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Hello! I am in Zante and it is brilliant here, missing my internet connection. Am in a fairly nice internet cafe, but me and my brother are the only occupants in the whole place. There is also dial up. You forget how awesome broadband is until you are forced to use dial up.

However it has been full of adventure. Also earthquakes. No one told us that they have near daily earthquakes, apparently the whole island was destroyed in the 50s by a huge earthquake! There has been two so far, that we've felt. They are always during the night and not too strong, but still!

Then there were the near death experiences. Also two so far. Rather hope they will stay at two...

It is unbelievably, ridiculously hot. Over 40 degrees every single day, even the nights are hot. We go to the beach really early or after 7, the rest of the day there is the pool or naps. I have never had so many naps in my life. Am reading Night Watch, have had it for ages and am finally now reading it. OMG young Vetinary, so so awesome!

It is so amazing to have nothing to do but swim, read, eat and sleep. Oh life. So good.

Watched the football yesterday...maybe one of those days England will learn that when it gets to penalties getting the ball in the net is a rather major element of winning the game. We can only hope.

With this I leave you. My postcards offer still stands. Leave me an address and you get a postcard. Probably not from here, most of the postcards here are to do with turtles or a 20 year old shipwreck, which by shipwreck standards is not that impressive.

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Note to self:

After hours spend RPing on AIM do not exit the conversation after the other person has signed off before you have saved it, it is likely to save you a lot of grief.

Yes I am an idiot, have calmed down now, but am still very annoyed with self.

The good things: (as a sort of contrast)

1. I can *so* do reverse parking! My first lesson on reversing ever and I pwn it!

2. The Dark Lord added me to his friends list, I feel so honoured. ([livejournal.com profile] darkandsinister )

3. I have a new layout, will probaly change it more soon, but for now I loves it. Look!

4. Harry Potter iPod, yes they are expensive and silly, but who doesn't secretly want one?

5. I keep making icons, I even downloaded fonts, so future icons might have text. In honour of that if you comment I will make you an icon, I like simple icons so don't expect 10 gazillion filters, it will be pretty though.

Now your go, even if things have gone wrong today, there must have beens something that's made you smile!

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Just got back, threw up on the way and generally feel like shit, but apart from this the holiday was good. It feels weird saying this, considering that after day one, I labeled it the holiday from Hell and really wanted to get an early flight home. Nonetheless as a whole it was a lot of fun, very eventful in some ways and quite repetitive in others. We had the same routine, go to clubs in the evening, go home at 5 and sleep till one, then go to the beach, then come home and eat and sleep again and then go out. It sounds quite horrible, I never thought I would enjoy such a holiday or want to go on it, not that I had much choice on our activities. Spend the majority of the first night in hospital, had a horrible fight with one of the 'friends' I was on holiday with. (I have never said this about anyone before, but I pretty much hate everything about her, only managed to get along because I was holding my tongue around her all the time) got drunk and did embarrassing things that may have been photographed and have a lovely tan. Will update with more detail later, need to get a bit of sleep now, got up at half six. Admittedly that is not that early but when you go to bed at half four it is.

As for HBP, don't have it yet, and am too scared to look at flist because I will be tempted to read spoilers, I just have one question.


I remember how Ootp had a lot of very mixed reviews but the general agreement seemed to be that of slight disappointment, what about HBP, is it better? Is it amazing? Do you people like it?

(I don't think I should need to say this, but omg don't spoil me!)

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Hello! *dances* I am in the best mood ever and thought that I should say so, because recently all my posts have been moody and clearly I need a change. Apart from that I have like nothing to say, because my life is still all about the revision. But I was thinking about all the things that have made today against all odds A Good Day and will list them, because lists are cool. Yes. :D

1. I got a letter this morning from one of my best friends and it was lovely because I never get letters and because I only saw her last week and she was bored at work and wrote me a letter and posted it and I have come to the conclusion that letters are the best way to communicate and I want to write letters, even if I have no one to write them to. Damn, that was one long sentence. I am HYPER.

2. Then my brother showed me the anti chav forum that he made this morning and it was very amusing. My brother can be annoying but is sometimes brilliant.

3. Also this, the best thing ever. Yayayayay!

4. I managed to get through the evil log chapter in P2 that I had forgotten about better than I expected.

5. Cranberry juice! My most favourite drink. My patents bought me 10 cartons *loves*

6. The OC was good today, although the fact that I tolerated Marisa and disliked Ryan is slightly worrying, especially considering Marisa was reaching almost Lana like levels of can't-stand-her-at-all-*stabs tv*.

And this is all, I will now go to finish fic or sleep, depends on how I feel. I heart you all.


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