May. 24th, 2008 11:05 pm
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I keep planning to update as wanted to have an account of finals from the middle of it all and next week is the week of hell, so I doubt I will have  time to even check my emails, so here are my thoughts. I might not have said this before, but I have 8 exams which would decide the total mark of my degree, all three years of study are examined in just over a week. No pressure, right?

I should be learning about India's democracy all over again, because one thing I have established over the past few months is that my brain is rather like a sieve and all my knowledge sadly goes down the drain. But I've just had a really nice dinner cooked for me and had a non-exam related conversation and laughter and I just feel to content to return to reading.

I have had three exams so far. Five to go. My awful timetable gives me one on monday morning, one on wednesday afternoon, one on Thursday morning and two on Friday. When it is over, I imagine I will collapse within the first glass of alcohol, but oh it will be awesome.

Anyway Exams. I get really nervous and throw up before exams if I eat. This is a bit of a problem as you may imagine. I went to see the college Nurse and she ever so helpfully prescribed me anti nausea tablets which make you drowsy. I decided against that but am happy to say no vomiting as of yet. Though on Friday morning I did get up at 5 and felt dreadfully sick for many hours.

The actual exams went okay as far as I can tell, which isn't much, my only marked essays have been collections and these have varied from 1sts to a dreadful 2.2 we don't talk about and yet I can never tell what I get. So I don't know, but I do know that I answered three questions and I more or less knew where I was going, which is a good thing.

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Just an FYI: I am alive.

I am just really terrified...(less than four weeks now, ohgod)
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Finsihed!!!! Yay! Exams over. first year of uni fover!!! So good, yay! Politics went allr ight I tink! Then went to puhb then went punting and there was too much spalshing and I got allq wret and angry but then there was Pimms; lots of ti and that was good and thenw e came back to college and i had some hall fodd that made me feel sick and a shower and i kept bumping into the qwalll so funny, bous went to watch football but i haven't,. don't really care about football either wayu, wil be going out later and have more alcohol which is good, or bad actually, o medics still hacve exams trhat is asd i have 2 of tem on my floor and i should look ater th3em

ah my god, ONE YEAR OVER now! shitt in oxford till saturda then home and greece and results, ooops don'r want to think about exams

Love you all, lots and lots

now I ak going to get dressed dry my hair and consume more akcohol!

ifhajnd caloi0e 0]
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*waves feebly* Finally managed to get internet working, considering I forgot my laptop's cable thing (had to drive back) and then as I got here I realised that the internet cable was also missing, that wasn't a small task.

Am happy to say collections will all be tomorrow, and none on Sat, and by happy I mean really, really not.

I shouldn't be here, but then again where else do any of us go before exams? Also, it is the place where I can freely whine. So that's a warning, whining begins here, feel free to ignore this.

So 6 hours of exams tomorrow, second day of my deciding to come early for it hates me period, a splitting headache right now and the fact than *no one* believes me when I say I know nothing. I am not one of those people that say that and then do, my parents are convinced I will be fine, my friends are all yeah you'll get the top mark shut up now and I just want to cry. Yeah, okay I have very detailed notes which I made, but I don't *know* them, the notes being there doesn't exactly help me. I think I would be okay on the politics, as long as I make stuff up, but who knows. Logic is predictable, as far as the questions we will get goes but that doesn't make it easy and if we don't get last year's prelims as collections for economics I am screwed. I don't know the maths, I don't even know the actual economic theory. I think the paracetamol is working though, as headache is feeling a bit better.

I don't know whether to have a nap now or keep looking at past papers.

Apart from all that I am ecstatic to be back in Oxford, I love it here so much, I didn't realise quite how much I missed it.


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