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I have my driving test in a few hours. I am scared :(

Am heading straight to the train station afterwards, as am going there for a conference on emerging powers in international relations. I only just researched the place, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

I need to pack and get dressed but I am too scared to move. :(

Oh and I really fail at numerical reasoning tests.

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My mum's birthday is today, so I have been fairly busy and yet I someow found the time for the 12 characters meme because it amused me when I read other people's and I wanted to have a go.

I did only one fandom because I totally didn't read the instruction, however the results still made me laugh and quite a few plot bunnies were born...


1. Severus Snape

2. Hermione Granger

3. Harry Potter

4. Luna Lovegood

5. Narcissa Malfoy

6. Remus Lupin

7. Voldemort

8. Draco Malfoy

9. Pansy Parkinson

10. Percy Weasley

11. Horace Slughorn

12. Sirius Black


The answers )

Also my recent discovery that the OUSU is sending everyone Freshers' Packs with information about ordering gowns etc has made me worry an awful lot because I haven't got mine yet. Do you all have yours? Could that mean that my confirmation hasn't arrived. I think I'd die if it got lost on the way. I am not sure what to do, whether to wait or call them and ask which is quite pathetic but it would suck so much if they thought that I haven't confirmed my place. Or maybe it was the pack that got lost, or even the simpler comclusion that it has not arrived yet and that it will. *worryworry* :(

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*feeble wave*

Man, I'm terrified.

Before starting this post I thought of what I was going to say and I was going to say a lot of things, but right now not only I can't remember them but also they don't really matter. Tomorrow there will be plenty of time for words if I am inclined to write them but right now I can't quite do it.

Things are awkward and unsure, I don't even know what time to be at the school tomorrow, some people have told me half eight, some half ten, the logical conclusion is between half eight and half ten but I could be wrong and in that case there weill be two excruciatingly difficult hours.

I hate waiting, it is almost worse than the results, because of the hope. I guess after months of waiting we will get to that end.

A bit late for luck at this stage, nonetheless Good Luck and I hope you all have a reason to celebrate tomorrow.

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I have been back for a week without updating or even communicating with people much, don't go on msn for reasons unknown and have buried myself in fandom as a sort of way to escape the real world, or exam results to be perfectly honest.

And today I get a magazine from the Independent that tell me to


And I want to listen to it even if it has arrived too early and informs me oh so helpfully that "The waiting is over" when it most certainly isn't but I can't. Up to now I have suppressed all thoughts concerning results, simply refusing to think about them but in less that 3 days I will know and I am so terrified and so unsure even though I know that I will be definitely going to a university the question is which one and it shouldn't matter that much but it does.

Oh yeah, my dad came home to tell me that a colleague told him that his daughter said the results will appear online on the ucas webside Wednesday evening! I don't know whether to believe this, but I have heard from other people that the universities would have made the decisions before we get our results and this decision will be on ucastrack early on Thursday morning. (before we get them from school) Does anybody know if that is true? I don't want to know, I think that it is evil to not be given a chance to call your university and beg.

Oh and LiveJournal, sending me remainders every five seconds to inform me of my soon to expire account? Not helping my mood! Especially since now you get 100 icons! OMG! I don't care how but I am getting that. *plots credit credit card fraud. Eh* Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥♥♥

One good thing is that I can finally find a reason to use this icon, I love it like whoa.

PS. I watched the first three episodes of Lost yesterday, impressed but want more character development and soon.


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