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Happy Birthday Harry!

I couldn't not update today, just wanted to say that I am not dead yet! Life is pretty good right now, work is not bad at all, and now that the weather is improving I get to eat my lunch in St James's park with a view either of Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament, work does mean I am pretty busy these days and that is why have not update properly about anything, planned to do so at the weekend but spend my time reading post-DH fic, of which there are surprisingly copious amounts, yay fic, so needed some gaps filled, some things...altered. Yay fandom, I don't remember if I said but reading the book among fandomers was am amazing experience, now I need to read it again, slowly, though need to wait for my mum to finish it first.

Commuting from Milton Keynes means I get like 12 hour days which is pretty unpleasant, last week I stayed with [personal profile] lauds which was really nice, despite the giant spiders that populate her house, no commuting meant more sleep, apart from the one morning where I got up an hour earlier than I should have and went to work an hour earlier not realising my gross mistake until the lone person already at the office asked me why I was so early. I can not begin to explain my utmost stupidity.

Anyway, it is now bedtime for me as need to be up tomorrow, oh I could never get used to the whole permanent job lifestyle, so need to see exactly where I am applying to for a postgrad.

Love from me.
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I am alive!! I realise I have not updated for like 5 weeks, so thought I should let people know what's up. I am not really sure why I haven't updated in so long, It's not like I haven't been around, on the contrary, the last few weeks I have read more Harry Potter fic than I had read in the whole of last year. Hee, other people are rereading canon before the end, I am rereading classic H/D epics....it has been awesome.

I am going to see OOTP with t00bs in London tomorrow! Which will be amazing Oh my god, so excited, can't wait! Haven't read the book in so long, so won't even notice things that are missing, which would make a much less annoying viewing experience. Can't wait to see Luna, I love Luna so very much, love her! And from what I have seen Ivana is fantastic.

Sectus in less than a week! And obviously DH, a large part of me is in denial about that, it is like I know it is going to happen, but I am not really thinking about it, for once am almost completely unspoiled, which is very unusual for me, and hope to keep it that way!

Expect a proper update later, but in case that doesn't happen, the last month or so has been pretty awesome. Despite the lack of summer, and the rain, rain, rain! At least this weekend will be sunny! :D

The last few weeks of my summer term were brilliant, despite work and rain, god they seem so long ago now! Stayed in Oxford for a week after term finished as had my college ball, such a wonderful week that was, no work + Oxford = love, most people were there and there was too much wine and punting in the rain and filming of Northern Lights and eating out every day and so much more. The Ball itself wasn't spectacular but I did enjoy myself and ended up buying a proper Ball dress which I can wear for Not the Yule Ball at Sectus so yay, even if I did spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

First week of holiday was at home and did nothing. Nothing. Mmm. On the Friday went back to Ox for a PPE reunion dinner with old members, which was amazing. So weird. Most people there had either graduated very recently/not yet or were very old. All the old ones were men and extremely affluent, imagine getting progressively more and more drunk and having to make small talk to the CEO of some company or other who also happens to be the father of someone in your year and some big wig barrister and an ex president of the Union... Yeah... ended up missing my bus home, had to spend the night in a room with three smelly snoring boys. :( However. Acquainted myself with a not so old old member rather well... Meeting him tomorrow, before OOTP. We'll see.

Then last week went to Switzerland, Luzern, to visit a friend. It was pretty, rained there too, but went to many many art galleries. I heart art. And had lots of chocolate and cake  <3 AND climbed a mountain and went in a boat over the lake. Beautiful if ridiculously expensive country.

What else?? Ohh, the job dilemma, I had no plans for the summer, and kept applying for jobs, had an interview last Friday and found out today that I got it. It is with a small company that does political research and is not paying me anything, but it is something, and I shall be in London if I find somewhere to live which will be yay. Start on Monday, which is scary.

Going to bed now, expect angst regarding FUTURE. I have many plans and ideas. No clue. Mostly a lot of FEAR.

How is everyone else??
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Hello! I am back! Had the most awesome trip ever, million pictures and stories, both good and not so good! Have no idea what is going on at all. It is Lumos weekend, is it not? Such a bad time to be back when no one is around! What else is evryone up to? My phone was stolen in Budapest so I am currently phoneless as well as numberless. Please give me your number...if I had it before/am likely to need it of course, will not prank you or anything like that. :D Here is a poll, the second question means nothing. Nothing at all. [Poll #781711][Poll #781711]
Will be back sooner this time! Can someone tell me how I can upload pics on LJ, for the album bit confuses me.
Oh! Got my results back, it seems that everyone in my college fucked up Economics, (like people who had above 70 in every colection got 50 something.) but I got 62! I have never been more shocked in my life! I just wish I'd spend less time panocking about econ and more time revising philosophy but never mind at least it is all over now and I got a good solid 2:1, more that I deserved considering my revision, so I am very happy. 62 IN ECONOMICS! Keep thinking it's a mistake, I seriously made stuff up.
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Hello! I am in Zante and it is brilliant here, missing my internet connection. Am in a fairly nice internet cafe, but me and my brother are the only occupants in the whole place. There is also dial up. You forget how awesome broadband is until you are forced to use dial up.

However it has been full of adventure. Also earthquakes. No one told us that they have near daily earthquakes, apparently the whole island was destroyed in the 50s by a huge earthquake! There has been two so far, that we've felt. They are always during the night and not too strong, but still!

Then there were the near death experiences. Also two so far. Rather hope they will stay at two...

It is unbelievably, ridiculously hot. Over 40 degrees every single day, even the nights are hot. We go to the beach really early or after 7, the rest of the day there is the pool or naps. I have never had so many naps in my life. Am reading Night Watch, have had it for ages and am finally now reading it. OMG young Vetinary, so so awesome!

It is so amazing to have nothing to do but swim, read, eat and sleep. Oh life. So good.

Watched the football yesterday...maybe one of those days England will learn that when it gets to penalties getting the ball in the net is a rather major element of winning the game. We can only hope.

With this I leave you. My postcards offer still stands. Leave me an address and you get a postcard. Probably not from here, most of the postcards here are to do with turtles or a 20 year old shipwreck, which by shipwreck standards is not that impressive.

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Home sweet home. Or something.

Have been home since Saturday but have only just turned on the computer for the first time only to discover that neither of my USB ports are working so I can't charge my iPod or my phone (my phone charger met its unfortunate end a few weeks back, a long story involving a sandwich maker) and that my paid account has expired. :( Have no money on paypal and it will take a week for the money to get there so I am trying out a sponsored+ account and so far it is...annoying. LiveJournal and adverts should not mix. Still. 15 userpics is better than 6.

It hasn't really sank in that I am home for the long vac and I will not see some of my dearest friends for months. I think this is partly due to the fact that I will hardly spend any time at home as my summer is slightly insane but I don't know. It is weird to be here I have done a million loads of washing and my room is still in a terrible mess, have also managed to become ill which is highly unfortunate and I hope it will go away soon. Not that it is surprising considering the combination of weeks of exhausting work and stress followed by days of high alcohol consumption.

Yeah. About that post...I wish I posted something soon after, but then I didn't and it was a good enough example of post exam bliss.

Almost a week since I have finished, results come out in just over a week and that is not as scary a thought as it could have been. I am pretty convinced I did not fail and beyond that all I hope is that the examiner was in a good mood. (Have been repeatedly told by many different tutors that Prelims are marked only once and not really compared, meaning that we shouldn't really stress about doing worse in our best subject or whatever as the results are only correct to the nearest 4-5 marks.)

It has been good to be home, have seen a couple of friends, went shopping briefly and watched Ultraviolet. Some films are so bad they are good, some are just bad, unfortunately Ultraviolet is of the second type. Even the popcorn could not make it an alright hour and a half.

Will be back with an update about 9th week and post exams alcoholism very soon, need to go look for travel insurance now. (How does one do that?)
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I am alive! *waves and bounces*! :DDD It is my 2 year LJ-versary today and I thought it would be appropriate to finally update. It has been a good year, I have met so many of you and you are all fabulous and even though I hardly have time to be around I feel very comfortable in fandom whenever I slip back into lj land. *loves and loves*

France was so good and I only did a little bit of skiing, spending most of my time relaxing or getting drunk (heee!), it was so cool to meet lots of new people and share with them the smallest room ever. Seriously it was four of us in this hallway like thing and it was self catering with no kitchen just a stove and a sink all squashed together. It was such a mess by the end it was disgusting, heh, I can't believe we managed to clean. The snow was beautiful and the weather wonderful and sunny. I fell on my face whilst dressed as a nurse because of the Polarbear! There were only Pizza restaurants and Oxford won all the races, yayness.

I have been ridiculously busy but not actually doing anything in the past few days, finally send all the christmas cards, hope you get them sometime before Chinese New Year...but it's the thought that counts, right? Thank you so much everyone that has send me a card, they are all gorgeous and I love them! :DD

I suck at organising things, went Christmas shopping and ended up with a lot of things for myself...

I have earmuffs and they are white fluffy love.

I miss you all so much, but have to start finish my yuletide fic, would anyone be willing to very quickly read through it when I am done???

I'm back

Aug. 9th, 2005 05:25 pm
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Wow, I haven't updated in ages, I thought that while I was in Bulgaria I'd get the chance to do so, but in the two weeks I spend there I only had internet access once. (and not for lack of trying, for the record I hate computer clubs) I am not sure how I managed, but now that I am back I have *so* many things to catch up with that I am not sure where to begin. Have been reading HBP theories which are entirely fascinating and very plausable and have a lot more yet to read. It is nice to be able to finally read people's reactions and even though it will be late I plan to write mine up too, before I am too influenced by others.

My holiday in Bulgaria was good, but went by entirely too quickly and I didn't manage to see everyone I wanted to see, but most of the time the weather was fab and now I am very tanned. Then the weather went wrong but at least we managed to get back from Burgas to Sofia despite the awful floods. My brother is still there and this year I didn't go to the annual hike in the mountains that we do which made me really sad, but I am also glad to be back. I never spend the majority of the summer here and miss quite a few things.

I will be going to the Gym any minute now, as soon as my dad shows up because I promised my mum I will start going to the gym, possibly yoga classes. I really, really don't want to but a promise is a promise.

I will be back later tonight and will start doing the things that need to be done.


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Just got back, threw up on the way and generally feel like shit, but apart from this the holiday was good. It feels weird saying this, considering that after day one, I labeled it the holiday from Hell and really wanted to get an early flight home. Nonetheless as a whole it was a lot of fun, very eventful in some ways and quite repetitive in others. We had the same routine, go to clubs in the evening, go home at 5 and sleep till one, then go to the beach, then come home and eat and sleep again and then go out. It sounds quite horrible, I never thought I would enjoy such a holiday or want to go on it, not that I had much choice on our activities. Spend the majority of the first night in hospital, had a horrible fight with one of the 'friends' I was on holiday with. (I have never said this about anyone before, but I pretty much hate everything about her, only managed to get along because I was holding my tongue around her all the time) got drunk and did embarrassing things that may have been photographed and have a lovely tan. Will update with more detail later, need to get a bit of sleep now, got up at half six. Admittedly that is not that early but when you go to bed at half four it is.

As for HBP, don't have it yet, and am too scared to look at flist because I will be tempted to read spoilers, I just have one question.


I remember how Ootp had a lot of very mixed reviews but the general agreement seemed to be that of slight disappointment, what about HBP, is it better? Is it amazing? Do you people like it?

(I don't think I should need to say this, but omg don't spoil me!)

Bye :(

Jul. 14th, 2005 10:15 pm
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In a couple of hours I am off to the Airport and Spain for a week (getting up at 2am as opposed to not yet in bed at 2am is so not on) and I will miss HBP as it comes out, miss the mass fandom excitement, the first reactions, the quietness of LJ for the first day or two after it comes out, the crazy/angry/happy/pissed off posts (I've been spoiled, the reactions from some people will be crazy, really looking forward to reading those.) the first predictions and theories...

It makes me sad as I really wanted to be here to share this, as this is the one thing in common we all have and love and it is exciting, I am so excited and anxious and not about my flight or my first ever holiday alone, but about Harry and what he is going to face this time and I know that it will be great and that I will love it. A part of me wishes I hadn't spoiled myself quite so much, but after learning a few things my excitement has actually increased.

After I come back from Spain I am here for a day before going to Bulgaria for two weeks, so it will be a while before I read my flist because I am guessing that a week after the release people would have stopped using cuts.

Woe, why do I feel so sad? *omg misses you all already*

*big smooch*

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So. I booked a week long holiday in Spain today without telling my parents. I have now told them and evidenced by my presence it went better than I thought. My dad's reaction was really nice actually, mum's wasn't but that was to be expected. She really didn't think we'll do it and that's why she never actually said I couldn't. From 14th to 21st of July I will be in Costa Brava on my first ever parentless holiday. Wow, I can't quite believe it, I also can't quite afford it, but it doesn't matter, because WHEE! Holiday!

Today's been good, I also got a prom dress. I like it even though it is nothing like what I wanted, I saw one which was perfect but it was the only one and a bit too tight. But the one I did get is green and floaty and really pretty, I think that when I can I might take a pic and show you.

Oh and I was really hoping to be properly back online this weekend but instead tonight I will be staying over my friend's and then she is coming here tomorrow and we will be revising politics together. Unfortunately I won't be able to be online when she is here, but I will try to do so at night. I feel awful because I really wanted to catch up and do things and all that, but can't. *misses lots*

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Well, this is getting silly what with the not updating and all. I think that every time I go away I need time to get used to posting after I come back and I mean to post something every day, I have so much to say and in the end I just don't. Not sure why, I think because there are too many things to say and I just don't have time to write a huge big post up or something.

The weekend was productive for once, I wrote an essay on time and did maths revision. I was so proud of myself that today I gave myself a break and promptly did nothing. With the exam in 5 weeks, this is not the best time for procrastinating. I can't believe it is so soon, it seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the January exams. On the other hand school ends oh so soon for ever and that is good news. :)

In slightly more interesting news, the France and Belgium trip was really very good. Read more... )

Oh I watched House yesterday and it is quite brilliant I can really see why everybody is talking about it. I watched an episode while in the US, but it started here on Sunday and seeing the pilot means I am instantly hooked, which is bad as it means my TV addictions grow daily. I don't usually watch medical series (Apart from Scrubs which I adore like whoa) because they depress me, but House I love, love, love!

And while on a TV theme, please someone tell me that nothing happens between Lex and Lana! Because I am too afraid to look for an answer in case my fears are confirmed, so it can't happen, right? It would be so very wrong! *cries*

Also I have been reading lots of fic and think a rec post is coming soon, as well as pictures and full holiday post. And by soon I mean in a month or too.

In final, but definitely not least important news, I have been accepted in a RPG over at GJ as Hermione! Yay! I hopefully won't fail spectacularly my first attempt at a RPG. I have about a million pictures I will be making icons from and I think this is rather addicting, so many icons, so much pretty!

This is the most jumbled post ever and I fear nobody would ever get to the end of it, but using bullet points or something will mean going back and adding them and I am too sleepy to do so.

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Well, I haven’t really been the most active fandomer since I’ve come back…and tomorrow I am leaving again. Only for two days though. Belgium and France, the battlefields tour. They were going to film us but changed their minds at the last moment. I don’t know whether to be upset or relieved. I have to get up at four am! Considering I’ve only slept five hours the last couple of nights, that really isn’t a good thing. I am looking forward to this trip, even though none of my imediate friends are going and I am not really sure who I will share a room with. Also they keep warning us to bring lots of warm clothes and waterprove shoes which I don't have. I don't even have proper trainers. Most of my shoes are not exactly sensible.

So, since I’ve been back I’ve been putting off updating with an actual account of my holiday. Which I am writing not because anyone really wants it, but because I like remembering things. I have been reading too. Mostly random but brilliant crossovers, some SV and GO oh and some new HP from my flist. It feels nice to be interested in fics again. Now all I have to do is start writing, but I am in a good mood (Just watched a double bill of new Scrubs which I adore) and won’t get into that right now for fear of loosing it

This was going to be a long post about other things, but I don't have the time to finish it and so this is all you get. :) I need to decide what I am wearing, pack and head in for an early night. See you later *waves*
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I'm baaaaack! :D :D

Hope you all missed me tons ;) I've been unable to even check my email for more than a week now so first thing is first, tell me what I have missed. There is no way I will ever catch up with flist, so anything at all would be really welcomed. Things like big fandom news, updates on your fics, new fics, RL life stuff, I want to feel up to date again :)))

And now for the trip, it was the best ever. I have so much to say and no time to do so right now, because I am sleepy and have homework tomorrow, we did arrive 3 o'clock in the morning according to my biological clock which should be illegal. I don't feel as dead as I should after a sleepless night, but I am ill and can't hear through my right ear which is a pain. I got ill two days ago and the descending of the plane was by no means fun as my ears decided that excruciating pain is exactly what I am in need of. Not that I can complain, considering that on the way there due to an overbooked flight, we travelled through Amsterdam, we had to stay there for a day and as a result not only got a free trip to Amsterdam but an upgrade to business class and $500 each of vouchers for plane tickets valid for one year. So I will be looking at another trip not too far off, this time hopefully to New York.

I saw lots of stuff, we had a week in Atlanta and then a week in Florida, where we travelled pretty much everywhere and it was lovely and so American, like in the films, and I have tons of pics and will show you some and I bought lots of stuff too, it is much cheaper there.

Best of all as  present from my aunt and uncle I got an ipod! It is so cute and I love it and it makes me happy. Yay!

Going to eat now, snickers is the only food we have in the house...

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Bye Everybody! :)

I am going the Atlanta tomorrow morning. Early morning, will leave at 4am. This means a very early night for me. I will be gone for over two weeks. Very excited, despite the too long plane journey. Longest I've ever been on, since I've never left Europe before, and am a little bit nervous. But everything is packed, including my maths book and notebooks which will hopefully be full of writing and I will be able to come back bearing fics.

I wish you all Happy Easter and lots of excitement (or not, depending on what you want)  for those of you that also have a holiday!

I will be reachable by email, I doubt anyone will write to me, but I adore emails. Yes, that was a not so subtle hint ;) I will try to update LJ too, but I am not sure that I will, and it won't be often if I do. I changed my mind about bringing my laptop with me, it's not really a wise idea and I don't want anything to happen to it.

Today and future worries )

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Hello world! Not much left of 2004 and I can’t believe this year has gone so quickly, and yet quite a lot of things has happened both RL and Fandom-wise. It has been good I think, especially RL and Fandom too, considering a year ago I had only one person on my flist. And I have done a lot of revision the last few days, there is the existing possibility that I might not fail. Of course today was mostly wasted, because a friend came over and instead of revising economics we talked and then I just didn’t feel like doing any work and so I am here, which isn’t that bad, because I am behind on flist. It is New Year’s eve tomorrow, and I will be doing what I have done in the past few years, not that it’s bad but a change would be nice. Oh well, for some reason I don’t feel like going out very much. I am not sure why. Besides when I do go out I often get drunk and meet strangers and that never leads anywhere, and I always give them my number and end up getting random calls and messages from strangers which I tend to ignore and then feel bad about.

Anyway, moving on, I received [livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark's  package today and it is absolutely wonderful, and I love it so much. Thank youuuu! *hugs you tightly* There is a Harry Potter calendar and lots of chocolate and a Harry/Draco drawing and I love it and you! But where are you?! *worries* Hope you are ok hon and having lots of fun!

And I will do that 2004 meme, because I am bored, also a sheep. End of year meme )

And this other meme gacked from [livejournal.com profile] remipunx, which is a lot of fun because I get to mess around on MS Paint.

1. Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw you a picture, using the mighty MS Paint.

2. You have no say in what I draw you! Or in how much it will suck!

3. Put this in your journal. And the pic someone drew for you

(Too much effort to upload it, but I got an ice cream!)

In my boredom today I took pictures of my room and myself, I may or may not spam you with these at some point. Consider it a warning.

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I want to thank you all for the congratulations, you are all so lovely! I am so pleased, it was completely unexpected, now all I have to do is get the grades, but well at least that is up to me and I will do it if I stop leaving things till the last possible moment and do some work. I wish that was as easy as it sounds, but it will be ok as long as I remember that my offer is conditional and it doesn’t necessarily mean a place. It's so odd I haven't had time to properly accept it, literally 10 minutes after receiving the letter I left for London and there was someone there who also applied to Oxford but doesn't know yet so I didn't tell her or talked about it at all.

I am ill. Again. It is not on. I was ill only like a week ago and now I have a cold and a headache and I feel like shit. Also had to work, I kept sneezing. Unusual amount of rude customers today, and yet I kept on smiling *is proud* It was my last Sunday and had to say goodbye to Sunday only people, it was sad, I get easily attached to people and situations and find it difficult to let go.

I went to London on Saturday for my friend’s birthday, we went shopping and then to see the Phantom of the Opera (not the film). It was so much fun. There were three of us and my friend’s friend came to the station at 20 past, when our train was scheduled for 18 past, and yet we ran and ran and caught it. It was all due to me holding the door open for slow friend with high-heeled boots that couldn’t run.(she was forced to buy trainers later on)  It was full with running that day, considering play ended at 10.00 and our train left and 10.34. There was running in the rain (much fun, we laughed and people were shouting hello) eating in a yummy Italian restaurant, sitting in starbucks while admiring the Regent street lights, going into Hamleys (best toy shop ever) where we climbed the stairs to the top to see all the Harry Potter POA stuff, so cool there was the Knight Bus and the willow and Dementors and there were sound effects. I also bought a fuzzy pink jumper and we had an argument about designer clothes vs. normal ones in the middle of a £299 a scarf type of store. In short really good, I just wish the stupid train goes all the way to Milton Keynes after 10, and there is no need to have to change to a bus half way there and thus double the journey time, but you can’t have everything.

I am sleepy now. Good night. Will not think of deadlines for fics. Have had almost no time online, and need to read fic. Have bookmarked recent lj fics, but all too long, need time. And won’t be able to be online very much despite end of job and holidays as need to revise.

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It's finally the holidays and I am so exhausted, I guess non stop working and school and going out on top of that has that effect on people. God I hate my stupid job, but it is only temporary and there is a week left so yay! It was nice in school today, only two lessons before assembly and there were presents and cards and chocolate and hugs. I felt bad about getting more presents than giving but will do something about that, I just didn't expect a present from a few people and I will make it up to them. And speaking of getting and giving I send the Christmas cards a couple of days ago, so hopefully you will be getting them soon. Apart from someone, whose address I really need if you are to get anything before January. And I got lovely cards from [livejournal.com profile] fluffyllama (pretty and sparkly!)[livejournal.com profile] memorycharm ( very cool and original) and  [livejournal.com profile] eponis(wow, you made it!). Thank you so much! <33333

And now a meme which I am hoping you will answer for it seems intersting while I try to catch up with flist that always updates when I am not here and doesn't when I am.

In order to get an idea of how my friends view me, I would like everyone to go down this list and pick the one from each pair that you think describes me the best. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

  • leader or follower
  • quiet or talkative
  • spontaneous or planned
  • dominant or submissive
  • logical or intuitive
  • social or loner
  • kinky or vanilla
  • cute or sophisticated
  • kitten or puppy
  • warm flannel sheets or sleek satin

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Hello! Katia's back! It feels weird finally updating this, in my excuse I had the busiest holiday ever and in the two occasions I visited an internet club to check my mail had people with me who are quite unaware of the existence if LJ. I did miss everybody though.

So where do I begin? Um, I had so much fun, it was almost as a place out of time when I don't have to worry about anything school connected or work or anything else. It also means that it finished all too quickly but I've probably missed so much around here. Need to catch up in my reading ficwise and journalwise, but have just completed a rather scary looking to do list for the next week, which seems ever so slightly impossible. But my birthday is on thursday! Yay! And so I will finally turn 18 and will be legally allowed to join all the places that I have been a member of for a while now. Also voting!

Like I said the things I did over the past month are too many to recount in great detail so here is a short list, hope I don't bore anybody.

  • Spend 10 days in very beautiful mountains with many cool people in absolutely appalling conditions. I think that the pictures I'll post in a few days will be better than describing this experience, apart from saying that I burned and peeled and climbed the highest peak in Bulgaria in fog and rain and also read Good Omens which is the coolest book ever.
  • Did really well on my AS results, 4 As in English, Politics, Economics and Media and one mark off a B in maths, but with one retake this can be easily changed. So I am happy, happy, happy about this and need to really start my personal statement and prepare for applying.
  • Started driving lessons, am finding it surprisingly fun, although not easy. But am not afraid which is good as I was terified earlier.
  • Went to the beach many many times and have an amazingly brown tan to the jealousy of my very pale friend who came on holiday with me.
  • Had a sort of summer fling I suppose, I don't like calling it that, but as we both knew that I was leaving in a week, I don't know what else to call it. Boyfriend sounds slightly scary, although others kept saying how cute we look together and how couply. I guess it was more than a fling, he bought me a present, which I absolutely didn't expect but it was so very nice. I don't really think I can do the long distance things, but we will keep in touch.
  • Went clubbing every other day and that tends to take its toll on a person, but surely sleeping is overrated. *g*
  • Met quite a few people who turned out to be surprisingly good friends in the short time we knew each other, will miss them loads.
  • Realised that I am not really a big fan (read: hate) of school, hopefully will survive the last remaining year.

Will be back soon, and that's a promise.


Bye bye!

Jul. 24th, 2004 12:08 pm
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Greetings people, tomorrow in the very early hours of the day I am going to Bulgaria.

I will have no internet access for the first 12 days and very little later.

I will miss everyone loads and wish I could have been here more often recently.

Expect quite a lot of writing when I'm back and don't forget about my existence : )

[livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark, I will beta chapter 6, expect it later today, but I'm sorry for not being able to do any[profile]

[livejournal.com profile] dimana, I would really like to meet you, comment here if you think it might happen and I'll email [personal profile] you[profile]

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I was meant to be going out today, but plans have changed, this serves little to make me happy, but apart from that the holiday has been going well. I had my work training on Saturday and it was ok, well the job would be quite challenging but hopefully I'll be able to do it. All the other people there are men, this could have its good points, I just hope they are nice to me (I was told by the person who has my job now, that when she started, they locked her in closet for an hour and used to cellotape her to chairs and wheel her down the street, not exactly a comforting thought.)

Am seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 tomorrow, hopefully that is, the only person I was able to persuade to see it with me might not be able to, but I really want to see it.

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