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OMG! I just watched the finale and I know no one cares anymore but I need to put my thoughts about it somewhere!

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Wow, two posts in one day. Haven't done that in years. Now look at me not posting for a month.

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I don’t know if any of you are still watching Heroes, as it really did go downhill, but yesterday I caught up on the last two episodes and they were fantastic! For the first time since probably season 1 I truly enjoyed watching it, so that I had to pause it to flail and write down quotes and yell for my brother to squee at him. So much of it was so good. Some less so. Now I am craving a long plotty fic explaining what the fuck happened to Nathan (bodysnatch? Pls?) and how him and Peter reunite and it is wonderful. But until I find that. My thoughts. Well, noncoherent squee. Same thing.


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And a meme tagged by [livejournal.com profile] the_sea_to: Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then post this to your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Clothing: Yeah I love clothes. I already made a post to that effect and the number of fashion blogs I frequent has grown quite a bit since. As has my tights collection. Every day I get on the bus from Euston to Holborn, sit on top at the front and look outside judging people’s outfits. Since it’s central London, this is so fun! I’ve been attempting to take photos of my daily outfits, not because I think I am awesome, but because I am curious as to what I wear and try to not repeat an outfit, but keep forgetting to do it, so the result is not very accurate, but the photos I have are growing. I sort of want to post them, but doubt this is the right place for it.

Travel: I guess I am quite lucky as have done quite a lot of travelling in the last few years, though there is so much more I want to see. I am not really a holiday person, and by that I mean going somewhere to do nothing but relax/sun bathe/drink, when I go somewhere I need to see everything. I adore different cultures, the food, the atmosphere of places and though I do go to the museums and galleries my favourite thing is to simply walk around the streets and look at people and buildings and take a million photos. I try to avoid the super touristy areas and see what the parts which are not the city centre are like, try more authentic food and talk to local people. I am so looking forward to going to Barcelona soon. Especially since I have been before, as there is something wonderful about revisiting places

Oxford: is one of my favourite places. I did my degree there and lived there for three years and I don’t want to sound like a cliché but they were the best years of my life. It was wonderful, a lot of work, sometimes too much but also a lot of fun and really fantastic people. As for the city itself I never really got used to its spectacular beauty, the river before proper sunrise, cold and ethereal (rowing was good for something), the Covered Market filled with shops selling pearls and dresses and the scent of Ben’s cookies, the oldest Oxfam, which I could never enter without purchasing something ridiculous, the Cowley road graffiti, all the colleges of course, everything else.

Fanfiction: I still read and haven’t written in a very long time. Though I have a fantastic idea about an Arthur/Merlin fashion AU, a sort of The Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty. with Uther as Miranda and Gaius as Nigel. Arthur is Daniel and Merlin as the clueless writer who has no idea about fashion at all and accidentally gets a job as Arthur’s personal assistant. Arthur tortures him of course but Merlin’s idiocy is sort of endearing and he accidentally saves the day a few times and Arthur slowly falls for him. Will is Nate and Morgana is Alexis and Gwen is Lily and I so want to write this. What do you guys think?

New people: I like new people, both in RL and in LJ, looking at my flist it looks like I need some new faces as half of you haven’t posted in forever and I hardly share a fandom with most of you, but at the same time I am not a big fan of change.


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Wow, it has been a long time! I just haven't posted, but I am alive and well. Not sure why I haven't been posting exactly, well, was in Bulgaria, with no internet, for about 6 weeks, but have been back home for about a month now and just haven't had the inclination to write about anything. But since both my shows are back I do need a space for "serious discussion"...

Heroes! I just watched the first two episodes and have quite a bit I want to say, and about a million questions. More about general life and Gossip Girl will probably come soon, but before I go to bed (early driving lesson tomorrow) just want to jot down my feelings before I forget.

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Oct. 29th, 2007 05:06 pm
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I am bored and can't concentrate on what I should be reading at all.

That is very bad as last week, I did nothing on the weekend and monday and consequently had the week of hell, no fun or sleep! At the end in worked out all right, in a miracle sort of way I did both of my essays, the second one in under 4 hours and my tutor really liked it though after, I was so shattered I slept half way through saturday.

Anyway, the point is that I alway tell myself: never again. I try to learn from my mistakes, but it is Monday evening and I have done very, very little and can't seem to concentrate for longer than about 2 minutes. At all.

And maybe because I haven't really gone anywhere since Saturday, which is really awful :( And so feel restless and jittery and should have gone to the library, but it is 25mins walk and I had to carry my lap top which is annoying, so I thought I will stay and read Durkheim: The Division of labour in society and I can't do it. :((

What should I do? Help!

Also I have been away so much that I feel like I am really missing out on fandom and LJ and everything and somhow I can never catch up and maybe this is a good thing, because for a long time now I have stopped feeling like I can really express myself here and I am not sure why.

But due to lack of internet I have missed:
  • [community profile] yuletide sign ups, I have done[community profile] yuletide the past 3 years and it is my favourite thing ever and I missed the deadline :(
  • The Dumbledore is gay squee, I only found out days late and by then people flist was less with the joy and more with the wank which made  me feel very sad
  • Heroes, I have now caught up, but I have missed reaction posts and fic and feel like it is odd to post my reactions so late after the fact, though perhaps this is partly due to my confusion over how I feel. I am a bit disappointed, but the last few eps have made me squee madly, so I keep hoping it will be as awesome as before. At least there is always Nathan. With a shotgun. And a Peter shrine. Wanting more is greedy. Also Sark and Hero are love. And I may be the only person in all the land, but I like West, so there!
  • And much, much more I am sure.
But on the bright side, Halloween is very soon and I am going to a party, though no clue how to dress up! I have finally started my Oxford application, and decided to leave the US alone and apply next year if I don't get in here, which is likely, and then spend the year doing things which can improve my US application. Not sure what things yet, but there is time. And, well can't think of anything else, as am feeling really down, but things are okay.
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I am going back to Oxford today, and for the first time ever I am half dreading it, I mean I miss miss my friends and really want to see them, but oh god it seems everything ever with our house is doomed.

We did a room ballot, of course I ended up being last. :( I have a basement room with little light as a result. The house was given to us dirty and it seems that one of my friends has already left all her dirty dishes in the sink and has gone somewhere. And what about food? What am I going to eat? And we don't have the internet till the 11th!!!! On the one hand. Good = no failing of collections for which I have yet to start doing any work. On the other hand :((( No Heroes!! No LJ, nothing.

So the Heroes/Torchwood crossover I wrote, I planned to get it properly betaed and post it to comms, but I should have already left my house to go and then there won't be any internet, so I am just posting it now. This is the first thing I have written posted in a very long time, so please let me know what you think!

Fandom: A Heroes/Torchwood crossover.

Spoiler Alert: Heroes ‘Four months later’ and various Torchwood Episodes, specifically, the first one, the one with the necklace and the one where they kept keeling.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Gen, but Peter/Nathan if you want it to be

Summary: Peter is rescued from the Irish mobsters only to wake up in Wales, the team tries to help him discover his memories the loss of which they are partly responsible for.


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Hello! Yes, it really has been too long. What can I say, I am too lazy to even update, even though I have been around the past few weeks. It's just hard to get back into the habit after so long. What Have I been doing? Well working in London, then off to Bulgaria and Istanbul for two weeks, then back for a bit, then to Germany for a bit and then back again.

As for what I have been doing since I have been back that would be nothing useful whatsever, mostly reading Heroes fic, and then randomly deciding to watch Torchwood. And then there was the beginning of Heroes season 2 which was much awesomeness.

I have also written fic. Not just any fic mind.

I have written a four thousand words Heroes/Torchwood crossover.

I am clearly insane, but in a good way I think. It will be the sort of thing that will be jossed as soon as the second ep of Heroes airs, but I don't care, I've never been bunnied so hard about anything. And now I am in desperate need of a second opinion, so desperate I am making my brother read it, and he has never even heard of Torchwood. So someone, anyone who has basic knowledge of both shows, has seen S2E1 of Heroes/Doesn't mind a small spoiler please PLEASE give it a read through. *begs shamelessly*
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So. I was writing my essay on Chinese foreign policy. It is really quite interesting. It is due in tomorrow morning, and so far I only have an introduction, that is very bad.

The reason for this is that I somehow wrote a fic. A fic set during/post the Heroes season finale. Oh dear.

I have written it all in one go in about an hour and it is just over 1000 words and I was hoping someone would be willing to give it a quick beta so that I can post it? Pretty please? It can be seen as either gen or petrellicest.

And in the mean time I should go back to the essay. Yes.
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I have a question about Heroes, because in my excitement yesterday I forgot to ask.

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You know when you are so tired that your bones literally ache? Yeah. That is how I feel. Apart from five hours of sleep and a shit essay the day has been lovely. The first sun in I don't know how long, lovely dinner with friends and HEROES.

And the weekend was really awesome, have never been so insanely busy, every second was something, there was a bop, I went to a garden party and organised another one, played croquet (and won), watched a play, watched a film, got drunk (twice), dressed as a tree, went for dinner, had many many cocktails, applied for a job, sold tickets, had to go to an exec meeting and a jcr meeting, went to a club, went to a pub, laughed, baked scones, did some life drawing and probably more. Yay, it did mean that I did no work from Thursday morning till Sunday evening, but oh well it was fun. And today is sunny. And tomorrow I am spending the whole day in the social sciences library and reading all about Chinese foreign policy.

Oh and no time for a long review of Heroes, as need to read a bit more before collapsing into bed, but.

Such fun watching this with [personal profile] proskynesis, she gets the broyay and the Nathan love and my stupid comments.

Now, that it is over, what am I going to do with my summer??
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Overheard at dinner:

Boy 1: You know I have a theory about the last book.
Girl: You do?
Boy 1: Yeah, you know in the sixth one, the fake locket was signed with the initials RAB
Boy 2: Huh?
Boy 1: You know how Dumbledore and Harry went to find Slytherin's locket and Dumbledore died and the locker had been replaced with a fake and there was a note which was signed by a RAB.
Boy 2: Oh yeah...
Boy 1: Well I have a theory about the identity of RAB...It is Regulus Black.
Girl: Who?
Boy 1: You know, Sirius's brother?
Boy 2 and Girl: Oooh yes, that is an interesting idea.

ME: Ahahahaha, oh sometimes I forget what it is like to not have a clue about HP. Awesome.

In other words you know when you have read too much about the cold war when you start mentally slashing the Soviet and the US foreign ministers, I am possibly going insane, but reading is seriously fun when you approach it as 20 year old gossip. Because it does read like gossip, briliance! Sadly not terribly useful about my essay, ooops. Oh going back to the slashing, seriously Shevardnadze and Baker were bffs, Shevvy/Baker OTP. In 1990 alone they met 19 times! Their first meeting was on a long plane journey to Wyoming and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. They both addressed their respective nations and told them how they are no longer enemies. They met in Paris and warned each other and bonded over their perspective bosses. Yeah, madness. I will shut up now.

Oh, yeah, before I forget,


UNRIVALLED BRILLIANCE, YAYYY!! one ep left makes me terribly sad.

Oh I can not wait until next week!
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I hate Tuesdays. I always stay up late writing an essay on Monday, have an early tute on tue morning and have to immediately start reading for essay due in on Thursday morning. I am so tired of Tuesdays.
The only good thing about Tuesdays is new Heroes. And in two weeks that too will be over, oh I so want to know what happens and yet don't want there to be no more Heroes.

And this week's episode was oh wow. Yay, Heroes, I am back to loving you hard! :D And for once I was perfectly unspoiled. :)

Heroes 21 )
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So like, reading is so slow but it's okay, I am not panicking, not at all...

I did watch Heroes. And for the first time ever I didn't totally love this episode.

1st of May!

May. 1st, 2007 01:20 pm
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Happy May Day!

I didn't stay up all night partying, as had to do an essay (and failed miserably, this is going to so haunt me in weeks to come) but I did wake up at 5am as per Oxford tradition and listened to the Choir on Magdalen Tower, it was pretty awesome, though ridiculously cold and there were thousands of people, the croud then took us to Radcliffe square and there were Morris dancers and all kinds of other dancers and fire eaters and people walking their trees around on a leash and a man with a giant cheese hat and then we tried to find a place to have breakfast and our college porter nearly ran us over on his motorbike which was bizarre. I am never doing this again and I didn't do it last year, but I am glad that I did, despite 5 hours of sleep, not writing an essay and going to a tute this morning unprepared and catching a horrible cold so that I need to cover myself with blankets in order to survive...well almost glad. I took a million photos of Oxford all sunny and beautiful and played a tourist and loved it. Hee.

Had breakfast in a cafe called Heroes which was pretty awesome, because I am very sad.

Could not go back to bed as had a tute which was really cool, and this time [personal profile] loneraven barged in my tute instead of the other way round, and my tutor who looks like Sam Vimes (for real) disregarded that the essay my tute pattern had written completely missed the point and made me mint tea and in nice simple language explained the topic. Suspect he thinks we are very stupid, but at least he likes us. (He was on our reading list this week, which is a bit whoa, you know?) Then had very late tutors collections and now have to read about the US detente policy during the cold war which is less that exciting, but it is now warmer outside, both my tutors though last term had gone really well and I will somehow get through this week even though I want to collapse into bed.

My fingers are shaking. I might have a nap, or watch Heroes...


Apr. 24th, 2007 10:56 pm
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Okay. I caved. Who cares about the Cold War when you have Heroes. I will just have to work extra hard next week.

But for now, oh my god BEST EPISODE EVER. So worth the wait, so very brilliant.

I am sad and was writing things as I was watching it, so here is my responce, spoilers though my squees would be difficult to decipher if you haven't seen it. Oh I just kept needing to write things down and squee and pause it. Oh I am a bit mad.

In conclusion, oh yay! Now back to the cold war.


Apr. 24th, 2007 04:53 pm
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This is a new form of torture. It is a cruel test, which I need to pass.

I have downloaded the new episode of Heroes, it is here on my computer,

However, I have written 1000 words of an essay due in tomorrow and have yet to begin reading for the essay due in on Thursday morning, for which the reading list is over ten starred books. I have half given up on that essay, though not being able to do both essays in week one is certainly not a good start. We are also going to the cinema with the tutor who the essay is for and so that would be an awkward conversation. (Though really, he should thank me, less marking!) 

Oh yeah I just really, really want to watch Heroes. But alas, it was not meant to be.

I have watched the first five minutes...

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Can't believe last time I updated was when I was stranded in the airport in Doha, well I got home all right and haven't done anything since. Yeah, I suck at recapping things, and India was amazing, a bit too much to attempt to describe. In Brief. Went to Mimbai for a couple of days, looked at the markets, the temples the parks and monuments, took a boat to Elephanta caves and were even asked to 'star' in a Bollywood movie. Hee. Mumbai is so busy and loud and dirty and chaotic and so very alive, wished we were there for longer. From there we took the train to Goa where we looked at the old Portugese part and then the beach which was so beautiful. Huts on a perfect palm beach. Pete broke his arm and had to leave us which was sad but Goa was amazing and I kept buying shiny things. A night bus (that was interesting) took us to Hampi which is an old temple town and possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The landscape was incredible. Huge rocks piled up into hills topped with temples around a winding river surrounded by rice fields. The temples are so beautiful. From the heat of Hampi we took a public bus service to Bijapur. A rather large  mostly Muslim city which is not really on the main tourist track. Did not see s single other tousirst the whole time we were there! It was awesome, really dusty we had to cover our faces and breath through cloth, no one spoke english and 15p bought you a meal. There were wild pigs living on the streets and beautiful Mosques in which we were the only people. People stared so much and some laughed with joy at the sight of us, it was almost scary but not quite. I absolutely loved Bijapur.

if anyone is interested in having a look at photos I finally put them up on facebook and now they've made that shareable so here are the links. But beware, though I selected only my favourite photos there are rather a lot.

Mumbai - Album 1

Goa - Album 2

Hampi - Album 3

Bijapur - Album 4

Since I got back home I have done no work, made no attempt to sort out my summer and have had almost nonexistent social life.

Sad, no? Well actually I have had a great time.

I have become completely obsessed with Heroes. It is wonderful and amazing and taken over my life. After watching all the episodes I have read all the fics I could get a hold of, haunted icon communities and even bought a paid account again so that I can add lots of shiny new icons. I want to talk about Heroes inessenatly and post recs and theories and just LOVE. But I shall do that tomorrow, for now I think it might be bed time.

I have also cut my hair today, It is shorter than I have had it for years and scares me a bit, but at least people for once will notice that it is cut, which they never normally do.


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