yet, but feel very special as am one of the people it is dedicated to, because of my review being wonderful.

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It's Sunday afternoon and I am starting to panic, there is so much I need to do and I am way too easily distracted.

So, here follows my To Do list in terms of homework, which I wrote this morning with the full intentions of completing, and have yet to begin. I think that posting it here is not something I am just doing to waste my time before actually starting it, but makes it more official and therefore more likely for me to finish it (read: start it) So if I don't stop wasting my time you can all be as horrible to me as you like. I will deserve it fully.


Evil to do list )


Apr. 23rd, 2004 10:36 pm
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First week back over, I feel tired, but ok. Also, have much hate for hotmail, I cannot log in, it just doesn't work, so I can't check my email, it's all bad. And nobody knows my yahoo email anyway, so I want Hotmail. Wah! On a happyer note, love the LJ changes, separating communities from people is so very helpful.

 English lessons are getting weirder and weirder, today for some reason the teacher was talking about sex with sheep, I thought it was entirely inappropriate, as it was completely irrelevant. Am scared about my teachers, although my politics one watches Queer as Folk, which redeems him. He is really a nice person to talk to and his political views are very similar to mine, he just isn't a very good teacher. My friend complained about him, I felt kinda bad.

Boys can be so incredibly immature, I feel sorry for them. Here is the proof:

Exhibit A: Talks constantly about the size if his penis. Which somehow led us to a whole converatin about average sizes, and things I'd rather not get into, I'll just have to mention that if I was Liz's ruler I'd be scarred for life. Ok, nobody cares, get over yourself.

Exhibit B: Really likes my friend, she doesn't at all. So he got a girlfriend to supposedly get over Rachel, I thought that was a bit mean:

Me: You are just using that girl, that's mean.

Him: Well, not really, she is very nice, plus the sex is great.

Me: Uh, right. But if Rachel said the word, you'll drop her in a moment.

Him: Well, yeah probably, but she is the one who chased me, so I just went along with it.

Me: And if that's not using her, then I don't know what is.

Him: No, no, look at these messages she send me:

*sees a message about how she can be very persuasive*

Him: Don't look at the very bad ones.

*sees a couple of messages containing what appeared to be extracts from very bad porn (you really don't want to know) from the girlfriend*

Me: OMG, eww, why would you show me this?!

Him: I told you not to look at the very bad ones.

Me: Uh, yes because I know what it says in a message before I read it!

Him *smugly* See, I am not really using her.

Me: I don't know about using, but if I wrote something like that (note: not that I would,but if I did, it would be much better) and the person showed it to someone else, I would have to kill them.

Apologies for the previous content, me thinks, that was the sort of conversation you just can't help sharing.

Update on writing, so that this is not a completely pointless post: I have written a bit, plans are getting very extensive, but won't have much time to write more soon, as am up too my head in so much homework, that am looking at a weekend closed in my room.

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So, I officially have to write my coursework, again, but am surprisingly ok with that. Maybe its for the best, I have found the pictures, and have started rewriting the stories, hopefully I will be done in a week. At least it teaches me a lesson in making back up copies for everything.

I think that I am not angry because it isn't the end of the world, plus I  have the most wonderful friends, and today was an interesting day in some aspects. Plus we are making cakes for charity week on monday and I love cakes.


More...well stuff, including odd emails, porn and phallic symbols )

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Today was an altogether fairly interesting day, I am sorry I bitched yesterday, but I suppose it was kinda therapeutic, as I felt better. Plus there was snow!


Amusing conversations, Soaps and Graham Norton... )

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Today was boring and I am incredibly tired, sleeping less than six hours a night for the last three weeks is catching up to me.

I just wanted to say that I am part of the committee for organizing my school's charity week. Am really happy, because there were about 50 people and they picked 15 names out of a hat. So they picked ME! This is actually amazing, I never get chosen for anything, ever. The sad thing is that I am not excited because I want to raise money for whoever we are raising money, but because I finally have something to put in my UCAS form! And I had nothing before, absolutely nothing! I think that since I don't seem to be able to find a job (Asked in about 30 shops, gave in 10 application forms/CVs, received 0 phone calls) maybe I should do some volunteer work to get some experience, and help people of course. And it will be another thing I can add in my UCAS, university applications are really horrible, not only you need to have brilliant results, but also have numerous hobbies, and do things that benefit the local community. Bullshit. Did they ever think that some people may want about an hour a week to, I don't know, have a life?
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*YAWN* I am so tired, I guess that is what lack of sleep does to people, however as I had promised myself to update and hadn't done so in more than two weeks, here I am.

Westminster Day )


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