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So I accidentally deleted my poll while trying to fix the formatting of my post and now I feel utterly stupid, so here is a poll again and my apologies to those who already voted![Poll #1362070][Poll #1362070]
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Hello! I am back! Had the most awesome trip ever, million pictures and stories, both good and not so good! Have no idea what is going on at all. It is Lumos weekend, is it not? Such a bad time to be back when no one is around! What else is evryone up to? My phone was stolen in Budapest so I am currently phoneless as well as numberless. Please give me your number...if I had it before/am likely to need it of course, will not prank you or anything like that. :D Here is a poll, the second question means nothing. Nothing at all. [Poll #781711][Poll #781711]
Will be back sooner this time! Can someone tell me how I can upload pics on LJ, for the album bit confuses me.
Oh! Got my results back, it seems that everyone in my college fucked up Economics, (like people who had above 70 in every colection got 50 something.) but I got 62! I have never been more shocked in my life! I just wish I'd spend less time panocking about econ and more time revising philosophy but never mind at least it is all over now and I got a good solid 2:1, more that I deserved considering my revision, so I am very happy. 62 IN ECONOMICS! Keep thinking it's a mistake, I seriously made stuff up.
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I wanted to get home straight after this morning's exams and spend hours online and read flist and all that but even though I did get a lift I didn't have my key so I had to stay at my friend's house, we sunbathed in the garden and it was really nice. Apparently it is going to rain tomorrow :( Politics mostly done, last exam on thursday and then freedom! Today's two exams went really well, in fact way better than I'd hoped for dull exam details )

I have a poll because I can and because everyone else has done it:

[Poll #522126]

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Watched Scrubs, eventually. After forcefully getting the tv from my dad and away from football. I don't care if it is the best/biggest/coolest football match ever and I don't care if Liverpool won after being down three nil. I won't start caring even after you tell me eight or nine times.

And since my paid account is expiring pretty soon and I am bored you get a poll. A very intelectual poll I might add. Bare in mind that tonight was the *best* and gayest episode ever and Colin Farrell was in it and you know it is Scrubs so it is bound to be brilliant.
[Poll #500677]

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So I was going to post a poll, asking whether I should stay at home this weekend and revise maths like a good girl, or go to Collectormania but after very little persuading, I decided that I am going. And even though Michael Shanks and Chris Judge have canceled :( Lots of other people will be there and as it is here in MK, I can spare a few hours and go. The problem is I can only go one of the days, but not everyone is there on all of the days (most people are, yay!) and so I must choose, which isn't easy. On Saturday Tom Felton is there, although to be honest I don't find him particularly attractive, he is Draco and it would be cool to see how much he's grown up. On Sunday however, James Marsters is there, and I love, love Spike and so is Anthony Head, but I saw him last time.

[Poll #483279]

ETA Please don't choose the last option, as that would be rather counter productive.

Ani, do you want to come with me? It might be fun.

Also, today they were filming an AA advert with an elephant in Buckingham, and I didn't see it, but did see pics of it as well as a video. The elephant looked sad and tired. It didn't want to be parallel parked. That is all.

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Hmm, I am not sure why I haven't posted for a while. I have certainly been here, I guess I have nothing much to say, which is odd for me, and also not quite true.

So this will be long and rambly and behind cuts, but before that a quick rec.

Apocrypha by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon is a wonderfully rich Severus/James. I hadn't realised how much that pairing appeals to me. This is seven parts and completed, the link goes to part one.

Stuff )

And now a very simple poll. Because I have seen a lot of animosity towards Hermione and I am not sure why people don't like her. But that is for another post. Now I just want to know if you do, to see whether she is well liked or not. And this refers to canon Hermione.

[Poll #429987]

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Hello people! Those of you that read my RL update in my previous post will probably think I am crazy for suggesting this, and I don't blame you, but it could be fun. Recently people on my flist have been doing drabbles as a way to mark their x number of mutual friends, and I've requested and it's fun. At the same time the icon meme has been doing the rounds and I've requested quite a few and it's also been fun. Now I would want to do these, because it is a sort of giving back and it would be nice and I like it. Also, 50 mutual friends is the first milestone and I want to mark it in some way. However I don't think I can do both, what with work and nano just behind the corner. So, I want to do one, and I am asking you to choose. A word of warning, I can't actually make icons do any sort of moving or anything fancy. So my personal choice would be drabbles, but that's not the point, so please fill in this poll.

[Poll #374872]
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I have an idea. I don't know if I can do it, but I sure am willing to try. In 10 days I will be starting nanowrimo. During that month I will probably stop writing anything else, which will suck. Also I am not used to write a lot every day, instead I tend to just waste hours in LJ browsing my flist and getting annoyed that you guys don't upadate very often and basically doing nothing much. So I have the time and if I get organised to write a fic a day leading up to the first of November, it will be a wonderful way to get into the habit of just writing. Of course the fics won't be brillliant but it might be fun and writing is writing. So I ask you to tell me what you think, so I have poll, oh and if you want to tell me anything else please comment. Perhaps a good idea would be for you to give me challenges or something.
[Poll #370480]
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Yes I am behind on things but this is too cute to pass: [profile] kuteki And this too: [personal profile] dracomalfoy
Yes I am silly, and yes this is a silver dragon.

Now I haven't posted anything for the longest time, but I have written, started writing, planned quite a few things, so here comes a poll

(Haven't done a poll since this one on smut and paid account is going to run out quite soon)

[Poll #356397]
Please don't choose more than 2 or 3 options

Apart from that I am writing a threesome (or attempting to do so) for [livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark which will most likely be Harry/Draco/Snape.

On Smut

May. 12th, 2004 07:12 pm
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Greetings! I have been thinking quite a lot recently on the subject of smut in fandom, it is certainly popular, one has to only look at the communities like pornish_pixies and the hundreds of people that are listed as watchers. For the sake of the argument I will only talk about slash and the Harry Potter fandom, because I know more about these, not that I know that much, but still.

On reading it )

On writing it )

And a poll. Because I can! Yay! Please fill it, freshly baked cookies for all participants.

[Poll #292443]


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