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So, we are in the dawn of a new beginning, I am terrified and excited and hopeful that despite all it will be okay, it has to be! Yeah, you guessed it, tomorrow I have to do my first presentation at the LSE in front of a group of super smart, but hopefully sleep deprived people. Oh yeah there is the US election too...

I can't concentrate and have done no work at all, instead reading all types of election-related news, and keep thinking I will be staying up anyway, so can do my presentation then. So no fun election party for me, but hopefully a celebration tomorrow! I looked at my post from four years ago, it was half way through the next day that the result was announced, so I sort of can't help but expect a similar thing, but I am also cautiously optimistic, because things are looking pretty okay, are they not? But then again I have never met a Republican, all the Americans at the LSE (and there are a lot here) I know are Democrats, and same goes for everyone else I know, so I have never actually spoken to a McCain supporter. Add to this, where I choose to get my news from, and you get a very nice, liberal sheltered picture. So my glimpse into conservative America has been formed by trollish comments left on blogs or youtube, and thus seem almost unreal in their craziness. But these people are very real and in their millions, which is scary. Similarly it is all good to laugh at Palin on SNL or even feel sorry for her after the prank, but the possibility of her actually being VP is all kinds of awful, I was reading an article on the Bush doctrine and its consequences the other day and it is terrifying to think that she didn't know what it was. Among many, many other things of course, but as someone who is currently studying international relations and is very much aware of the impact the US has on pretty much everything, I can't help but worry. This election matters. It matters not only for Americans but for the rest of the world, and I really wish I could do something more than fervently hope the right choice is made.


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I am reading all about America's containment policy against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, it is in some ways highly entertaining. I mean US policy makers were crazily paranoid about Russia, and saw it as incredible when it comes to 'clarity of strategic vision', surely they must have had better spies??

What made me laugh out loud however is this:

“We must be CONSTANTLY VIGILANT lest we fall into a trap” US secretary of state Dulles warned in May 1953

Ahahahah, oh dear, this is brilliant, why hello Mad Eye Moody!

Have to read a whole book before tonight, and then one more and then essay, boo, but at least it is better than philosophy.
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FINALLY watched the History Boys.

OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome it was? Well...you all did, but OH GOD should have listened.

Want to see the play, read it at least, wow, it was just so BEAUTIFUL and wonderful and so much love. LOVE. It was so clever and funny and sad and GAY (people said it was gay, but I didn't think it would actually be SO gay.) and despite everything, Real. Somehow. I LOVE THEM ALL. I wish I know any of their names, also fic, there must be fic. Is there fic? I can't find any, ending was PAIN :( I wanted to imagine happy futures for all, why were we told things? :(

Am supposedly writing an essay about Democracy, so should do that, but all I want to do is write read fic! :(

Yay for Americal election results! Is the Senate 50-50 or 49-51? Different sites are telling me different things. So confused.

Democracy, democracy.......yes
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Happy Halloween!!!!

I love Halloween, dressing up and pumpkins and funness, but today not so much with the love. Have just finished writing an essay, want to read the better part of a book before I can go out tonight and it all seems a bit the same, like I need a change. Political Theory, I am ashamed to admit is not as great as it was last term, maybe because my awesome tutor is writing a book and his replacement is so...grey for a lack of a better term, I don't know what it is about her but the tutes are really not that great, I have a random Magdalen guy as my tute pattern and he is so incredibly conservative it is a bit scary. Also the topics are all somehow connected to Rawls's Theory of Justice and I am getting sick of Rawls and everyone's  problems with him. It is not fun reading this week either, something about patterns, should so be doing this now, but absolutely need a break. Oh how I want to just dress up and go out and dance, not drink, cos need to get back early so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow but just dance and see people, Am really a hermit, need to have a break.

Not complaining really just needed to email someone and couldn't think of anyone so thought venting here would be nice, it seems so quite here recently, it is very odd. I really don't know why I keep writing, there are people ouside my window and they are laughing, can even recognise who they are by the laughter, wish I was having fun outside, oh well too bad. Now I am going to go and posting this random flow of consciousness post is probably silly but what the hell, doesn't matter.
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Wednesday of week 1 and already close to a nervous breakdown? Oh Oxford how much did I miss thee!

I am doomed, utterly doomed.

‘Should political theory be thought of as the theory of the justification of state coercion of individuals?’

I don't know what to say to you. Okay?

In other news there are indeed many other news I tried to update earlier and LJ ate my entry so I will try again later. Thursday evening when I am either done with the essay or dead.

Love to all. It has been too long
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Glorious sunshine! It is suddenly summer!! Everyone is in shorts and skirts and flip flops, and everyone is suddenly happy and the sun is bright...

Of course that means I have an essay due in today and am thus here and not on the lawn outside where everyone else is lounging, some with notes and books, some without. I am on the third floor but I can recognise individual voices, the laughter even and all those happy people look good when I look outsude, making patterns on the grass.

Suddenly I wish I was distinct from my body* so that it could continue typing the philosophy essay while my soul/mind/consciousness/whatever soar around outside. Hmm, maybe I can include this in my conclusion somehow.

Was even going to go vote just so I can get a walk, and before anyone says anything I know that even though it is a local election I should vote, but the candidates we have are a joke, will not mention the Conservative one by name though I do wonder if his electoral fraud reached national newspapers. Lib Dems and Green habitually win, seeing as this is a primarily student area but still.

I do wish they were slighly quiter though *has a sudden image of leaning out of window and screaming at everyone to shut the fuck up* Um. Let them be happy.

*Title of said essay is: "Are you distinct from your body?"
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I am so BORED!

I am supposed to be writing an essay, I *am* writing an essay but I am so bored of it that I am doing everything possible in order to avoid it, mainly eating but also checking my email a million times. I was good this time, spend all day yesterday in various libraries doing all the necessary reading, have way too many pages of notes, some are even relevant, and know exactly what each paragraph will consists of.

This is a problem. I know so much that writing it up bores me to tears. I don't understand how people work with plans, especially when it comes to creative writing, how the hell do you do a detailed plan and are then interested enough to carry on?

It must be a gift that I will never possess, and it's been so long sinse I have actually written anything (creative, not essays unfortunately).

I guess I should add something constructive seeing as I am updating and all...

  • I didn't get a ticket for the Snow Ball and I really wanted to go. :(
  • I have so much work for the next couple of days I suspect I won't get to do any of the fun things I want to do. 
  • We have a Pink! Bop on Friday and money will go to Breast Cancer research, it's at the same time as Tolkien soc's Fireworks party, the HP soc's Halloween Feast and a film I want to see. Decisions are evil and should die.

  • I survived my first economics tutorial and even somehow did well on my essay, even if my graph was completely different form other people's it was apparently correct.
  • I had a half seven Fire Drill yesterday morning and thought it was 2 o'clock and panicked and left my key in my room, thankfully after checking they'd left the door open.
  • I should go back to my essay now even though I want to have ice cream and possibly pizza instead.
  • I have tried to catch up with flist but if you think I have missed anything crucial please link me.
  • I have no bread but I do have cheese and biscuits.

  • I want to do something but lack the courage to do it.
  • I feel so restless and full of pent up energy but can't afford the time wasted of going to Yoga, should not have updated.

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I have not updated in ages because have been trying and failing to learn maths, it hates me I'm sure.

I have nothing to say apart from yay I voted! Lib Dem incase someone wonders. Did you vote?

I have just experienced another good thing about being 18, apart from the drinking of course.

I will be away today, because a friend is staying over and we are revising....Politics.

I have something I really wanted to share but will do so tomorrow.

I am hungry and am going to go and eat now.

I like writing like this.


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"Who should I vote for" with rather shocking results. *cries* There is something very wrong with this. Read more... )

In better news UL20 was probably my absolute favourite so far. So much love, so much.

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Today was a good day. It was snowing and as a result half the people didn't turn up and buses were late, I wore too many layers to even notice the cold and only had three lessons.

In Politics wuth one of our teacher we never, ever do any work and today was no different. However it was a lot of fun as we reserached *all* the US parties and the results, well the results are the best thing I have seen in a while. I guess setting up your own party, no matter how crazy is fairly easy, because there is a Prohibition Party, a couple of Pot Parties, a large number and different variations of things you can expect, such as Independence/Labor/Socialist/Communist/Nazi. (about 5 of each of those) But some you really wouldn't, such as the Light Party, which I am highly tempted to join.

And my absolute favourite, The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. No I am not joking. If you are going to click on any of those, make it this one, please. A short description of this taken from the site listing them all: Politically correct Nazis? This party purports to be comprised of atheist, peaceful, pro-gay, pro-drug legalization, anti-racist, environmentalist Nazis who acknowledge the Holocaust likely occurred .While membership is open to anyone regardless of their race or sexual orientation, individuals who openly profess a belief in either Judaism or Christianity are denied party membership. O.o Um, yeah.

Oh and the Pansexual Peace Party also deserves a mention simply because one of its slogans is Sex is Good! Sex is Great! Yea, Sex!

I hope that this didn't cause offence to any of the Americans on my flist, this was just too good a find not to share :p


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Arghhh! I just typed up a loong entry about my night out and the oddest dream ever. And it was a good post too and my dream was long and detailed and I wanted to remember it dammit! I hate it when LJ eats my posts, but this time it is entirely my fault. Because I wanted to save it just in case it doesn't post, so I highlighted it all and pressed paste!!! Yes, paste, and in the place of my entry tere was a fic I recently wrote. I am angry also stupid.

But I am now amused, because I received a letter. A survey from my constituency's Conservative Candidate! hahahaha. Like I would ever vote for him. At least I now know his name, whats with men named Iain being Conseravitive, it's an odd name too. Still. So amused. I haven't got any other pre-election mail. Unimpressed, Labour, unimpressed. I think I will fill the survey, they even included an envelope. How thoughtful.

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Wow. Haven't read flist for two day and was on skip=150 and that is without communites, (exception these two because they are pretty) only personal posts. Am dreading what will happen when I go on holiday and have huge admiration for anyone with more than 100 people friended.

But yesterday I was in London for Westmisnster day and it was very good, could have been better, (some people were idiots) but I liked it. I can't believe that last year's was such a long time ago, I remeber it so well, rereading the post I made then I remeber everything I said like it was yesterday. Having a journal really is a good thing. And now for this year's behind a cut, because it will be long and not very interesting if you don't care about British Politics. Oh and before I forget we were filmed, I don't know if it is going to be on telly or not, but a huge camera was right behind me and every time I turned around it stared at me, it was scary Read more... )

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Right, I haven’t been around all that much this past week, for a couple of reasons. One, work and school means no time left for me at all. And when I have time I don’t like going on lj because it is either political posts or nano updates. Both of these depress me. And that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, or you shouldn’t post them, but they still depress me. Seeing how much everybody has written makes me feel like I will never do it, because I’ve had pretty much no time at all and it will only get worse. And the political posts are so interesting I find myself following links and reading articles and then the time flies, but they are good, and useful, as I have to write an essay with the lovely title: Account for the result of the US presidential election. Wah! I can’t do it! I don’t know why it happened!

Despite what I’ve just said I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I think I can do it. It was simply too good to resist, I was a bit disappointed that two of the things I wanted were not on the list, but the things I requested are pretty good too. I just hope somebody writes me Othello slash, for the world needs it, or failing that 1984. I have so much love for that book and actually have written some fic for it right after finishing it, but there is so much to explore with the ideas that somebody has to write it. My third request is of course Murder by Numbers, as that always needs more fics. I don’t remember what I offered to write but I can’t wait to get my assignment.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,535 / 50,000

Yes I hate seeing other people’s nano word counts but mine will not depress anyone only make them sneer in contempt.


The drabbles are not forgotten, I have written one and will do the rest very soon.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 04:42 pm
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Bush Victory As Kerry Throws In Towel

George Bush won a second term as President of the United States today after his election rival John Kerry conceded defeat. Democrat Mr Kerry is to make a statement at 6pm - Mr Bush will then address the nation an hour later.


WHY WOULD HE DO THAT? WHY? Even if he lost, at least he wouldn't have fucking conceded!


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