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Aug. 9th, 2005 05:25 pm
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Wow, I haven't updated in ages, I thought that while I was in Bulgaria I'd get the chance to do so, but in the two weeks I spend there I only had internet access once. (and not for lack of trying, for the record I hate computer clubs) I am not sure how I managed, but now that I am back I have *so* many things to catch up with that I am not sure where to begin. Have been reading HBP theories which are entirely fascinating and very plausable and have a lot more yet to read. It is nice to be able to finally read people's reactions and even though it will be late I plan to write mine up too, before I am too influenced by others.

My holiday in Bulgaria was good, but went by entirely too quickly and I didn't manage to see everyone I wanted to see, but most of the time the weather was fab and now I am very tanned. Then the weather went wrong but at least we managed to get back from Burgas to Sofia despite the awful floods. My brother is still there and this year I didn't go to the annual hike in the mountains that we do which made me really sad, but I am also glad to be back. I never spend the majority of the summer here and miss quite a few things.

I will be going to the Gym any minute now, as soon as my dad shows up because I promised my mum I will start going to the gym, possibly yoga classes. I really, really don't want to but a promise is a promise.

I will be back later tonight and will start doing the things that need to be done.


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Just got back, threw up on the way and generally feel like shit, but apart from this the holiday was good. It feels weird saying this, considering that after day one, I labeled it the holiday from Hell and really wanted to get an early flight home. Nonetheless as a whole it was a lot of fun, very eventful in some ways and quite repetitive in others. We had the same routine, go to clubs in the evening, go home at 5 and sleep till one, then go to the beach, then come home and eat and sleep again and then go out. It sounds quite horrible, I never thought I would enjoy such a holiday or want to go on it, not that I had much choice on our activities. Spend the majority of the first night in hospital, had a horrible fight with one of the 'friends' I was on holiday with. (I have never said this about anyone before, but I pretty much hate everything about her, only managed to get along because I was holding my tongue around her all the time) got drunk and did embarrassing things that may have been photographed and have a lovely tan. Will update with more detail later, need to get a bit of sleep now, got up at half six. Admittedly that is not that early but when you go to bed at half four it is.

As for HBP, don't have it yet, and am too scared to look at flist because I will be tempted to read spoilers, I just have one question.


I remember how Ootp had a lot of very mixed reviews but the general agreement seemed to be that of slight disappointment, what about HBP, is it better? Is it amazing? Do you people like it?

(I don't think I should need to say this, but omg don't spoil me!)

Bye :(

Jul. 14th, 2005 10:15 pm
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In a couple of hours I am off to the Airport and Spain for a week (getting up at 2am as opposed to not yet in bed at 2am is so not on) and I will miss HBP as it comes out, miss the mass fandom excitement, the first reactions, the quietness of LJ for the first day or two after it comes out, the crazy/angry/happy/pissed off posts (I've been spoiled, the reactions from some people will be crazy, really looking forward to reading those.) the first predictions and theories...

It makes me sad as I really wanted to be here to share this, as this is the one thing in common we all have and love and it is exciting, I am so excited and anxious and not about my flight or my first ever holiday alone, but about Harry and what he is going to face this time and I know that it will be great and that I will love it. A part of me wishes I hadn't spoiled myself quite so much, but after learning a few things my excitement has actually increased.

After I come back from Spain I am here for a day before going to Bulgaria for two weeks, so it will be a while before I read my flist because I am guessing that a week after the release people would have stopped using cuts.

Woe, why do I feel so sad? *omg misses you all already*

*big smooch*

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So, it's the 1st of November. I haven't written any nano yet. Will do though.

Hope everybody had a good Halloween yesterday.  Black Cat

There are just so many things I want to say, but today really isn't the day to do so. Because starting with whining is probabaly not a good idea. But so far today I have done very justified things, namely I helped my friend to move out and start unpacking and then we went food shopping and it was weird. Also we stole a trolley, to bring back the bags. But then the land lady came to show the house to somebody and the trolley was at the front and so we said we are going to put it back. And we did, as an attempt at stealing, really wasn't that adventureous, but it is a start. Next time it's sweets!

New chapter titles for HBP are very intriguing, have heard interesting theories but haven't got any favourites so far. I am all with the wait and see, I can see the fun in pulling the meaning apart, but it's so much more fun for me to be surprised when reading the book. That saying, am not complaining about the lack of spoiler cut, because I don't mind knowing the names, but the meaning is different.

Um, if you missed my last post and want to request a drabble, you can do so here I think that writing drabbles would be a nice way for me to be doing something other than nano.

November 2 tomorrow. *fingers crossed for Kerry* My friend and I are thinking of staying up and waititng all night, might be a good idea. I can say a lot more here but I won't, as so many other people have and there really is no point, I just hope that what needs needs to happen will and history won't repeat.


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