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Day 1 in the library without a laptop has been more than productive, have become super paranoid though and log a huge stack of books with me even during coffee breaks. The situation is Not That Bad, because I have wonderful friends who will give me notes, I had in fact emailed a fair amount of things to myself and I hadn't actually read that much in the first place, I am still upset, but trying not to think about it. Am now using mum's old laptop and readjusting myself to XP (probably only person in world to actually like Vista...)

I am extremely disaster prone when it comes to computers, the speed with which I go through laptops is actually pretty spectacular and this one had survived without spontaneously combusting for 15 months, so it was clearly time for it to go. (seriously I went trawling through old posts to try and find accounts of previous laptop disasters, though I am sure there are at least two more)

Anyway, the reason for this post is that apart from notes, photos, music and films I also lost my bookmarks (yes I am weird and outdated and don't understand how del.icio.us works, so it was all in my browser) so now I have lost all the Merlin fic I had planned on reading. (and my big bang, but let's not talk about that now) Some would say that is a good thing, as I have to study, but really I just want long Merlin/Arthur AUs and haven't got the time to thrawl through comms too find it...

So PLEASE REC ME MERLIN FICS, or even better rec lists, any really, I haven't been reading very much recently, so please don't leave out the obvious fic that everyone has read, as chances are that's exactly what I can't remember the title of and have been looking for!

P.S. That is why I love Gossip Girl

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*waves* Hope you all had a lovely Christmas etc and have planned a good way of ending the year. Mine was not bad at all (best things I got was a camera, a watch and a chocolate fountain!) and I have spend the last couple of days either shopping (I am too weak to resist the sales, even if I have no money whatsoever, very bad!) or reading Yuletide, and not any work, even though I am going to Morocco in less than a week and need to do some work before that, but never mind that now, here's some recs. I love Yuletide and read everything with which I am even vaguely familiar, so these are a very random mix. In no particular order:

Wimbledon: In Dreams: This is a story set after the ending of the film and it is what I wanted to read ever since I saw the film about three years ago, it is quiet and bittersweet and utterly lovely.

But I'm a Cheerleader: Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders: As the title probably makes clear this is wonderfully funny and it really keeps with the spirit of the film.

Love Actually: Someone you love: This is about Sarah and Karl after the film ends and it is absolutely perfect.

Saved By The Bell
: Bayside Revisited: I used to love Saved By the bell, can't quite believe fic exists, but it does and this sees the gang reuniting after 15 years and it was a joy to read from start to finish. Oh nostalgia.

RPF Politicians: Ten Sephirot. Nine and a Half Fingers, Eight Nights, 44 Presidents: Yes this is Rahm Emanual/Barack Obama, but really what makes this fic utterly compelling is the stuff before the slash. Really beautifully written and great characterisation.

RPF Pundits
: Breaking News: Rahm/Anderson Cooper, need I say more? Okay, this really is a great fic, and you should really, really read it!

Angels in America: I'll find you in the morning sun: This is a fic about Prior after the end of the play, it includes a Louis that finally gets a clue, an incredible Hannah and an always wonderful Belize and it is really fantastic, and what I particularly liked was that the hope. It managed to be realistic without being too bleak.

RPF Gossip Girl
: Ed Westwick is no Repair man: Ed/Chase is not something I normally seek out, but this has a really great Ed voice and I really enjoyed it.

Shelter: Laying In: It takes off where the film ends and presents us with the hard reality of actually moving in with your boyfriend, who is the brother of your best friend and having to take care of your nephew while trying to attend college and it includes a really great OC.

Little Miss Sunshine: Nine Steps in a Circle: Dwayne and Frank both need to rebuilt their lives and their developing friendship helps them along. I really enjoyed this fic, a great storytelling voice.

The History Boys: Now for a breath I tarry: A fic the follows Scripps through his three years in Oxford, don't want to spoil it, but it (eventually) has a pairing I hadn't really read before and it does it really very well.

Merlin: Buggre Alle This: Bodyswap fic, seriously awesome, what more can I say?

More might come later, though I have pretty much exhausted my known fandoms. Hope you are all good! A more substantial update may come later.


Dec. 30th, 2007 03:35 pm
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Hey all! I hope those from you that celebrate it have had a lovely Christmas and the rest of you have had a lovely week! :D I predictably have a new lap top as everything we did with my old one failed to save it, and it is shiny and new and most importantly it works which is wonderful. My track record with computers is appalling, but hopefully this one will not break after a year *craddles*

I am actually very much alive and have had a really nice holiday so far, sadly not as productive as I had promised myself, but there is still some time that this can change in, after all what are New Year resolutions for? I have been going to London quite a bit and Oxford and went to Paris after Christmas for a couple of days and in the few days I have spend at home I watched lots of cheesy  tv, thanks to [personal profile] lauds I became briefly obsessed with Nearly Famous, afterwards started watching Gossip Girl and have been ctaching up with Ugly Betty. I am not ashamed.

I have also been reading Yuletide, I love Yuletide so very much, though for the first time this year I didn't sign up, I have read more fics than ever before and they quality is really high.

So here be recs:

My Secret Magi I love Scrubs and it is funny in a way that is difficult to write, and yet this fic does it very well, it is absolutely hilarious and holiday themed and light.

His Dark Materials: Philip Pullman (Another thing I have done this holiday is reread these, oh I had forgotten how much I loved them!)
The Ivory Horn: This fic is absolutely brilliant. One of my most favourite from the fest, it tells the story of Will after the end, where he studies Physics in Oxford (Exeter, of course) and tries to get Lyra back. Wonderful and shocking twist, well not exactly a twist but you'll see what I mean. (Wow judging from the amount of comments, most of you must have read this already, but if you have missed it by some chance, do read it!!)
Christingle: Another lovely story about Will in Oxford. I like this very much. This sounded like it is written by someone at Oxford, because the little details, which people tend to get wrong are all right. ([personal profile] loneraven, this reminds me of you, if you haven't written it, you should read it!)

One Tree Hill
if you shake her heart enough she will appear: It is about what Brooke does after finishing school, it's about friendship and more. It is quietly lovely and so very Brooke.

Billy Elliot
Dancing Boys: Wonderful, wonderful Billy/Michael, after many years apart Billy finishes school and comes home. Michael's POV, the sort of fic I have always wanted, and never quite realised it. Perfect.

The Devil Wears Prada
Still Life with Lipstick: Miranda/Andy. It's fashion week and they meet again. Lovely Miranda characterisation.

Are We the Fools for Being Surprised? It is a Daria/Jane fic set in college, I was always going to love it, but it also has spot on dialogue, so that I can completely visualise it. The world always needs more Daria fic.

Friends (I don't think I have ever read Friends fic in my life)
The One Where Chandler Sneaks A Pee : Pre series, Chandler and Joey have lived together for only a few weeks and Chandler really needs to pee. It is one big misunderstanding with hilarious consequences.
The One Where Chandler Isn't Gay: Because really blowjobs totally don't count. Brilliant, made me laugh so much. Oh Joey.

Goodbye Lenin
Mmm-Mmm Good! Alex/Denis, short, porny and utterly awesome.

Little Miss Sunshine

A fucking conversation about whatever: I love this film, it is darkly funny and this fic is incredibly true to the spirit of the film, a conversation between Dwayne and uncle Frank. Really good.

Susan Coolidge - What Katy Did series

Snow White and Rose red: It has been a long time since I have read these, the plot is very fuzzy in my head, but this was written so well, so very true to the books, full of innocence and subtleness, Clover/Rose Red.

Ugly Betty
Setting the Record Straight: This was the fic that stopped me reading more and made me catch up on ugly betty, Marc give Justin advice, it is so cute. Also I love Cliff.
No Place Like Home: This is absolute Crack but I liked it, Amanda dreams of being Dorothy and it all goes to Oz from here.

More to come I am sure, there are a few more fandoms I need to get through.
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I am ill, also an idiot. The two are not related I don't think, though if they were that would make me feel a bit better.

Illness is sucky, sore throat, headache, blocked nose, standard symptoms I guess, only it means that haven't done anything productove which I was meant to, oh god the stupid holiday will be over so soon and I haven't done any revision whatsoever and haven't even applied for internships. I am an utter failure.

In other news, the idiot news, booked return train ticked for the wrong date, had to cancel and lose a fiver and maybe never get any of the money back, it's meant to take about a month. It is ridiculous. What makes it worse is that if I had booked not a week ago or evn yesterday but like an hour a go it would have been £10 cheaper but then the cheap option disappeared by the time I had finished my lunch. Yay! Not. :(((

Thankfully [livejournal.com profile] yuletide  is a thing of joy, though another way of not doing useful things, woe. But. Recs:

My Holiday Musical - SCRUBS. This is my favourite thing ever, it is absolutely brilliant, soo hilarious and true to canon, long and plotty like an actual episode, also very unique and funny and everyone should abosolutely READ it. Even if you don't like/haven't seen much of Scrubs, read if you love any of the following: House/E.R./Firefly/Buffy...not saying why, not gonna spoil you but trust me!

Make your own kind of Music - Beautiful Thing. Oh this is utterly lovely, set after the end of the film, deals in a very realistic manner with Ste and Jamie's relationship. Nice and long and beautifully written. If you've ever wondered what happens next, this is the answer.

Somewhere, One day - The History Boys. I really enjoyed this, set years later it centers around Dakin and his life, after Lockwoods's death he ends up meeting Irwin again and..well read for yorself.

For wherever you go, I will go - V for Vendetta. Gorgeous and heartbreaking about Ruth and Valerie.

More recs coming up, but too tired to read/write right now.
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Yay, the Boatrace is tomorrow...I actually watched a programme about it on ITV today. So sad. Am going to London to watch it. Is anyone else going to be there? Well, mostly to meet people, but also watch it. I am quite excited, considering I haven't been down to the river once during the past two terms and have never ever watched a race before. Not going to the after party though, going back in the evening. To revise. Have done little revision still. :(

Have been reading fic though! Mostly OC, after much struggle was able to find a lot of good OC fic. Especially this, also this and this! :D No idea why I am linking to OC fic, there is like no one else here who watches it/cares. Own reference I guess. Not to worry, am still mostly about the HP. In fact just listened to Slashcast

which was really, really awesome. Go and Download it people! It is like amazingly professional and fun!

I have little else to say. I wish someone would prank me, but no one has. :( I want to fool someone else, like my brother. But I don't know how. Oh life. I think I am going to go wash my hair and then return to my data (ahaha. wrote date instead...) project. Or catch up on the last few episodes of the L word. For which I was spoiled for... :'( despite being in the bathroom at the time of the conversation, I could HEAR. :((

It just started raining again. I think that it hasn't stopped raining in the past week, and just when I was about to say that it is finally sunny. Woe. What the hell is wrong with me??? Why am I talking about the weather?! :( I am going away now. This was brought to you by severe boredom.

A rant about icons might follow soon enough.
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I was about to begin a post with a no doubt fruitless attempt to articulate my feelings of restlessness, inability to concentrate and the reasons for my wasting of the last *four* hours when I could have completed my philosophy reading or at least participated in the watching of a girly film next door. However I thankfully realised on time that it would be unnecessarily melodramatic and the explanation is simple:
1. I am sleepy.
2. Bennett makes less sense than Locke himself
and 3. The chocolate biscuits are nearing their end. :( I am feeling sad about leaving Oxford once again and want to spend the evening with friends, however also need to to this essay and as a result am doing nothing.

Maybe I just need to go to bed.

In other news. I read the penultimate DV chapter and cannot believe it is almost over, the Draco Trilogy has been one of the staples of fandom ever since I first got here and something I used to fangirl immensely (to the extend that me and [profile] anna_bonita used to text each other when it was updated) and though I still like it I feel that the ending will be a bit of a letdown whatever happens (unless Harry and Draco profess their undying love for each other, which isn't very likely, oh and Ginny and Blaise too) after all this time. Perhaps I need something new and fresh to rejuvenate my fandom love, I have seen very little mention of the Big Bang fics, are they really not that good? I have read only one and it was okay, though very far from brilliance. Maybe I should read more, feel like reading OC fic but no one around agrees with me and everyone is talking about fandoms and tv shows I have never seen/heard of. Am so out of touch. Oh yeah if anyone does watch the OC, Ryan/Johnny is the new Ryan/Seth for me, but I have not been able to find a single fic out there. Woe.
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Happy Valentine's Day my lovely flist!
I wish you all a Shiny, Happy, Smiley day whether you are single or loved up!

I feel rather silly after yesterday's rant though everything I said still stands I shouldn't have expressed it in that way I don't think. It is a sunny day outside and despite having had two lectures, then spend two hours in the library and now doing a rather daunting Politics essay all is good. I did get two roses in my pigein hole from friends which made me smile and are now sitting prettily in a bottle of water as I don't have a vase. I bought chocolate biscuits and tonight there will be a Valentine's Day Forma Hall, with special heart shaped food to which I am planning to dress up in red because I can and then prompltly return to my room to finish off my essay.

I do wish I could be reading the new chapter of Quality Of Mercy, Maya's gift to all of us, but will resist the temptation.

And the new look of this update page is not nice, what happened colours???

PS. Please fill in my nohari (negative character traits) and johari (positive character traits) for I am terribly curious.
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It is snowing outside! It has been snowing all morning and the ground in nowhere near covered but the grass is and it is pretty and white and yay, snow!

I am going sales shopping today, (need to get boots!!) and then will finally see Narnia. Was meant to be revising yesterday, sadly that didn't happen, instead I read fic and watched tv. It was nice.

I read 100 Harry/Ron drabbles by [livejournal.com profile] shocolate which were all linked to form a wonderful, heart breaking story that I really loved. Read it, but when you have a few spare hours, because reading the first few and then leaving the rest till later is not going to happen believe me. Also bring tissues.

Then I watched The Notebook, which I also loved, and also made me cry. It was so good though, wah I want to see it again.

So yeah, that was my day, procrastination and nothing else and collections (exams) are getting closer and I know not very much, but will start revising tomorrow! Definitely. :D

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Hello! Have not updated in ages and too many things have happened for me to attempt a proper update. Will try anyway. :D

  1. It is very cold and crisp, walking through the starlit quads at night gives me such a wonderful feeling of happiness and content and a general sense of belonging. Cannot quite believe that on Saturday I will be going home for just under six weeks. Will miss Oxford and all the wonderful people I have met, Ahmed's Kebab Van, Ben's Cookies, The Bodleian, even Hall food! Well, not that last one, but still. Also my room, can't believe candidates will sleep here whilst I am gone, can't believe it has been almost a year since my own interview. Remember exactly how terrified I was.
  2. FRANZ FERDINAND tomorrow, hopefully will be able to get to Alexandra Palace, not sure how exactly. Thought that I could stay the night in London, but not sure anymore, as don't know where and will have to be back at college for 11 on Thursday for an important meeting.
  3. The vast majority of my friends are at a Ball tonight, I didn't go because have not got a spare fifty quid for a ticket or a dress, instead went to Sainsbury's and bought bread then went to the JCR and watched Trainspotting, had not seen it and it was one of those films I have always wanted to see. Um, I did like it, but I am not sure why and I want to see it again.
  4. Had lovely dinner with the other people that do PPE here and then watched The Rules of Attraction, omg how awesome was that, yes I am shallow and Ian Somerhalder kissing boys is enough for me to squee over a film, I cannot believe there is no fic in which Sean/Paul happens in a more real way than Paul's daydreams. I want to read the book.
  5. I am sure most of you have seen this, however OMG so awesome! You put in music you like and it makes you a radio station that consists of what you said and similar songs, it is awesome and so far no adverts.
  6. Last Bop of term is on Friday, theme's Fantasies. I am sure there are other ways to interpret this, but my interpretation is sexual, have not completely decided on a costume, but am leaning towards a nurse's outfit, because one of the themed nights for the Ski trip is Pirates and Nurses so I will end up wearing it again. The other is white trash. Ugh.
  7. Lots of people have already decided who to marry for next year, we get to be College parents for next year's freshers and I don't know who to marry! Wah, I didn't want to marry a PPEist and so my closest friends have found someone and now I don't know who to marry. Wangst, I know, heh. Will propose to someone as soon as I have figured out who I want.

  8. On Saturday had first cocktail party, to celebrate the end of The Christ Church regatta (rowing competition), I couldn't care less about rowing, but dressing up and going to Freud's, a gorgous converted church was well worth it. It was an amazing night, everyone thought I was drunk and I only had two drinks! Grasshoppers are awesome, I love chocolate minty things, chocolate Mint Bliss at Starbucks is like the best thing ever!
  9. Have only a bit of logic left to do and no more tutorials this term, finishing off the last economics work was sort of hell, but it was then that I realised how happy I was. It was one am, I was wondering around college, (had to retrieve a copy of my text book from a friend's room where I'd left it), it was ridiculously cold, I'd slept too few hours the night before. And yet, I felt sort of elated, it is hard to explain why really. I hadn't even started writing up the three short (two page) essays due in the next morning. I think it had something to do with running into people on the way there and back and stopping for casual chats despite the late hour, seeing the lights of the other PPEists and knowing they too are working on this, calling them at half one to go buy chips and cheese as a break. Sleeping for four hours and still somehow making it to the 10 o'clock lecture. Um. Yeah, I am a freak. :))
  10. I bought Christmas Cards, they are wondreful and have snuggling polarbears and penguins!!
And on a final note, I have a Cedric/Harry bunny that refuses to go away and shall have to be written. Yeah I know I haven't written anything in months and am afraid, but will try my best. In the mean time, have a few (too few, seriously, where is the Harry/Cedric?) Harry/Cedric recs:


Oct. 31st, 2005 09:09 pm
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Happy Halloween!

I appologose for the heavy dose of angst that seems to fill all my recent posts. It is not due to me being unhappy, but due to me only being near my desk and therefore the computer when I should be doing work and only seem to update when I am failing work. So yeah. I have done my economics and my maths, done badly but nevermind that and right now the only piece of work that I have is for next Thursday. I will get more soon, but right now I am full of joy!

Going to a Halloween joined bop thing which will hopefully be good, I have dressed up for something or other every week since I've been here and am quickly running out of fancy dress clothes, so am going to be a devil. Unoriginal I know, but cheap and looks pretty good if I say so myself.

In slightly more fandom news (fandom, I hear you say, what's this? I know that there has been zero fandom content in here for a month and I am sorry but no time gah!) I signed up to The Holiday Fandom Card Exchange, it will be so much fun., go and sign up!

Also DV is out, no time to read it now, but still yay!
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I have spend the majority of today reading a classic novel length Draco/Hermione fic.

It is fabulous and I love it, and I am not ashamed. Much. Plz people do not defriend me over this, I suspect the random D/Hr love is passing and it will go away. I mean I thought they would work pretty well as a pairing back when I got into fandom but didn't read much as the H/D was so much more and better. Still. I love Hermione and I love Draco and so it sort of makes sense. Am I alone? Oh and I have never seen it before, but Harry/Draco/Hermione must exist as a threesome, right? Am very curious about that.

The fic I've been reading is We'll Always Have Paris which I'd heard of but never read, the reason I did is the premises of it. Draco and Hermione are chosen to go on an exchange program to Beauxbatons. It is sort of a cliche, but it is one of those cliches that I crave and that got me thinking about the other plot cliches that I rather like and so I made a list. It is shortish, but that is because I didn't spend too long pondering it and so those are the things that I very definitely like.

List of favourite cliches with explanations )

Now I shared mine, I would be really interested in hearing some of your secret cliche needs?

Veela!Draco seems to be a favourite one, but I have to say that not only have I NEVER read such a fic, I have actually never come across one. I feel depraved and am not exactly looking for recs but if you happen to have a link to a good Veela Draco I will appreciate it.
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Today was my last day of school...ever.

How strange to think that after so many years it is over. All morning I felt like I was about to throw up, like I normally feel right before an exam. I am not really sure why, considering my two years at the school have gone really quickly and all the people I will miss I plan to keep in touch with. Nevertheless I felt very, well I guess sad is the word I should use, even though it wasn't consciously so. I will miss it, I think. At least a little bit.

The only reason I went to school is for the maths lesson with the hope the teacher will be able to help me at least a little bit. Instead...we had a party. That's right a maths party. Hehe, it was really nice actually, lots of sweets and chocolate fingers and lemonade and the five people that turned up had, well fun is too strong a word, but it wasn't bad. Through all this, my teacher tried to help, but didn't know how to answer half the things I asked her. I only hope this means those questions are too hard to be on the exam. I also had english, my last lesson ever was english, but isntead of actually comparing the books, half the lesson was spend on a sort of lecture/speech about taking the initiative and university tutorials. Um, yes I am not sure either.

BUT! Cool prank, sort of. People drove a car into the Common room! Well, sort of pushed it in throught the double doors, but still amusing. Theachers were not amused.

And I think Friday is like an impossible day for doing any work, ever, because it is Friday. So I spend some time reading an amazing OC fic, that was so very appropriate for the last day of school that I am going to REC it to you and beg you to read it even if you don't like the OC. It begins with the perfect summer before going off to uni and deals with nostalgia about last time you will do this and that and change and losing people and everything quite a lot of you also finishing school are probably feeling. An not only that, it is very well written and has Seth's voice just incredibly right. It has references to everything you can thing of, and they are funny too. It has Anna, who ends up in the same college as Seth, because she would. And there is Ryan. a little different from what I normally see him, but works nonetheless. Ok I will stop babbling and link you, click it!

Always take the weather with you by [livejournal.com profile] amerella

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I am sick :( I thought I was getting ill a week ago, and luckily I escaped it, but not anymore. I don't like it. But at least I didn't have to go to school today and slept till noon. Also I woke up to the sequel to Left My Heart, Surrender The Grey, which has an adorable first chapter! <333 And everybody should read it. It's been so long, I remember waiting for LMH last year and how it brightened up the mid week slump. Yay!

And now because I am bored and sick a meme.

Which authors have you read 10 or more books by?

Not that many, though I am sure I am forgetting some, so expect ETAs. :) Oh and alphabetically, because why not.

Astrid Lindgren- My childhood is defined by her books, they are probably what I learned to read on. So wonderful and different and yay. Sadly no one here has heard of her and only of Pippi, probably due to the film.

Erich Kastner- It took me ages to discover how to spell his name in English, but yes, someone else whose books I love, I don't know how many times I've reread "The 35th of May"

Christopher Pike-I love his Remember Me trilogy, really made me think. My Pike stage overlapped with my LJ Smith stage, I guess I can see why. :) 

Jacqueline Wilson-I went through a phase of reading so many of her books in a row, I think it was just after I came here, when I convinced myself that I need to catch up on English Children's literature.

Karl May- Another German author that no one here has heard from, he was my favourite author for I don't know how long. I was eight when I started reading him, now that I look back I can't believe I was so young. I still love him though.

LJ Smith- I was obsessed with the Night World series when I was in year 9/10. Read them all, and the Forbidden Game trilogy (where I promtly fell in love with Julian) and Vampire Diaries and everything else I could find. Joined mailing lists, I guess it was my first fandom.

RL Stine-Um, I went through a Goosebumps stage in year 8...

Roald Dahl-Matilda was probably the first book I read after coming to England and since my English was not exactly good, it was a nice strart, the second was Great Expectations, so I guess I was a quick learner...

Terry Pratchtett- I love his style and his humour and his books so much, want to read them all.

And that's it. Now that I have it all written down, I can see not only my ability to completely obsess over things, but also the different stages I've gone through, back then before Fandom took over my life and stopped my constant reading.

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It is Friday!

*clings to weekend* I don't know why but I really badly wanted this week to end. I guess it could be due to the weird first week after holiday feeling or the teasing of the evil snow. Yes it did snow all week. And no, it did not settle, and so no snow days. :(  And the pretty is not a good enough excuse.

Being away from the internet even for a day is an odd feeling I am so not accustomed to. *feeds the addiction* Had a friend over yesterday and so could not go on LJ and as a result took me hours to partly catch up with flist. Still have some left, and haven't missed any fics, and thankfully the 10 things meme seems to have finished. Not that I didn't like reading the amazing/crazy/cool things people have done, but the fact that I haven't and could not think of different enough things for me to do the meme was kind of depressing.

Oooh, bought books today! Yay! Am the proud owner of Vanity Fair and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (4 in one yay!) books that have been on my to read list for absolutely ages. *loves the 3 for 2 at Waterstone's*

And every time I go book shopping I spend hours there lost in the pretty and with no clear idea of what I want. So I have a request.

Please, please recommend me a/your favourite book, or even an amazing author I should read. I am not very picky, so anything would be fine, if you tell me why you love it that would be even better.

And now I am going to watch Cruel Intentions, because I have never seen it.

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 Hugs And Kisses Happy Valentine's Day!

I know that it is all a commertial sham etc, etc. But it doesn't really matter, does it? Love is a good thing, and I, personally have never felt bad about not being in a relationship or anyhing like that. In theory we should show love every day, but what is wrong with having one extra special day?

The Good

Look at my icon! Isn't it lovely? <3333 The pic is for me from [livejournal.com profile] duckpuppy click here for full picture!

This H/D note exchange by [livejournal.com profile] crumbcake is possibly the sweetest thing ever.

And I am pretty sure that everyone has seen this H/D art by [livejournal.com profile] _lile already, but it is possibly my favourite fan art ever! It is simply exquisite.

Also this fic Look Closer H/D by [livejournal.com profile] cherryflavour is adorable. Short and cute, but with substance. Perfect for VDay.

I watched more Queer as Folk yesterday and I love it OMG!

The Bad.

Yahoo mail is being a bitch. Takes minutes to upload and it's pissing me off.

I have yet to write the Drabbles, well ficlets, since I don't do drabbles. *hides*

I haven't had any breakfast yet and am very hungry.


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Hmm, I am not sure why I haven't posted for a while. I have certainly been here, I guess I have nothing much to say, which is odd for me, and also not quite true.

So this will be long and rambly and behind cuts, but before that a quick rec.

Apocrypha by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon is a wonderfully rich Severus/James. I hadn't realised how much that pairing appeals to me. This is seven parts and completed, the link goes to part one.

Stuff )

And now a very simple poll. Because I have seen a lot of animosity towards Hermione and I am not sure why people don't like her. But that is for another post. Now I just want to know if you do, to see whether she is well liked or not. And this refers to canon Hermione.

[Poll #429987]

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Hi. I am supposed to revising now, being in study leave and all, but I am not. There are only two exams left and I don't know anything about them..yet.

I had things to say. I did, but LJ ate my entry TWICE! And now I can't be bothered to write it all again. But it will suffice to say that it really pisses me off when I keep forming posts in my mind when things happen (Hope I am not the only one?) and then forget and never post. Especially now, when I am too busy to update, but things happen and it is too late by the time I decide to say something. I hate this feeling. Also when I don't update it seems like I am not online and revising like I am supposed to, and often I am here and reading my flist and pretending I am not. None of this makes sense, oh well.

Obligatory exam babbling, behind cut, because I am nice that way. Stuff, including musings on Iago's sexuality, not studying enough and how sad it is to know tons of Shakespeare quotes that you will never need again )

I am Draco Malfoy? *gasp* Really did not expect that, I did it yesterday and I got Remus Lupin, I only changed my answer slightly to a few questions today and I am Draco. How odd. I swear I have no ambitions to become the next Dark Lord..

Which HP character are you? )

And I wanted to be Remus. I have so much love for him, Recently I've been all about the Lupin. I don't know why. And I want to ship him with everyone, from Harry and Hermione to Snape and have been even warming up to S/R. But that is all [livejournal.com profile] anniesj fault, because when I went to vote on [livejournal.com profile] hp_journos I realised how many of the fics I hadn't read and then I had to read because otherwise I felt bad about voting. And three of the fics in the R/S category are by her and I read and loved soo much. Now I need more. Only you know after exams. Yes, not now. But if anyone has any recs for Remus fic, feel free to share. I won't read now, of course. Just to have it all for...later. And I mean anyone paired with him. *begs*

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FINALLY! It is back *grabs LJ and never lets it go*

Of course, mine had to be in that last cluster, of course it is only *now* back

I guess I can't really complain, because it meant that I actually revised, but still *complains*

Also, I missed all the fun people had at GJ. I've had one for ages, (kuteki, surprisingly) to post fic so I don't lose it, but haven't told people about it. I guess I am doing so now.

I had so many things to say, and now I can't think of anything. Well I can, but it is not sutable for first post, so I won't.

Ooh, I made me some new icons. They are so pretty. Have nearly filled 50 icon spaces, only 3 left, and I used to think that's impossible. But it is the fault of the absolutely gorgeous art of [livejournal.com profile] nebulaean that just had to be iconed. *points at the prettiness of H/D*

As a final point I will inform you all that maths is evil and I am willing to duel with anyone who disagrees.

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I know I failed my maths test today. Badly. But am stragely not concerned. In other news, I had an interesting conversation with a friend in my maths lecture (no, that's not why I failed the test) and it turns out she reads and writes fanfiction and knows what slash is. How cool is that. Well I already knew she was reading CSI fic, (she'd mentioned a couple of times) she is majorly obsessed with it and I promised her I'll watch it to see what it's all about. But today she said that she started writing (well not so much said, but wrote, we tend to write notes to each other in our books, as it is sneakier than talking. Well we talk too, only I am the one that gets told off all the time, and she is not, ever.) (also I promise to stop with the brackets, really) And I asked he what and she said fanfiction, but not slash. And I wrote I do, above the not slash part. She wrote kinky and I said yes. Considering I've never told her I read or write fic before that, it went rather well, I did specify it's Harry Potter and she said she'd seen links to HP fics. She didn't seem too keen on the idea of slash, and said it's not her thing, to which I added yet, and said I'll corrupt her yet. Am planning to, she didn't seem to mind and told me to show her what she is missing. She even showed me her notebook with things she's written and I showed her my book which has the drabbles I wrote recently, (I write in the library in my frees, more fun than doing homework, also the thought of  having porn amongst my work is strangely uplifting, also it's in the library with lots of my friends around, good thing my handwriting is appaling.)

Now what I need is to live up to my word and show her that slash is indeed great, I just don't know how. Do I get her to read something very mild, or not, should it be long or short, angsty or funny, and what pairing. It has to be HP, I am not looking through CSI fics without having seen a single episode, but she likes the books. Can you rec me fics that would be a good first time dip into slash?

I have to go write an english essay for tomorrow, will be working 4 days a week for the next 5 weeks, me thinks survival won't be easy.

PS. If you missed them, I finally wrote the Drabble requests! :D

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Hello, just posting to show that I am infact alive and to warn you that not really reading my flist for the last week or more and finally having a bit if time now will probabaly result in many of you receiving a number of comments on old posts you don't really remember. Just saying. Because I don't like missing out and I want to know what's been happening. Also am very happy with a large number of fics on my flist. For fics are good even though I have no time to read all of them : ( But keep writing people it is lovely.

Just a couple of recs, and they are only for drabbles and ficlets, as the only longer thing I've read recently is the first part of DV15 which I would have read even if took me hours, sadly it didn't. for I really haven't had time to read anything longer, hopefully will do so soon. *stares in fear at bulging bookmarks*

[livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze has written 36 drabbles! There is any pairing you can imagine and they all very good. Yeah I know 36 and I haven't done my 5 yet. *is ashamed* *is throwing the blame on RL*

[livejournal.com profile] anise_anise has started another another darbble challenge, so far there is one: Spirit of Christmas, which is not really a drabble more a fic, it's NC-17 and H/D, there will be more. :))

Reasons for my absence and nano )

This might sound insane, or a sign I've become too obsessed, but I thought I sow Dan Radcliffe today. In the shopping centre. I was walking along and these two boys walked past and I did a double take on the one on the left and I thought it was Dan, it sure looked like him. I don't know, I only noticed him right before he walked past so I am not sure and couldn't exactly run after him to get a better look. So here was my crazy story for the day, if someone knows where he was supposed to be at the time that would be nice.

The questions meme )

love you


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