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So It is 0th Week and my very possibly second to last term at Oxford starts, I don't like this. It upsets me greatly.

The other thing that upsets me greatly is that I haven't done my application yet, because I can't make my personal statement better and I am afraid of trying so I have been reading web comics all morning. The other thing that upsets me is that I have collections on Friday and I haven't revised for them, and one is with the tutor that is writing my reference and I just don't want to do badly. I hate the pressure of 0th week, at least this time there won't be any essays. And I am seeing the History Boys on Thursday, which is probably stupid of me, but I had hoped when I booked my tickets that I would have revised by then. Riiight.

So resolutions.

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It's never too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Not that I haven't been around, I've just been quiet. Which is rather odd for me in RL but there you go. I hope everyone is nicely recovered from their chosen festivities and settled into the new year. (Harry Potter fandom, wank is not a pretty way to start the year, not that I really expect better)

I liked 2006. It was an amazing year. Won't do a meme, or maybe I will later, but 06 was probably the best year ever. Have visited 8 counties, had the most amazing summer, met some wonderful people, improved friendships, passed my first Oxford exams, lived. Not sure what this year has in store, though a few things I am afraid of but won't be getting into that now seeing us I am good at avoding issues.

Celebrated New Year's Eve on the Isle of Weight, visiting a friend, considering I had been, and still am a bit, rather ill, sadly no alcohol was involved, but they have a tradition of people dressing up in fancy dress and going on a pub crawl and that is what we did and it was lovely. So surreal walking the streets and seeing hundreds of people of all ages all dressed up in the most amazing costumes, bops have much to learn, I have discovered, in terms of effort put on a costume, some truly amazing things, wish I took pictures. The island itself is very pretty, amazing scenery, I was taken on a tour there...god only yesterday, seems like much longer, just before embarking on the 5 hour journey back to my house. I rather like travelling, as you do nothing and yet you are not considered idle for you are moving, if comforable a journey is my favourite thing. That was not a comfortable journey. The fact that my iPod died 5  minutes into it and that Plato's Republic was the only reading I brought meant that I spend a large part of said journey playing games on my phone. 1st of January well spend.

From tomorrow I am a changed woman. Resolutions I don't tend to do unless they are very immediate and extremely doable, so I will try.

Immediate and extremely doable goals:
1) Fucking start revising already, the past have erased any memory of Ethics from your brain. That is very bad indeed.
2) Find a house. You will otherwise be homeless. That will be rather sad for you.
3)Same goes for a job, it doesn't matter that half the deadlines have gone and that applications make your eyes bleed rather like that guy in James Bond, you need to make rather than waste money this summer.

Everything else:
1)LESS PROCRASTINATION (like that one ever works)
2)LESS FEAR, do the things that you want, don't be an idiot.
3)Rethink priorities! Don't miss out on having fun, now is the time, not later.

Oh and: 1) Watch the OC, it makes you happy!

Happy belated birthday [personal profile] lizardspots! <3 Hope that the year is really good to you, for you very much deserve it!
Lots of love to [personal profile] annephoenix, just because.
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So. Resolutions: )

Yeah Jan second and it's already turning out less than great and it is all my fault, at least my internet is in working order, though a part of me wishes it wasn't because then I would be doing revision. I am in dire need of revision and not doing anything. Like I spend I don't know how many hours reading through Aja's anonymous meme for which I hate myself just a little and not because of the wank but becuase I wasted so many valuable hours reading a very long and boring meme, like pages and pages of nothing much. That is not to say that there wasn't wank and even though it is always 'interesting' to see how people get off on petty cruelties I wish it hadn't let to deletions and defriendings so early in the year. *big hugs* for anyone on my flist mentioned there in a less than favourable way, hope it hasn't caused too much grief.
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Yes, I know I am a bit late, but I was revising all day, so Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year   

I wish you all the luck you can get for the new year, I hope it is a peaceful one and I hope it is a good one. I also hope that you all celebrated well with enough alcohol and fun people. My night was ok, certainly could have been better, but at least the people were nice, *waves at [livejournal.com profile] superhot and [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita*  And this morning I got a lovely card with wonderful wishes from  [livejournal.com profile] dimana , Thank you so much! *hugs* I hope mine reaches you eventualy.

And now I will actually do a few resolutions, because I seriously need to. And they are not very cool, but making them private will defeat the objective, after all they need to be here in a public post where I can't deny their existence.

New Year's resolutions )


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