Feb. 22nd, 2009 05:35 pm
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It's been a while. Again. I don't really know why I don't post ever, because I check my flist all the time and have a lot of things to say, though perhaps am no longer feeling lj is the best forum for that. Maybe a blog may be the answer. We'll see. I keep taking pictures I want to post, but it's so much effort doing that, maybe I will get a paid account again.

For some reason I only post when I have shit loads of work (THREE essays and a presentation for next week, why do I do this to myself?!) and never anything of substance to say. Hmm.

A brief look at my life right now, nicely categorised and all.
  • Education: still getting firsts on essays and not speaking in class, had to submit dissertation title and synopsys on Friday, came up with that in the process of filling in the form, oops, inconsistent performance when it comes to presentations.
  • Friends: somehow balancing Ox and LSE people pretty well, though lately have seen a lot more of the latter, but have been doing lunches with the former, some new people that are a lot of fun.
  • Travel: Yeah Morocco was very recent and I have no money but am going to Barcelona at the end of term, the whole of my course is going, it is going to be an educational trip, it was the idea of our tutors and we are going to have classes. This is so totally valid!
  • Love: that dreaded day was only a week ago, was going to post a rant against it but had to get ready to go out and ran out of time, did have a surprisingly fun, drunken and debauched evening, more generally things are confusing me from more than one direction
  • London: I adore this city, had a plan to do cultural things and that was going pretty well at the start of term with a visit to Tate Modern, the theatre and ballet, but then there was snow and essays, have been walking everywhere, oh how relative distance is
  • Oxford: went to Oxford for the first time since since finals, it was wonderful of course, beautiful and cold and I realised how much I missed the familiarity of the streets and Univ and the Covered Market and everything else.
  • Job: nothing to report here, haven't applied anywhere, because I am a failure.
  • Cinema: Have recently seen Slumdog Millionaire and Milk, though very much enjoyed both, maybe Milk more, thought that may have a lot to do with being in the most luxurious cinema ever.
  • TV: Heroes: it's okay, the last few eps especially, but I will never forgive them for Nathan, Gossip Girl: continues to be awesome, it's not like I watch it for a realistic representation of teens, L word: can make me really angry, and I know the ending will upset me, but still highly entertaining, Skins S3: I enjoy it, though it really has thrown reality out of the window and contains a character I want to kill.
  • Fandom: I miss Merlin, have developed a mad love for AUs, maybe will post some recs soon.
That's pretty much it. I will try to drop by more often, so that my entries are not simply lots of info that is of interest to no one,
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As you may know, after graduating instead of doing the smart sensible thing and looking for a job I decided to cling to academia and spend lots of money which I don't have on a masters, so on Friday I found my way to the London School of Economics and registered for my course and then I went home. And tomorrow, I am going back, as there are a couple of inductions and the joy that is Freshers' week. Oh dear. See when I did this the first time around by virtue of being thrown together in college you can't but meet people, being a graduate however is different, LSE is different, and commuting from home is very different. So I don't know anyone. But I still want to do fun things in Freshers' week, only there is the problem of knowing no one and having nowhere to stay if I do go out.

I don't know what to do, I am sure that once lectures and seminars begin I will meet people, and I do know a lot of people in London, and [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita and one person I know from Oxford are at LSE, but in the short term the situation is pretty dire. London is big and scary and I was so looking forward to this, and now I am just not sure what to do.

And now I am off to my Russian course, which is wonderful, there are 7 of us, the youngest after me is 50-something, the oldest 70-something, it certainly isn't what I expected when I signed up, but everyone is very keen and I am enjoying it

Note: All of you that are in London and not averse to the idea of meeting me, eh, please do! I know it has been a while, but I would so love to see any and all of you for a drink/coffee/walk whatever!

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Whoo! I am ridiculously pleased with myself despite being an awful procrastinator and not having done any studying as of yet. But there's always tomorrow, right?? Hee, am pleased because I did manage to finish my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic on time despite all the odds being against that and that I actually like it. I am not sure if others will, but it feels very close to my heart for a variety of reasons and so I am happy with it. Am quite terrified of anyone else reading it, but at least no one will do so for at least a couple of days.

Went to London yesterday with my brother to show my grandparents who are visiting around, went on a boat tour which was fairly uneventful and also went to an anime/manga exhibition. That was fun.

The actual reason for this post is to wish Ani a Happy Birthday, I was hoping to have a fic ready, but felt rather uninspired, so just give me a prompt and I will write you something.

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY [profile] anna_bonita!!! ♥HEARTS♥

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I typed up a lengthy post about my adventures in London over the past few days, but then there was a troubleshoot and now the post is gone, suffise to say I am alive, though have spend way too much money and none on alcohol or clothes and a lot of things went wrong, though overall it was fun. Would write it up again but brother is due home from school any minute now and will doubtlessly kick me off his computer. So you get a a meme, which just shows how dull my posts are. Sorry about that. I am going to France tomorrow for a week. Weird. Hope there is lots of snow. Oh! Will write up Christmas cards and send them tomorrow! :D

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I've always wanted to live in a big city, but one day in London was quite enough for me, the number of things that happened to me today is almost unbelievable. (police with guns, being evacuated, getting lost, joining a mob, shouting at the angry mob, running away from the angry mob, etc etc) My cousin from Bulgaria is visiting and today me and a friend took him to London to do all the touristy things, I was a bit nervous about going, but at the end of the day we can't be afraid forever.

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