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I do hope those of you who celebrate had a lovely weekend, and those of you in the UK are having a fantastic four day weekend, my Easter is next week, so I was supposed to write my first extended essay. It is 4000 words on a topic that I am incredibly fascinated by (Am looking at Critical IR Theory and its tendency to fail at being critical because of its Western origin making it implicitly Eurocentric) and yet I didn’t.


And now a few things that have been on my mind, sort of ranty, but not really.


  • On Colin Morgan/Bradley James: They are just so precious. I have been reading fic and writing fic (A few thousand words for Merlin big bang, rewriting is a bitch, so I changed things round) and best of all falling for Colin and Bradley. So people have mentioned the Merlin DVD commentary before, but I had never seen it and then I did and it was pretty great, I love Colin’s accent and Bradley’s face, you guys I get it about Bradley’s face now and then I watched lots more stuff with them on youtube (This is some priceless commentary) and then I wrote more fic. I’ve never written RPS before, first time for everything, I guess. It’s not completely finished, and I need to write my essay, but I will probably post it later today.


  • On Amazonfail: Amazon responded, apparently it was just a glitch, don’t you just love that word? Someone fucked up, but a glitch explains it all. I am not saying I am not glad, because I really am and also so proud at the way this issue was publicised, I saw one of the original posts on it yesterday morning, signed the petition (there were less than a 100 signatures at that time) and then went on to read more epic Arthur/Merlin and a few hours later when I checked my flist it seemed the internet had exploded, and despite it being Easter everyone was around and outraged, from Neil Gaiman to Jezebel and this morning the petition has over 10 000 signatures. And that is pretty amazing, it just really pleases me what we can as a community achieve.


  • On Twitter: this is related to the above, because I have always been firmly against twitter, mostly because of the people who post all their tweets here which is incredibly irritating, but also because I don’t care what people I know or celebrities I love do every hour of every day and I think that this reflects the obsession with reality tv and it freaks me out a little bit, I mean what is next? Everyone is going to carry a camera pointed at their head for 24hr footage? And also when you do see people what do you talk about, when you already know everything they have done? But I am slowly changing my mind about this because I saw yesterday how useful Twitter can be for publicising things and I guess it can have its uses. Not that I am going to sign up, FB status updates are enough for me!
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*Waves feebly*

I have no idea who is still around and who isn't, but just wanted to say that despite ample evidence to the contrary I am still here. Have been madly busy recently, working really takes its toll on you, but have had time to sort of follow the goings on at LJ and just in case have made a JF account and and added people to my empty GJ, am kuteki on both, have added anyone I recognise to both of these, but if you have a different name please let me know! I am going to be posting here, crossposting seems madly complicated and fandom content has been minimum for a very long time, nonetheless I am really, really angry at LJ and its awful timing. This was supposed to be a time of fun, a time of porn and lots and lots of post DH fic! This time has been robbed from us and that makes me really sad. I was afraid of what would happen to the HP fandom after the end, and being thrown out of LJ seems like a really bad omen. :( I just don't want to lose my flist, I may not be around much, but I miss you guys!

What else? Well and awful lot to be honest, but have no time to say anything else, as need to pack. Am going to stay in London for the next two weeks, the last two weeks of my job and then am going to Bulgaria for two weeks.

London people, if anyone is around, would love to meet up after work!!

Everyone else, please don't leave LJ! Will try to actually update properly at some point.

lots of love,
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It has come to my attention that my posts are not appearing on people's flists, before I attempt to solve this, just wanted to make sure.


If yes, please comment to let me know,as I can't make polls.

ETA: Thanks everyone, clearly this post is visible, maybe it was just the last one/locked posts, so a trickier question, did you happen to see that one?


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