1st of May!

May. 1st, 2007 01:20 pm
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Happy May Day!

I didn't stay up all night partying, as had to do an essay (and failed miserably, this is going to so haunt me in weeks to come) but I did wake up at 5am as per Oxford tradition and listened to the Choir on Magdalen Tower, it was pretty awesome, though ridiculously cold and there were thousands of people, the croud then took us to Radcliffe square and there were Morris dancers and all kinds of other dancers and fire eaters and people walking their trees around on a leash and a man with a giant cheese hat and then we tried to find a place to have breakfast and our college porter nearly ran us over on his motorbike which was bizarre. I am never doing this again and I didn't do it last year, but I am glad that I did, despite 5 hours of sleep, not writing an essay and going to a tute this morning unprepared and catching a horrible cold so that I need to cover myself with blankets in order to survive...well almost glad. I took a million photos of Oxford all sunny and beautiful and played a tourist and loved it. Hee.

Had breakfast in a cafe called Heroes which was pretty awesome, because I am very sad.

Could not go back to bed as had a tute which was really cool, and this time [personal profile] loneraven barged in my tute instead of the other way round, and my tutor who looks like Sam Vimes (for real) disregarded that the essay my tute pattern had written completely missed the point and made me mint tea and in nice simple language explained the topic. Suspect he thinks we are very stupid, but at least he likes us. (He was on our reading list this week, which is a bit whoa, you know?) Then had very late tutors collections and now have to read about the US detente policy during the cold war which is less that exciting, but it is now warmer outside, both my tutors though last term had gone really well and I will somehow get through this week even though I want to collapse into bed.

My fingers are shaking. I might have a nap, or watch Heroes...
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It is at the point where at at 1:49am you have written 250 words of an essay that was due in earlier the evening and are researching necrophilia for said essay that you know things are not going well, especially since you had to hand in your essay on the suckiness of the UN earlier that evening, several hours too late.

No I don't have time to say anything else to say right now only really felt like sharing my distaste at Plato's argument being examplified by love of the dead.

Long overdue update coming soon, after I sleep for a couple of days.
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Glorious sunshine! It is suddenly summer!! Everyone is in shorts and skirts and flip flops, and everyone is suddenly happy and the sun is bright...

Of course that means I have an essay due in today and am thus here and not on the lawn outside where everyone else is lounging, some with notes and books, some without. I am on the third floor but I can recognise individual voices, the laughter even and all those happy people look good when I look outsude, making patterns on the grass.

Suddenly I wish I was distinct from my body* so that it could continue typing the philosophy essay while my soul/mind/consciousness/whatever soar around outside. Hmm, maybe I can include this in my conclusion somehow.

Was even going to go vote just so I can get a walk, and before anyone says anything I know that even though it is a local election I should vote, but the candidates we have are a joke, will not mention the Conservative one by name though I do wonder if his electoral fraud reached national newspapers. Lib Dems and Green habitually win, seeing as this is a primarily student area but still.

I do wish they were slighly quiter though *has a sudden image of leaning out of window and screaming at everyone to shut the fuck up* Um. Let them be happy.

*Title of said essay is: "Are you distinct from your body?"
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I feel so thankful today, had to finish off economics essay for today as didn't yesterday, had maths for today too, which I couldn'tfinish because it was evil and impossible but I don't really care and also a politics essay due in tomorrow morning, which I had done all the reading for but would have had to start now and not sleep at all in order to finish. And then, this afternoon we all got an email from my tutor informing us that the tutorial has been resceduled to next Wednesday! OMG. AWESOME! I have a sort of free evening as a result, lots of people went to a Labour club meeting which is here in Univ, but it's not really my thing. I could read more federal papers but I think I will just watch more episodes of the L Word, because I have become a tiny bit addicted and am mid season 2 so have quite a few eps to get through. Before Tonya I never knew I could hate anyone quite so much.

Philosophy! I seem to be the only one in my college to absolutely adore all the lectures so far, omg I love them, we did that whole: Am I really here or am I just a brain in a vat in on Mars thing that was so awesome, heh my lecturers are love and he kept refering to the Matrix and told us all about Trinity's death and how someone at the sonema shouted "Die bitch!", at which point someone complained about spoilers, HEE! :D I mean...ooops...

The letter meme, I so hope someone will participate.

 Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. Then they post their own list in their journal and the process continues! Mostly HP... )


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