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Hello! I am back! Had the most awesome trip ever, million pictures and stories, both good and not so good! Have no idea what is going on at all. It is Lumos weekend, is it not? Such a bad time to be back when no one is around! What else is evryone up to? My phone was stolen in Budapest so I am currently phoneless as well as numberless. Please give me your number...if I had it before/am likely to need it of course, will not prank you or anything like that. :D Here is a poll, the second question means nothing. Nothing at all. [Poll #781711][Poll #781711]
Will be back sooner this time! Can someone tell me how I can upload pics on LJ, for the album bit confuses me.
Oh! Got my results back, it seems that everyone in my college fucked up Economics, (like people who had above 70 in every colection got 50 something.) but I got 62! I have never been more shocked in my life! I just wish I'd spend less time panocking about econ and more time revising philosophy but never mind at least it is all over now and I got a good solid 2:1, more that I deserved considering my revision, so I am very happy. 62 IN ECONOMICS! Keep thinking it's a mistake, I seriously made stuff up.
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I am back from Greece, most lovely holiday ever, will spam you with pics of the gorgeous scenery and maybe even me if I can find any where I am more decently dressed than a bikini...but not now. Am going to Poland tomorrow, then onto the Check Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Back on the 28th. Will hopefully check my email etc at some point, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

Good news: I have passed my exams! :D
Bad news (maybe): I have no knowledge of my actual mark or way of finding out. :(

Good news: Pirates was awesome!!! I can not believe it was so long, it did not feel so long. But so much looove, oh Jack you evil, evil bastard, but Norrington, OMG!!! Just no words can describe my love. So much love, can't wait for part 3, the ending was so shocking, did not expect it and Keira was not half bad either, the whole haunting thing ruled. The wheel and the threesomeway fight and that new evil guy that goes way back with Jack. Ahem. LOVE.
Bad news: Have to wait another year to see how it all resolves.

Good News: The World Cup is over! Too much football is not good for the soul
Bad News: Zidane is a complete and utter idiot, his head looks damn painful too.

Bye! :D

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After the excitement of Results Day and Prom on Thursday and Friday the weekend has been rather quiet but in a very nice way, after all a girl has got to rest. I have finally completed all the horrific forms that Univ send me ever so kindly, (I hate forms, they are never clear and I can't do 'block capitals' thank you very much) Still the simple action of filling the forms has made it all a lot more real and my anticipation has grown so much more, along with the new found fear, but that is too silly to mention. All the talk about subfusc clothing (and no I had no idea what that was) and formalwear and what not has made me squee excitedly and tremble in dread. (What if I get it wrong? What does 'dark' suit mean? Black/grey/navy/brown? Can it be pinstriped? How long does the skirt have to be? OMG a gown! etc etc)

And now I have to finally start on the gynormous reading list, I hadn't before of fear that it would be pointless if I didn't get in, and now it is so very daunting.

Starting driving lessons again (tomorrow morning, eek), this time hoping to go through with the course and pass, not that I will be getting a car soon, but it would be good to be able to drive.

And because I have nothing much to say apart from whining about my inability to write anything right now I will share a recap of Thursday and Friday, because I haven't but mostly because I like having a record of things.

Thursday: Results Day (no need to click, seriously) )

Friday: Leavers Ball/Prom whatever you want to call it )

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OA is for Oxford.

Four A's, wow did not expect that.

Off to celebrate, be back very much later.

Love to all.

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I have been back for a week without updating or even communicating with people much, don't go on msn for reasons unknown and have buried myself in fandom as a sort of way to escape the real world, or exam results to be perfectly honest.

And today I get a magazine from the Independent that tell me to


And I want to listen to it even if it has arrived too early and informs me oh so helpfully that "The waiting is over" when it most certainly isn't but I can't. Up to now I have suppressed all thoughts concerning results, simply refusing to think about them but in less that 3 days I will know and I am so terrified and so unsure even though I know that I will be definitely going to a university the question is which one and it shouldn't matter that much but it does.

Oh yeah, my dad came home to tell me that a colleague told him that his daughter said the results will appear online on the ucas webside Wednesday evening! I don't know whether to believe this, but I have heard from other people that the universities would have made the decisions before we get our results and this decision will be on ucastrack early on Thursday morning. (before we get them from school) Does anybody know if that is true? I don't want to know, I think that it is evil to not be given a chance to call your university and beg.

Oh and LiveJournal, sending me remainders every five seconds to inform me of my soon to expire account? Not helping my mood! Especially since now you get 100 icons! OMG! I don't care how but I am getting that. *plots credit credit card fraud. Eh* Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥♥♥

One good thing is that I can finally find a reason to use this icon, I love it like whoa.

PS. I watched the first three episodes of Lost yesterday, impressed but want more character development and soon.


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