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Happy Birthday Harry!

I couldn't not update today, just wanted to say that I am not dead yet! Life is pretty good right now, work is not bad at all, and now that the weather is improving I get to eat my lunch in St James's park with a view either of Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament, work does mean I am pretty busy these days and that is why have not update properly about anything, planned to do so at the weekend but spend my time reading post-DH fic, of which there are surprisingly copious amounts, yay fic, so needed some gaps filled, some things...altered. Yay fandom, I don't remember if I said but reading the book among fandomers was am amazing experience, now I need to read it again, slowly, though need to wait for my mum to finish it first.

Commuting from Milton Keynes means I get like 12 hour days which is pretty unpleasant, last week I stayed with [personal profile] lauds which was really nice, despite the giant spiders that populate her house, no commuting meant more sleep, apart from the one morning where I got up an hour earlier than I should have and went to work an hour earlier not realising my gross mistake until the lone person already at the office asked me why I was so early. I can not begin to explain my utmost stupidity.

Anyway, it is now bedtime for me as need to be up tomorrow, oh I could never get used to the whole permanent job lifestyle, so need to see exactly where I am applying to for a postgrad.

Love from me.
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Over the weekend have repeatedly tried to post a long squee regarding OotP, as finally saw it on Friday with a bunch of fandomers and I loved it so, but things kept going wrong and deleting my attempts! :( So yeah, loved it and Luna and Harry and Umbridge (not loved, but feared! She was terrifying) and everyone was awesome. Long review shall follow after I see it again. Hopefully soon. Not thinking of DH, not at all, in a week it will be all over. Oh my god. For the first time ever I am avoiding spoilers, though it is so difficult, I am tempted to click links.

Tomorrow is my first day of work in London. Need to get up at 7, oh dear. Wish me luck! I really hope I like this. But being in London will be awesome as so many of you are there! :D

Going to bed now, haven't gone to bed so early in so very long.
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I am alive!! I realise I have not updated for like 5 weeks, so thought I should let people know what's up. I am not really sure why I haven't updated in so long, It's not like I haven't been around, on the contrary, the last few weeks I have read more Harry Potter fic than I had read in the whole of last year. Hee, other people are rereading canon before the end, I am rereading classic H/D epics....it has been awesome.

I am going to see OOTP with t00bs in London tomorrow! Which will be amazing Oh my god, so excited, can't wait! Haven't read the book in so long, so won't even notice things that are missing, which would make a much less annoying viewing experience. Can't wait to see Luna, I love Luna so very much, love her! And from what I have seen Ivana is fantastic.

Sectus in less than a week! And obviously DH, a large part of me is in denial about that, it is like I know it is going to happen, but I am not really thinking about it, for once am almost completely unspoiled, which is very unusual for me, and hope to keep it that way!

Expect a proper update later, but in case that doesn't happen, the last month or so has been pretty awesome. Despite the lack of summer, and the rain, rain, rain! At least this weekend will be sunny! :D

The last few weeks of my summer term were brilliant, despite work and rain, god they seem so long ago now! Stayed in Oxford for a week after term finished as had my college ball, such a wonderful week that was, no work + Oxford = love, most people were there and there was too much wine and punting in the rain and filming of Northern Lights and eating out every day and so much more. The Ball itself wasn't spectacular but I did enjoy myself and ended up buying a proper Ball dress which I can wear for Not the Yule Ball at Sectus so yay, even if I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

First week of holiday was at home and did nothing. Nothing. Mmm. On the Friday went back to Ox for a PPE reunion dinner with old members, which was amazing. So weird. Most people there had either graduated very recently/not yet or were very old. All the old ones were men and extremely affluent, imagine getting progressively more and more drunk and having to make small talk to the CEO of some company or other who also happens to be the father of someone in your year and some big wig barrister and an ex president of the Union... Yeah... ended up missing my bus home, had to spend the night in a room with three smelly snoring boys. :( However. Acquainted myself with a not so old old member rather well... Meeting him tomorrow, before OOTP. We'll see.

Then last week went to Switzerland, Luzern, to visit a friend. It was pretty, rained there too, but went to many many art galleries. I heart art. And had lots of chocolate and cake  <3 AND climbed a mountain and went in a boat over the lake. Beautiful if ridiculously expensive country.

What else?? Ohh, the job dilemma, I had no plans for the summer, and kept applying for jobs, had an interview last Friday and found out today that I got it. It is with a small company that does political research and is not paying me anything, but it is something, and I shall be in London if I find somewhere to live which will be yay. Start on Monday, which is scary.

Going to bed now, expect angst regarding FUTURE. I have many plans and ideas. No clue. Mostly a lot of FEAR.

How is everyone else??
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It's finally the holidays and I am so exhausted, I guess non stop working and school and going out on top of that has that effect on people. God I hate my stupid job, but it is only temporary and there is a week left so yay! It was nice in school today, only two lessons before assembly and there were presents and cards and chocolate and hugs. I felt bad about getting more presents than giving but will do something about that, I just didn't expect a present from a few people and I will make it up to them. And speaking of getting and giving I send the Christmas cards a couple of days ago, so hopefully you will be getting them soon. Apart from someone, whose address I really need if you are to get anything before January. And I got lovely cards from [livejournal.com profile] fluffyllama (pretty and sparkly!)[livejournal.com profile] memorycharm ( very cool and original) and  [livejournal.com profile] eponis(wow, you made it!). Thank you so much! <33333

And now a meme which I am hoping you will answer for it seems intersting while I try to catch up with flist that always updates when I am not here and doesn't when I am.

In order to get an idea of how my friends view me, I would like everyone to go down this list and pick the one from each pair that you think describes me the best. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

  • leader or follower
  • quiet or talkative
  • spontaneous or planned
  • dominant or submissive
  • logical or intuitive
  • social or loner
  • kinky or vanilla
  • cute or sophisticated
  • kitten or puppy
  • warm flannel sheets or sleek satin

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I typed up a post, it was fairly long, nothing that important but it's still mightily frustrating when it dissapears. Will have to type them on word or something to avoid this, but saying that, I am not. So let me start again.

Yesterday I went to work by accident, I thought I was meant to be working but I wasn't. Which is really stupid considering my undying love for work, it was only for an hour because we closed at 6, not 8 like I thought. But then I had no phone and nobody knew I finish early and nobody could pick me up. Not fun. I borrowed a phone and called home, but no one picked up and I assumed no one was home, an assumption later proven wrong. (curses little brother) I called [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita and she called other people and eventually I got home, but not before I had to wait for over 30 minutes on my own in the cold. Good thing I had some paper and a pen because I wrote, it was nothong like a story just my thoughts. I scanned it (well the first part of it) and will now share it with you, hoping that my handwriting is too illegible for anyone to actualy be able to read it.

click )

Also I have further evidence that slash is taking over the world. Conversation about the OC and just how much Ryan and Seth love each other )

Oh and UL19 will be out very very soon IS HERE! *is excited* Squeee!!!!!

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Well I guess I am not very good at keeping deadlines *g* But I have the perfect excuse. It was afterall my first ever day of work today. I didn't do much, it was mostly training and tour of the store, which is absolutely gigantic and labyrinth like. I learned a lot of interesting stuff, such as the secret code they use when they want to tell employees that there has been a bomb threat, but not tell customers. Which is kind of amusing as well as mean. Also I will be getting paid, which will be cool, as I've never earned a single pound in my live, which at 18 is quite embarassing.

Also instead of writing my daily dose of fic, I have spend a while at [livejournal.com profile] mctabby's HP Friending Frenzy which is at 12 pages at the moment and it is a fun way of meeting tons of new people that share the same interests as you, or if you want diversity on your flist, then people that don't have much in common with you. Either way is great and a fun read even if you don't want to participate. But it kind of ate at my time, so I haven't written enough today. But I promise there will be two tomorrow, so I can see whether I can catch up and stuff in November when I don't write for a day.

But just because I am nice, here is a drabble: (100 words, yay!)

Harry/? R

It wasn never meant to be like that. Rough shags whenever and wherever you can find the time and the place. Against the filthy walls of abandoned hallways, on the dusty desks of empty classrooms, between classes, after dinner. Less frequent at first, but later, later it was as if an insatiable hunger filled your bodies and you couldn’t rest a head against a pillow before tasting that flesh, marring its fragile delicacy with your fingers and teeth and tongue, trusting your cock in him. You can’t get enough of it. It became an addiction. It wasn’t meant to be with him.


Trio fic

Oct. 17th, 2004 07:58 pm
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So I had an interview yesterday morning and I got a call yesterday afternoon to tell me I got the job! So I finally, definitely HAVE A JOB! My first job ever, and yes it is temporary christmas work, but they often let their temps stay on and who cares anyway as I have a job. It is in John Lewis, sales asistant and it starts on Sunday. The pay is not bad either. I also helped my friend find the perfect place to live, it wil be barely affordable, but new and big and close to her work and she signed a contract straight away, after seeing just one place. Considering she started considering moving out on tuesday, it was a bit quick, so I hope she doesn't regret it.

I also have a fic today. It is a trio fic, I should have posted at least a week ago, but haven't. So here it is now.

A Difficult Choice, R )

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I was meant to be going out today, but plans have changed, this serves little to make me happy, but apart from that the holiday has been going well. I had my work training on Saturday and it was ok, well the job would be quite challenging but hopefully I'll be able to do it. All the other people there are men, this could have its good points, I just hope they are nice to me (I was told by the person who has my job now, that when she started, they locked her in closet for an hour and used to cellotape her to chairs and wheel her down the street, not exactly a comforting thought.)

Am seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 tomorrow, hopefully that is, the only person I was able to persuade to see it with me might not be able to, but I really want to see it.

A survey )

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Also I tried to write a drabble, the art of drabbles has always been beyond me, as I tend to start with the intension of writing one and I end up with anything from 400 to a 1000 words. That is why I really admire people that manage to put so much into mere 100 words. Well this was a bit more than 300, but I cut it down to 200, and think a double drabble is better than nothing. Next time it might even be a 100 words.


Harry/Draco, 200 words

I look around and all I can see is darkness. It engulfs me, and you, and makes what we are doing more bearable, easier to live with. For we are doing something so completely unlikely that it’s almost surreal, it is that and the darkness that are the real, the only reason I am continuing with this. For shagging you, Potter is definitely not on my to do list for this year. And it certainly has nothing to do with that adorable blush on your cheeks even after so many times, no, absolutely nothing to do with that. I would be completely appalled if you suggest it has anything to do with your legs willingly spread below me, or the way your hard cock feels in my mouth, that little moan you do when I bite a certain spot on your neck. This is all irrelevant and passable and there is no need to tell me any of it. And your silence isn’t helping either, the darkness around us is so thick, and yet, it reveals more than it conceals. It isn’t enough to make me think you are still here, for the silence is too much. You weren’t silent.


Cut for RL stuff that could get confusing and/or boring )

Today was very busy, but very nice too. Had to wash hair and get ready for interview, got there (only had to phone my friend who works there and is the reason I'm getting the job, once, but then she decided to come out and meet me) Had interview, which basically consisted of the boss (no idea what her name was, but she was very nice) talking to me and me smiling and nodding and trying desperately to fit a word in, so she can see that I can in fact speak. Then time to go home (received a lift on the way there) by a bus. Which was easier said than done, as I had to find the bus station first (asked only 2 people, felt proud) then which bus I need, (more difficult as none of the people asked had a clue) Spnd bus jouney ,ressed in a suit and feeling incredibly out of place, n the phone with people I couldn't really hear due to bus noises. Got off at the local district centre, (15 mins away from house) went to a friend's house, then walked to my house so that I could change out of suit and shoes from hell (which I realised about then, because walking = bad). atempted to not curse brother who had the last hayfever medecine, resulting in my constant sneezing and eyes turning the same lovely shade as Voldemort's. Got home changed, decided to leave again, go to local pub and eat something, as to not faint from lack of food. Then had to run home and start cleaning the house as parents decided to invite people over to watch the match, had about 20 mins to hoover and clean, also expexted Ani to come over. Glad you called and changed your mind, as otherwise I might not have finished. Then help with cooking and and finally some time on internet where I am writing this and listening to incredibly disgruntled match viewers next door (and by that I mean shouts, swears and mayhem, which I am unable to understand, as afterall it is only a game, and not a terribly interesting one either)

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It’s cold today, it was so lovely and warm, but not anymore and I don’t like it. I have a job interview in a few hours, I need that job. I think I’ll get it, it’s at an estate agency and much better than a shop assistant, which is what most people at my age work. Also, I’ve never worked before, so it would be a nice change and of course there is the money. It starts in September, which would be perfect, as I won’t be here during the summer. But I am still a bit nervous, have to decide what to wear, I need to look smart, as a good first impression is important.

Have no real Internet, on my laptop it doesn’t connect at all, on the computer which is where I am now, it does for a bit less than a minute before id disconnects again. It is probably a virus, there doesn’t seem to be another option, and I hate stupid viruses. So, all I was able to do yesterday was to connect, load a chapter and then again and again. I must have connected about a 100 times yesterday, I hope that doesn’t do anything to the computer. At least I have been able to catch up with some reading, which is nice, but I also want to read my flist, and that is next to impossible, and really frustrating, especially if there are cut tags, as I have to repeat the connect to AOL, hear the welcome message that makes me want to throw things at the computer, and if there are any images, watch helplessly until half a picture is loaded and the hear the ‘Goodbye’. Yeah, I know I can turn the sound off, but that kind of defeats the objective of self torture, so the sound stays on.

Angie, I have nearly beta-ed Bedfellows, as it really doesn’t need much, will email it to you, but not in an attachment, as that way you might get my virus, and that would be totally horrible, if you think you shouldn’t get any emails from me, tell me here.

I finally finished reading Windfallen yesterday, as I waited for the last few chapters to come out, so I could them together, and then there were exams. I will write more when I recover, but I just have to say that it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, and the ending was absolutely perfect, and in my opinion the happiest it could possibly be, it was just so full with hope. I will stop now, as this is getting long and I don’t won’t to make it spoilery, also haven’t had breakfast yet.

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First of all, I have to say that I am done and all exams are behind me. I think I did well, but we'll see, from this point on I am not ever mentioning these exams, and that's a promise.

Now, I haven't been updating recently not because of post exam (that doesn't count!) celebrations, but because of a string of internet problems. [livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark I hope you got my email, so you know I wasn't just abandoning you. What happened involves AOL morons and their decision to cancel our account  while we are still paying it. After numerous long phone calls it was all sorted out with the minor glitch of two weeks before we get back our broadband. In the mean time we have dial up, which for some inexplicable reason refuses to work on my laptop, so my contact with the internet will be a lot less and far in between than I'm used to. Which will be annoying as I am alone at home for the remainder of the week, with the only entertainment being Big Brother, which is saying something.

Oh, I nearly got a job, but then I really didn't want tit, so didn't go to the interview. It was a bit strange since I've been looking for awhile, but yesterday I was out shopping and this woman stopped me on the street to asked me if I'm interested in part time work. The pay would have been good, but the job awful, it would be in a call center, so I would've had to endure people being rude to me as I'm attempting to sell them something or other. Plus it was in the morning, so I was feeling far too exhausted (got up at 5:30) and hangover (post exam celebration). Ooh, while I am on a perconal note, am now the proud owner of pink stilettos with a glittery flower, also the miniest skirt ever. Feel good to be able to go out, I'd forgotten what it was like to be able to just watch some tv, without feeling guilty.

On writing: am being very productive recentrly, but can 't actually post anything, as everything is on my laptop. But in two weeks I will be flooding this with not especially well written murder by number fics, and a couple of HP ones. This unfortunately means that I might not be able to beta anything, although I'll try my best to get the other computer working.

Am, so behind on everything, no way I can catch up, at least was able to save LUW before everything happened, and now that I've read it,  need to write a long and fangirly review to Aja, as it was absolutely brilliant.


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