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Can't believe last time I updated was when I was stranded in the airport in Doha, well I got home all right and haven't done anything since. Yeah, I suck at recapping things, and India was amazing, a bit too much to attempt to describe. In Brief. Went to Mimbai for a couple of days, looked at the markets, the temples the parks and monuments, took a boat to Elephanta caves and were even asked to 'star' in a Bollywood movie. Hee. Mumbai is so busy and loud and dirty and chaotic and so very alive, wished we were there for longer. From there we took the train to Goa where we looked at the old Portugese part and then the beach which was so beautiful. Huts on a perfect palm beach. Pete broke his arm and had to leave us which was sad but Goa was amazing and I kept buying shiny things. A night bus (that was interesting) took us to Hampi which is an old temple town and possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The landscape was incredible. Huge rocks piled up into hills topped with temples around a winding river surrounded by rice fields. The temples are so beautiful. From the heat of Hampi we took a public bus service to Bijapur. A rather large  mostly Muslim city which is not really on the main tourist track. Did not see s single other tousirst the whole time we were there! It was awesome, really dusty we had to cover our faces and breath through cloth, no one spoke english and 15p bought you a meal. There were wild pigs living on the streets and beautiful Mosques in which we were the only people. People stared so much and some laughed with joy at the sight of us, it was almost scary but not quite. I absolutely loved Bijapur.

if anyone is interested in having a look at photos I finally put them up on facebook and now they've made that shareable so here are the links. But beware, though I selected only my favourite photos there are rather a lot.

Mumbai - Album 1

Goa - Album 2

Hampi - Album 3

Bijapur - Album 4

Since I got back home I have done no work, made no attempt to sort out my summer and have had almost nonexistent social life.

Sad, no? Well actually I have had a great time.

I have become completely obsessed with Heroes. It is wonderful and amazing and taken over my life. After watching all the episodes I have read all the fics I could get a hold of, haunted icon communities and even bought a paid account again so that I can add lots of shiny new icons. I want to talk about Heroes inessenatly and post recs and theories and just LOVE. But I shall do that tomorrow, for now I think it might be bed time.

I have also cut my hair today, It is shorter than I have had it for years and scares me a bit, but at least people for once will notice that it is cut, which they never normally do.

Photo spam

Nov. 7th, 2006 11:18 am
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Note to self:

Setting your alarm for 6PM is not a good idea, especially if:

a) You have to get up at 6am
b) You share with someone closer to the front door who tends to get up at 10am and does not appreciate insanely loud knocking ar 6:15am.

How is everyone on this fine, grey November Morning?

I have been founding Oxford recently amazingly gorgeous and gone a bit mad taking photos. But only from my windows, as it is too cold to go outside. So these are my views at different times of day/angles.
Back Window:

more )
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Shiiiit! At quarter past 10 this morning I was supposed to have a two hour driving lesson...

I woke up 20 minutes ago, needless to say just a tad too late... There was a note from my instructor, aparently he waited and rang the door bell and rang my phone (which I'd left at my friend's house) and I just slept through it all. Now two hours of driving is prepaid 44 quid, thank god he said he will come at half two and we will have an hour long lesson, which he didn't have to do. Despite this I obviously suck. :((

Also I booked my theory for Tuesday and so far know nothing. Heh, this will be a fun couple of days.

And not to leave this entry completely pointless, I prersent you with a fic. It is written by everybody at Monday's London Meetup and it is quite brilliant if I say so myself:

(Round Robin: The Battle of the Ships)

Not that it has a name, but [livejournal.com profile] annephoenix came up with that and I like it because it's true.

And now I am going to be a good girl and learn my theory.
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I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] transparenttear to do a very nice meme

Name ten celebrities you find attractive and then tag five friends. I am making this meme better by adding images, images are always fun (no large images contained behind cut, only links)

Mmm )

Today I have had the laziest day ever, woke up at 12! Which for me is very odd and then just didn't do anything, didn't read or write and the day flew by. In a couple of days I am off to Spain, in a couple of days HBP comes out, which I miss and won't be able to read until the 23. I really hope I don't get terribly spoiled before then.

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Have spend entirely too long over here looking at people's pictures, best comments ever. I haven't posted because it is public and I am paranoid and because I don't want to post and get no comments, as stupid as that sounds it will make me sad. Oh and I have no idea how to post pictures in a comment, however I did make an icon with me. Not planning to use it or anything apart from now, but in case anyone doesn't know what I look like and is curious. Not that I look like the icon, my hair being curly and all, but it makes it less likely for people to recognise me. Or something.

In other news I suck. Really. I keep wasting hours of precious revision time on LJ and then lie to myself that it doesn't matter and then I panic. Fun. So in an attempt to actually use my time wisely I will not turn the computer on for the entire weekend. I would want to say longer, but that would be lying. I really can't restrict myself, it is silly but true.

I was going to share the most horrible dream I've ever had, (I have decided to call it a dream as my family is insisting it wasn't real, it sure felt like it and I swear I wasn't sleeping, and I don't believe in ghosts!) but you will probably decide I am crazy.

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I went to Collectormania today,even though I would have preferred to go tomorrow and I will share the appaling pictures I took with you, for they truly are abysmal. I was so close to so many people and yet I will have to tell you who is who for you to actually know. Anyway, I'll shut up and you can have a look. Tom Felton, Alexis Denisof, Christian Coulson and others.

PICTURES!!!! or why me+camera=bad, very bad )

And since I am posting pictures, I think I will post a few from Belgium. Well that is my excuse, in reality I just want to share the tab love. Yes, tab.

A giant floating tap! (and a picture from Ypres) )

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Half term is pretty nice so far, but that could be because I haven't done anything, well anything constructive anyway. But I will. Soon. When I write the tons of things I am writing. I will try to get as many as I can for tomorrow, but it is physically impossible to do them all. But fear not, by the end of the week you will all get your drabble.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day, I found [livejournal.com profile] foto_decadent which has the most gorgeous pics and as a result changed my layout, I love it so much now, it is pretty!

Also I came across [livejournal.com profile] qafdownloads and in my curiosity to see what the big deal is about, downloaded a couple of episodes. Quality terrible, but eight minutes per episode is pretty good if you ask me. I had seen one episode of the British series and quite liked it. I haven't had a chance to see much yet, only half an ep, but I think I am going to like it. Well, I am pretty sure.

Yesterday when [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita was here we watched The Talented Mr Ripley <333 and then we wanted to save a screen cap of Jude Law looking especially lickable and the oddest thing happened. Now I have no grasp of technology and of the proper way of doing this. So we were watching it on my laptop and paused it and did ctrl/alt/prt sc and then paste into paint. Right. So we saved it and then wanted to make another one and as the film played, so did the film in paint. We were both WTF? as the image in paint played the film. We could draw on it and colour bits in, cut stuff on top of it, but the film was there and it played. How the hell did that happen I don't know, maybe it is normal, but I didn't know. We tried a few times and always the same things happened. It was amusing as we could draw and write on it but I still don't know how it happened and as a result have no pretty pics. If anyone has any ideas or explanations, please tell me, for I am lost.

Link gacked from [livejournal.com profile] chimbley, Click here, because gay penguins are love. Cutest thing ever. They adopted a rock and looked after it as if it's an egg!!!

And finally before I go and do some maths (parents went to the gym, mum said she is checking how many questions I have done when they get back) I wanted to do the icon meme, because it is pretty, so many icons! But. I can't. :( Page isn't working.

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I've been looking at Harry Potter pictures recently and have come to the conclusion that there is simply nothing in that film that there aren't at least two pics off. Anyway, some were quite funny and I've played with them for mine and your amusement. Also to take mind off maths. It wasn't good. At all. I was so incredibly upset that I had to force myself to not go on LJ and post a whiny miserable post and I feel better now. Not that I failed completely, I just sort of panicked and nearly burst into tears right there in the exam hall, I didn't actually, but was close.

So here follow the pretty, weird and wonderful.

Lets start with the PIMPs )

Everybody's after Harry... )

Canon? I think not! )

And a few more random ones )

In the mean time, Sirius is EVERYWHERE )

That's it. I think I'll go read Snow Falling on Cedars now, I have to make sure I do well in English at least.

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My first ever attempt of posting pictures, I hope it works.

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