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Going back to Oxford tomorrow, I suspect that might mean long radio silence what with collection failing and all round catching up. Last few days have spend less time revising and more time immersing myself with OC fic, it's like fic after fic after fic and vids and things and I don't know it's like I thought I got over that obsession back in season 1, back when the OC was GOOD. Which it isn't anymore but I am still addicted *pokes flist* Is there anyone here who is with me? Go on admit it, tell me you are secretly addicted to the shiny californian life? PLEASE. And it isn't even slashy anymore, and I am all for Summer and Seth. What is wrong with me?! Not that I haven't been reading the slash, it's like Ryan/Seth forever, it just really makes me happy and makes me forget imminent failure and doom. Lookit it my new icon! That is why I love House. :D

I think I am running away on Friday.

Last few days have been up and down, was in bed with fever on Saturday, but after that things got better and now I just have the cold which I can live with.

OH.  Am probably getting a new phone and was looking at different ones online with my brother's help because my criteria for phone choosing is pretty much based on nothing but looks.
Brother: No Katia, that's crap.
Me: But, it's so SHINY! *_*
So I chose one and my mum was here and I was showing it to her when my brother decides to click on a different tap, the one with my LJ. Now my parents know I have a LJ, about fandom and things, but well my header has boy kissage and when I tried to click away it sort of froze and so I slammed laptop down and shouted at brother for clicking about all the while my mother is right here and not saying a word. Ahahaha oh god. :( And then we moved on and we said nothing and it was so weird. Maybe she chose to ignore it, I mean what can she say. I suppose I was lucky, my header is hardly adult rated art but still. I totally did not handle it smoothly.
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Yay, the Boatrace is tomorrow...I actually watched a programme about it on ITV today. So sad. Am going to London to watch it. Is anyone else going to be there? Well, mostly to meet people, but also watch it. I am quite excited, considering I haven't been down to the river once during the past two terms and have never ever watched a race before. Not going to the after party though, going back in the evening. To revise. Have done little revision still. :(

Have been reading fic though! Mostly OC, after much struggle was able to find a lot of good OC fic. Especially this, also this and this! :D No idea why I am linking to OC fic, there is like no one else here who watches it/cares. Own reference I guess. Not to worry, am still mostly about the HP. In fact just listened to Slashcast

which was really, really awesome. Go and Download it people! It is like amazingly professional and fun!

I have little else to say. I wish someone would prank me, but no one has. :( I want to fool someone else, like my brother. But I don't know how. Oh life. I think I am going to go wash my hair and then return to my data (ahaha. wrote date instead...) project. Or catch up on the last few episodes of the L word. For which I was spoiled for... :'( despite being in the bathroom at the time of the conversation, I could HEAR. :((

It just started raining again. I think that it hasn't stopped raining in the past week, and just when I was about to say that it is finally sunny. Woe. What the hell is wrong with me??? Why am I talking about the weather?! :( I am going away now. This was brought to you by severe boredom.

A rant about icons might follow soon enough.
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Spend entirely too many hours shopping today and as a result bought absolutely nothing. Zilch. I really wanted to buy something, I tried lots of things on but didn't like anything enough to buy it. I did however see Mr and Mrs Smith and really liked it, which is surprising considering the lack of plot and the constant fighting, but then again I've always known I am shallow and the hotness of the film was too much to be allowed, it was funny too which helped. Also, Adam Brody was in it and I love him. He also brings me rather nicely to the OC's season finale which finally aired here today, I was spoiled but some bits did surprise me. Thoughts including spoilers )

I have been reading the fics from [livejournal.com profile] big_bang_hd, so far I've read Wheel of Fortune and Queen of Hearts, it has been entirely too long since I've read any long and plotty H/D fics, especially post OotP ones and those two were really good for very different reasons, can't wait to read the other two.

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Just watched the OC, the episode where they went to Miami and the hotel where it was filmed is the hotel WE STAYED IN!
How cool is that? I have so many pictures in that same garden, even one where I am revising for maths. Woe for the pictures were stolen with my dad's laptop, BUT my uncle has them and eventually he will send them to us and then you will all see! Also, because we are that sad we were listening that Will Smith song they were listening to when we arrived at South Beach. We win at life! Sadly there were no beach parties and hardly any people, it was all lies as Miami was dead empty.

ANOTHER great thing is that the girl in the episode, a hot blonde who entered a dance contest to earn her university tuition fees and who was good at sport was called MARY SUE! I nearly died from the laughter, died! My parents were getting worried about my sanity.

I want to say more, but have no time, need to learn english poems for tomorrow. Good luck for all you other english people!

If anyone cares, the economics went really well. Wheee!

:D :D :D :D

ETA. OMG DV IS UP! Life hates me! I have to read it, but I don't want to fail! OMG DV!

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Got English mock back today, hmmm, better than I expected in some ways. Also it was nice to go back to the school, it felt for a bit like everyhting was like before.

Moving on.

You know when SLASH has taken over your life when you start shipping blue people with antennae. Seriously though, I suspect none of you have an inkling what I am on about but Archer/Shran OTP! Their love is pure. I want Shran's blue babies! I am not sure why, but I always have madly unexplained love for the most Random characters. But if you do watch Enterprise, I challenge you to deny the Shran/Archer love! Challenge.

Some spoilers )

I love Tuesdays, it is my happy TV day, although today's OC made me want to throw things at the TV. Heavy things. So much hate. So much.

Spoilers for tonight's OC if you live in the UK )

I am going to watch Sugar Rush as it seems promising.  

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Today was my last day of school...ever.

How strange to think that after so many years it is over. All morning I felt like I was about to throw up, like I normally feel right before an exam. I am not really sure why, considering my two years at the school have gone really quickly and all the people I will miss I plan to keep in touch with. Nevertheless I felt very, well I guess sad is the word I should use, even though it wasn't consciously so. I will miss it, I think. At least a little bit.

The only reason I went to school is for the maths lesson with the hope the teacher will be able to help me at least a little bit. Instead...we had a party. That's right a maths party. Hehe, it was really nice actually, lots of sweets and chocolate fingers and lemonade and the five people that turned up had, well fun is too strong a word, but it wasn't bad. Through all this, my teacher tried to help, but didn't know how to answer half the things I asked her. I only hope this means those questions are too hard to be on the exam. I also had english, my last lesson ever was english, but isntead of actually comparing the books, half the lesson was spend on a sort of lecture/speech about taking the initiative and university tutorials. Um, yes I am not sure either.

BUT! Cool prank, sort of. People drove a car into the Common room! Well, sort of pushed it in throught the double doors, but still amusing. Theachers were not amused.

And I think Friday is like an impossible day for doing any work, ever, because it is Friday. So I spend some time reading an amazing OC fic, that was so very appropriate for the last day of school that I am going to REC it to you and beg you to read it even if you don't like the OC. It begins with the perfect summer before going off to uni and deals with nostalgia about last time you will do this and that and change and losing people and everything quite a lot of you also finishing school are probably feeling. An not only that, it is very well written and has Seth's voice just incredibly right. It has references to everything you can thing of, and they are funny too. It has Anna, who ends up in the same college as Seth, because she would. And there is Ryan. a little different from what I normally see him, but works nonetheless. Ok I will stop babbling and link you, click it!

Always take the weather with you by [livejournal.com profile] amerella

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Hmm, feels like I haven't updated properly in ages. Which is probably I haven't. Hope nobody's missed me *g*

These past two days in school went surprisingly well. I guess it snowed so that helped considerably. Not that it settled, but is sure looked pretty. It kept snowing for no more than five minutes, then it stopped and soon there was a sun and a blue sky, then it would get grey and heavy and start snowing again. Like a repeating pattern, which was very cool. I even walked home from the bus stop in the snow. It was really beautiful and the wind, while freezing and sharp made the swirling snowflakes surrounding me a gorgeous sight.

I have watched too much TV today, which I normally don't. But still, Stargate ended and the OC had a surprisingly adorable episode. And now fairly longish musings, so LJ cuts are my friends.

Some thoughts on the Stargate season finale, could have brief mentions of Atlantis. )

The OC, 2.5. I loved this! )

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I typed up a post, it was fairly long, nothing that important but it's still mightily frustrating when it dissapears. Will have to type them on word or something to avoid this, but saying that, I am not. So let me start again.

Yesterday I went to work by accident, I thought I was meant to be working but I wasn't. Which is really stupid considering my undying love for work, it was only for an hour because we closed at 6, not 8 like I thought. But then I had no phone and nobody knew I finish early and nobody could pick me up. Not fun. I borrowed a phone and called home, but no one picked up and I assumed no one was home, an assumption later proven wrong. (curses little brother) I called [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita and she called other people and eventually I got home, but not before I had to wait for over 30 minutes on my own in the cold. Good thing I had some paper and a pen because I wrote, it was nothong like a story just my thoughts. I scanned it (well the first part of it) and will now share it with you, hoping that my handwriting is too illegible for anyone to actualy be able to read it.

click )

Also I have further evidence that slash is taking over the world. Conversation about the OC and just how much Ryan and Seth love each other )

Oh and UL19 will be out very very soon IS HERE! *is excited* Squeee!!!!!

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My broadband pack arrived today! Yay! Oh the joy, on Monday I will be back in the land of fast internet at all hours and as a result of that a lot less sleep. It all makes me very happy indeed.

Apart from that first week of school is nearly finished, and it has gone far better than expected, this is partly due to the fact that I go home with presents nearly every day, as more people remember my birthday. Am very busy with applications for university, preparations, research, panic attacks. It’s all here. It also means that I spend every available minute on the Oxford website and emailing different colleges and writing personal statement. That’s why I am terribly behind on my flist and fics and anything new, I am so out of the loop, haven’t managed to catch up with anything since I’ve come back. This makes me a terrible beta, for which I apologise loads and promise to send everything I have to beta by Friday. I am writing this here so I have to do it.


I am going to have a joined birthday party with a friend on Tuesday for which I am very excited. We have the same dress but in different colours, mine is with blue, hers with pink, and we’ll wear them. I love parties, and I can get properly legally pissed. Not that I have plans to do so…


Ooh, am going to an Open Day in Oxford next Friday, it will be cool, because I also accidentally booked free accommodation, so am sleeping there too. Am scared but excited, the sad thing is that it is a specific college (University) to which I wanted to apply, but after emailing them to ask about the importance of maths, they weren’t very nice so I will probably apply to Exeter college instead. It will be pointless if I really love University, but it will be a good experience nonetheless. Am going to an Open Day in Warwick on the following Monday, so four days off school! Yay!


It felt like I hadn’t written anything in ages, apart from a sort of silly parody H/D so yesterday I decided to do so. What I wrote was my first ever piece of O.C. fanfiction, I absolutely love the O.C., even though we are so behind here (about the middle of Season 1, think Oliver) and have been reading anything I could find, unfortunately it isn’t much and there is a surprising lack of slightly less common pairings. Yes I do love Ryan/Seth, but god there has to be some more Ryan/Luke and surely I am not the only one who sees the Jimmy/Sandy! God how tame O.C. writers are compared to the ones in the HP Fandom! The amount of odd/rare pairings, pure porn and all sorts of kinks found here is great, you can find a fic about pretty much anything that occurs to you. All I wanted was something slightly different, but O.C fics (or at least anything I’ve managed to find so far) just don’t have that, by all means they are not bad, just very similar. My pathetic attempt at writing one is also like that, nevertheless it’s not completely awful for a first fic. It will of course never see the big world of internet.

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So, so busy recently, no time to sleep, so not really with the time for updating either, it's really annoying to want to write something and then forgetting it.


Watched the last ever Sex and the City, yesterday and really loved the ending, it is so odd being so behind on tv things, but I wasn't spoiled so it was nice. And Big's name is John!! It was worth it finding out. Smith is so sweet, am glad someone is there for Sam. I wasn't exactly surprised about the ending, since the last sentence in the book is: Carrie and Mr Big are still together, plus the Russian was so manipulative.


Have managed to watch the OC and can definitlely see what the fuss is all about, it is the slashiest show since Smallville, am trying to bully people in taking a break from Eastenders and watching this instead. Plus Seth/Ryan,  is kinda turning into my new obsession, making me stay until the early hours of the morning looking for/reading slash with them. It is just soo sweet and new and ickle for me, right now. Not many good fics out there but some are definitely worth it. (in the mics section Telegraph Avenue) I really should watch more than three episodes before getting so into it, but it really isn't my fault. I am so easily distracted, keep jumping from fandom to fandom, well HP will always be my baby, but I can not promise to be faithful.

And the fictional characters meme, made me think of LJ Smith and all her books, which I love, love, love and well I kinda looked for slash fanfiction and found it, and I know that I may be going crazy but my love for Damon and Julian really needs to see them slashed, so uh yeah here. Stop looking a me, it really isn't my fault.

More stuff )


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