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Just wanted to say that I am alive, I do realise that leaving a distressed pre exam post for a week was possibly not the best thing. But, yeah everything is quite wonderful and very busy as first weeks tend to be. In fact I have lots to say and even wrote a long post the other day but someone exited all my tabs, I am not sure who and I really should be more careful with what I leave on my computer when there are people doing things on it and I am not around.

Will update more as soon as I can, lots of work as of now, but fun too, parties, bops and birthdays as well as quiet nights in. Am off to bed now as will need to get up early tomorrow to go get a birthday present before my lectures, heh, can I be more disorganised?

Oh and no collection results yet, but soon. Or not, in fact I hope not. I don't really want to know.

Night my lovelies, hope all is well with you.


Jun. 30th, 2005 06:20 pm
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Haha I can't quite believe that it is finally over and I was lucky to get a wondeful paper with wonderful questions and now I don't even know what to do. I mean yeah there are tons of things I need to do, but where do I begin. Also I am happy, because its over and all that but not as happy as I thought I would be, not omg extatic or anything.

Am going out to celebrate when I come back tonight expect a monster update.

Birthday Banner [livejournal.com profile] sparksandclocks !!! You are wonderful, have  aSurprise<333333333333

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I wanted to get home straight after this morning's exams and spend hours online and read flist and all that but even though I did get a lift I didn't have my key so I had to stay at my friend's house, we sunbathed in the garden and it was really nice. Apparently it is going to rain tomorrow :( Politics mostly done, last exam on thursday and then freedom! Today's two exams went really well, in fact way better than I'd hoped for dull exam details )

I have a poll because I can and because everyone else has done it:

[Poll #522126]

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I thought that the question for English was really easy when I saw it, but in fact it wasn't. I did the thematic question and it was good, all about all men in the novels being either monsters or nonexistent and all the women being victims or self important and I disagreed quite a bit and had a lot to say, it turned out I have too much to say and it was virtually impossible to fit it all in an hour and a half. I spend so long on women as victims that had to rush so much to write *anything* about the men which probably resulted in complete loss of coherency, I don't actually know since I had no time to read it. I don't need to do all that well on it, but still. Having an extra hour would really have been nice. How are you supposed to write about all women and all men in both Oranges... and the Color Purple?! It did help that adore both of the books.

Yay, going out tonight, has been way too long since the last time I went out and I need a break. Will be good, all I have to decide is what to wear and the sticky-hot weather will at least mean that I won't be freezing my ass off in a mini skirt. I hate the heat during exams so much I have included it in a fic I am writing, only there Harry hates the heat during exam time. I win.

I am afraid my posts are all about exams and as a result incredibly dull but it will soon be over (And by soon I mean *next* Thursday, because politics is the *last* exam) and then I will try to be slightly more interesting. In the mean time I will attempt to catch up and so if you get random and late comments to posts you made days ago don't mind me.


:D :D :D

Jun. 22nd, 2005 05:12 pm
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I FINISHED A-level MATHS! *deep breath* It has been hell, it has been more revising than I'd ever though possible, more than I have ever done before, actual real giving up of addictions and now it is all finally and forever complete. I am...well relieved of course, I liked S2, wasn't as nice as P2, but I still have hopes for a solid A. (for S2, not maths, but hopefully I'll scrape an A in maths too) I know I still have 4 more exams, but it doesn't seem to matter right now, at this moment I am either going to Oxford or I am not it all depends on the fucking maths result. A subject I chose as a break from the essays, as an easy subject. Why did no one tell me what it would be like? That I'd need to do 10 hours revision in a day and still feel like it is not enough, that I will do all the questions and papers I can get and still feel like I will never learn enough. I also feel sort of deflated as the need to scream and jump has dissipated to leave me with an odd feeling of calmness

I have so much to say, so much I even made a list, because I am silly like that and with so much on my mind couldn't concentrate with revision, but english is tomorrow and I have yet to reread Oranges and have no notes to speak of, but as long as I do read it that will hopefully be enough. Um, that sentence made so little sense I am thinking I am in dire need of english revision, heh.

Back soon, yay!

*sends luck to all others with exams*


Jun. 20th, 2005 12:48 pm
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I can't believe I am actually able to write this, (for the first time ever, yay!) but the maths exam went really well!!! This means that if S2 goes the same I will *fingers crossed* actually get an A in maths and with that have my grades for Oxford. I am quite certain that I will get two As out of my three other way easier subjects.(Hope I won't jinx them now, heh.) It was such a relief to open the paper this morning and realise that I can answer every questions. It means that my constant revision actually paid off, (And it was the worst thing in the world revising in the horrible heat, when you have hay fever and cramps and loud people around you) although I think the questions were simply easier than last time. Either way I am so happy right now *snogs entire flist* and it sucks that I have to go back to studying straight away. (I really have to, have been so good at staying away till now, but need to read books for English) But the end is near, I am half way through my exams and after Thursday am only left with Politics, which means I will actually be able to go shopping for a prom dress. Considering my prom is *next* Friday, I'd say it is about time I get a dress.

I must have missed so much, I miss you all but catching up will have to wait.

*slinks back into hiding for a few more days*

Yay :D
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Today went not exactly like I imagined it for a variety of reasons I might share later, nonetheless it did mean that the day as far as revising was concerned was completely wasted. Seeing that my two remaining Maths exams are on Monday and Wednesday and how this is entirely to soon for my liking I will do the unthinkable. :) That is not actually switch my computer on until Wednesday afternoon. Can I do it? Probably not. I will however try because I desperately need too, after the last of the Maths is over I will have no remaining chances. As scary as that sounds and to me it does.

I will spare you any further unnecessary whining, however I have to say that I will miss you all *addicted OMG* I might check my email so if you want me yeah right you can email me.

Good luck to all you other people doing exams! I am sure we will all do fabulously.

Tags are the best thing ever and since I only just reached 200 entries the other day I might probably tag them all when I have the time, which in a few weeks I will! *counts days*


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I will attempt a coherent entry, since I haven't had one fo those in a while, what with yesterday's squee (I don't see why no one else is as excited as me about staying in the OC hotel in Miami :PPP) and the day before's woe.

Had the big ass english exam and even though I was in a stupid science room on a stool for three hours it went really well. I hope. I suck at judging my english essays, but I did finish it and that is always a good thing. Had no time to read it through, but then I never do and it turns out all right. And yesterday's development economics was just wonderful, (apart from the fact that I said Ghana has lost $13.7 million because of CAP, when in reality it was billion and all developing countries. Eh. Minor mistake that, hopefully examiners won't laugh at me too much) pity I never say that after maths exams. I have two more maths, both next week and that of course means I have to start revising maths again :((((<- that is how I feel about that.

So apart from exams I have been getting lots of ideas for writing, both fic and original! This is worth noting because as you may have noticed I haven't finished anything in a while. Like I have an ultra late birthday fic for [livejournal.com profile] remipunx that is about 3/4 written and all it lacks is the smut, (it even has an ending!) but I will get to that eventually. Writing smut bores me. Eh. Not always. But more often than not.

And I finally managed to read DV16 and will now only talk briefly about it. Spoilers, duh. )

I have so much to do, but I always feel like after exam days are for relaxing. Will try to begin rereading The Color Purple, I need to and it is fun.

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I am sure all of you are just dying to know all about how my maths exams went, too bad because I will tell you anyway. But consider yourself lucky as I am using a cut.Read more... )

In other, better news I had the english mock (the war one) today and it was quite fun. It was very official, we did it in the Hall with GCSE people, and even though I didn't quite finish it was nice. I liked the extracts, one of them was from Arms And The Man which I hadn't heard of prior to today but which is set in Bulgaria, and has Bulgarian people in it, I found this cool. It is really funny too, has a modern feel to it despite being written in 1894. There was also an extract from Pat Barker's The Ghost Road, the third in the Regeneration trilogy and it was so good *wants to read now* It is a shame really that I have done no further reading, no novels anyway, as I want to read Regeneration, and not only for the shallow reasons of it being historical slash, all the extracts I have read from it are really good.

In case you are wondering, yes my life has been taken over by exams. Although I am going to a party on friday with people from my old school I haven't seen in ages and that makes me happy. Also I am in dire need of a Prom dress, I thought that I have a long time, because it is on August 19th (day after results day. WHY?) but I am now also going to my old school's prom and that's on July 1st, day after last exam. So I have no time to *buy* a dress and no idea what to do with my hair. Every time I think of it, I go all guilty for having silly worries. Vicious cycle really.

Also my flist is Star Wars crazy and I think I am getting infected or something, because I want to see it now. I am not a Star Wars fan, haven't even seen all of the original trilogy and thought that the two new ones were kinda awful but suddenly the love is everywhere and I want to see it. Maya's summary also helped, and I certainly haven't been reading any slash. Nope *hides*

Also I have a question which is silly, but indulge me. What do you think of my default icon, the pink one. I never thought that I would have an icon that I keep using, but it sort of happened and now that my 50 icon ran out *cries* and my paid account runs out in a week I guess I will have to just go back to three *cries more* But I want to know if you all hate my icon, because it is pink and pale. I always associate people with their icons and I was wondering whether you do too and how do you see me because of it? Feel free to express hatred, I don't mind because I love it as it goes with my layout and I found it randomly and squeed. Wow that was a weirdly confusing and long question, if you actually got till the end *offers cookies*

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Productive weekend. Revised loads. Have lost all ability for coherent sentences. Seriously, can vectors be any more brain numbingly boring. Didn't think so. Normally I don't actually mind revising once I get going, but vectors are just so horrible.

Sorry I actually have nothing of value to share. Like nothing at all.

Yes I know this is a pointless post but I feel the need to write things down, things not vector related that is. Possibly last day of school tomorrow. (Am skiving to revise maths, might go in on Friday if I am stuck) Not sure how to deal with the knowledge that there will never be school again.

Am happy as parents let me watch House today, which they didn't last week and I tried to download it only to get just sound which was annoying. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I really, really like House.

I will know go and think of questions for the interview meme, because it is harder than I thought it would be. I doubt I will update before next monday, if I don't...see you on the other side. Good Luck to everyone else that also has exams.

eta Ooh, I have made some changes to my layout, notthing drastic but I like it more. What do you think?

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Hello! Today was my first whole day of purely revision and I think that needs to be mentioned. *feels proud of self* The exams are getting closer by the minute and this time I need to start revising earlier than I normally do, that is why I haven't been around very much lately and won't be fully back till they are over. Which is in two months and a week. And then no more school....ever. You'd think I was pleased, but I feel...odd. It is frightening that the real world is so very close and I am not sure I can cope. At the same time, I am really excited and can't wait to go to Uni(v) Even if I will miss people, not my close friends because I will continue to see those, but...the others. People I really like, talk to in class and between lessons but will probably never see again. I hate leaving things, places, people, items. I guess starting anew is sometimes desirable, but I am afraid. And my mind is running in circles, a bit like this post. 

I will end this with a few dates.

  • 3 weeks of actual school left! (That feels weird, because I haven't actually began to believe it, we haven't finished any of the syllabuses yet..)
  • 4 weeks until P3 (am so scared, have revised all day, don't know much, teachers can't help me. Either at all, or spend the whole lesson on a single question)
  • 9 weeks till my last exam!

Am going to sleep now, as 4am is not something I can get used to. Although the reason I stayed up so late wasn't bad at all...


Mar. 11th, 2005 05:01 pm
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Even though it's a day late, they are finally here.

English: 88/90 (A) Othello and Blake, closed book.

Economics: 113/120, 75/90, 79/90: 3 As! This means I have only one more module in June, and need 41% on it to get an A overall. Have a B even if I don't turn up. Which males me very happy indeed, and with enough time to concentrate on the evil that maths is.

Maths: 85/100 for my M1 retake. :( Big improvement from 51/100, but not as good as I expected, really hoped it will be in the 90s, and thus I would have had an A overall even with the P2 disaster Read more... )

I am considering dropping English. I don't need it, and will have more time to do maths. I am certain with my As in Economics and Politics, so no need to have it as a reserve A. But on the other hand, I will easily get an A if I do a little bit of work in it. And yet, all the extra reading for Unit 6 is something I won't have time for. And I hate war literature, I hate it. But there are only a few more months left. I don't know. I hate decisions.

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Hi. I am supposed to revising now, being in study leave and all, but I am not. There are only two exams left and I don't know anything about them..yet.

I had things to say. I did, but LJ ate my entry TWICE! And now I can't be bothered to write it all again. But it will suffice to say that it really pisses me off when I keep forming posts in my mind when things happen (Hope I am not the only one?) and then forget and never post. Especially now, when I am too busy to update, but things happen and it is too late by the time I decide to say something. I hate this feeling. Also when I don't update it seems like I am not online and revising like I am supposed to, and often I am here and reading my flist and pretending I am not. None of this makes sense, oh well.

Obligatory exam babbling, behind cut, because I am nice that way. Stuff, including musings on Iago's sexuality, not studying enough and how sad it is to know tons of Shakespeare quotes that you will never need again )

I am Draco Malfoy? *gasp* Really did not expect that, I did it yesterday and I got Remus Lupin, I only changed my answer slightly to a few questions today and I am Draco. How odd. I swear I have no ambitions to become the next Dark Lord..

Which HP character are you? )

And I wanted to be Remus. I have so much love for him, Recently I've been all about the Lupin. I don't know why. And I want to ship him with everyone, from Harry and Hermione to Snape and have been even warming up to S/R. But that is all [livejournal.com profile] anniesj fault, because when I went to vote on [livejournal.com profile] hp_journos I realised how many of the fics I hadn't read and then I had to read because otherwise I felt bad about voting. And three of the fics in the R/S category are by her and I read and loved soo much. Now I need more. Only you know after exams. Yes, not now. But if anyone has any recs for Remus fic, feel free to share. I won't read now, of course. Just to have it all for...later. And I mean anyone paired with him. *begs*

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Revision has officially killed me ded.

Seriously. I am actually looking forward to starting school tomorrow, as will do less work then. This really should serve as a lesson that not doing any work during term time and then learning it all in a week is a bad idea. Then again it won't change anything, sadly I am unable to concentrate when it comes to maths. I just don't like it. At all. And now I have to get an A in it. And it is just so damn hard. To say that the only thing that amused me today was "sec x" in the triginometry chapter would be sadly true. I will now stop whining about this, because it is not fair on anybody.

In other news I told my brother today about slash. To be more precise I told him to google Harry Potter and slash to find out what it is. He did. He took it surprisingly well, but I don't think he will ever mention it to me again. But I forced him to take a quiz on which Harry Potter slash pairing are you? and he got Harry/Voldemort. Was much amused. He tried again and he got Draco/Lucius, that disturbed him quite a bit judging by the expression. :)

I received an email to remind me that the deadline for a fic challenge I'd signed up for and completely forgotten about is on the 15th. In my excuse I signed up and didn't get anything until today, so I wasn't even sure what was happening. I don't think I have any time at all.

And last but sertainly not least I got my card from [livejournal.com profile] remipunx today. It is really nice! Thank you soo much! :D :D

I am going to sleep now, I need my brain sleep.

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Hello. How is everybody? I've had a very lovely Christmas with lots of presents and food and today I went shopping and I really don't know how to respond to the disaster and anything I could say will simply sound trive, so I won't say anything, but it would be even worse to not mention it at all and this post started all wrong, so I will stop this now.

The point was that I am in dire need to revise, I mean really revise, with a lot of hours and most importantly lack of internet access, because having a laptop might have sounded like a brlilliant idea, but in reality it is only a way to feed my addiction. So for me to have any chance to pass my 6 January modules I will need to cut down my internet time dramatically. But the problem is that I can't, I always plan to just check my email and then study, but then it is a couple of hours later and I have no force of will whatsoever. I just can't do it. So the only solution is to not turn it on at all, or at least only late at night after a hard day of revision. Because I not only need to pass, I need A's in all of them to have a hope in fulfilling my offer. I really wish I wasn't that lazy, but I am. So I won't be around much for the next couple of weeks. Or at least I hope so. No, I say so. It is written down, therefore it must be true *nods*

And now, The ficlet that [livejournal.com profile] remipunx requested. It is H/D and fluffy, I hope you like it.

Persuasion H/D PG-13 )


Jun. 9th, 2004 06:46 pm
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*Deep sign* Today was the longest day of my life. And not in a fun way. The worst thing is that I can't afford to relax, as haven't got much time revising for the rest. At least I did well, at least I think so, but everybody else thought it was horrible and I started to doubt myself. Still I've answered all maths questions, that's gotta be a good sign. It was in the morning, because it clashes with politics and so there were 9 of us in isolation for about 3 hours before the Politics, they were the most boring three hours ever, (just like this is turning into the most boring post ever, I know you are thinking it) followed by a three hour exam in which I wrote about 13 pages and my writing is quite small. I didn't think it was possible, neither does my hand which still hurts and shakes, so typing this is not entirely easy. It also results into an innordinate amount of typos I have to keep correcting. So I'll end this now before boring you to tears and/or my hand decides to go on a strike. Au Revoir.

PS. Finally watched the Angel finale, cried. A lot. My brother made fun of me. I can't believe it's over.

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An update to say that revision hasn't killed me. Yet.

I have so much to say, but will do that later as have literally a 10 minute break before doing some more politics. Am only online, because had to email my maths teacher pleading for help. Maths exam being on wednesday, me not knowing major things, really not good. On the other hand english was today and it was brilliant, I've never felt better after an exam, ever. After three hours and 9 pages I left the exam hall feeling entirely happy. The question on Snow Falling on Cedars was on the portrayal of women, not that anyone cares but I'd done an essay on that before. Oh yeah, it was also my best essay EVER. So good, I actually smiled upon reading said question, in the exam, Smiled! I am worried about my sanity. Oh well, the other two were very good too and this is the reason I so want to study english.

Am so behind on fic need to read.

It seems ages ago that I sow POA, I also missed the majority of the squeeing, but from what I have seen, EVERYBODY likes it. Am, glad but a bit surprised since my brother got very annoyed that it didn't follow canon and was't really pleased. I on the other hand simply wouldn't shut up after I saw it.

One more week! whee! 

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So, so busy lately. Had to get up at 5:30 yesterday morning in order to revise maths. Got to bed after one, and was up at seven today. So, you know attempting to survive on air is not all it's cracked up to be. Also, not learning things (believe it or not, I just typed 'thongs', instead of 'things', clearly caused by a brain overload) during the year may not be my brightest idea. I guess it was fun while it lasted, but I rather feel like the grasshopper right now and being the ant has its appeal. (Ignore crazy ramblings, at least I am not discussing vectors or the theory of conservation of momentum) Well it will be all over this time tomorrow, so at least I will get it over with. Which will leave me with exactly two weeks to study for my remaining 10 exams. Fun, considering there is another maths which is about twice as hard as this one. Also I am so easily distracted and random fic ideas seem to constantly haunt me, which is a bit frustrating, as they never seem to appear when I have time to write. So I can only jot down the main plot and hope I can actually write it later. Well at least I have one good thing to wait for, the whole week after exams, where I will have no responsibilities and go out and write. Oh, and read, there are so many amazing fics I am behind on, definitely need to catch up. So, during my frequent periods of procrastination I wrote something extremely silly, approach with caution, Oh scrap that, I am extremely proud of this piece of pure genious, and I want to thank my computer, my maths teacher, various other little and insignificent people without whose help, this would never be possible, *sob* Yes, yes the world peace thing too. )


I am going now to another impossible maths question, however am making no promisses regarding future rediculous posts. I need to put my nervousness somewhere. Yes, I am aware that all of you sincerely wish I would *study, for god's sake!* But I am trying, honestly. Also, I am begging for all the luck you can spare, will need it. Will really need it.

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You know when I said I won't be around much because of exams and revising and stuff. Well the thing is, I lied. Being at home all day makes me feel all lonely and unloved so I keep checking LJ to see anything new. And then nobody is herecommenting Ok, I admit it I am a comment whore, but can't you indulge me, *puppy eyes* I am just kidding people, I am really not that self centred, or at least am attempting to hide it *ducks*

Memes, because I am a sheep.

I am not sure what it does, something about who reads your journal, *looks pointedly at noone in particular.* Ahem. Click on it, you can't resist the pull. Click!

kuteki This is my colour! Yay!

Oh before anyone shouts at me, I did a lot of revising today! So there. I know all about vectors, and am allowed some free time now. A whole week at home may sound like fun, but I am really not a fan of study leave.


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I Have a paid account! Yay! All the pretty icons I can now get... Also quizzes and more layouts and stuff.

Have been busy lately, attempting to revise, my first Tempest exam is on Monday. I was happy until I got a B on the mock, which was really harshly marked but still.

Sow the Harry Potter thing everyone was talking about yesterday, they really have grown so much. And wow Rupert's hair really is cute, and Dan's grown too and Emma, oh they were so ickle before. I can't wait!

In terms of writing have to take a break for a bit, but have written half way through a fairly long Severus/Lucius that I need to finish. It is going to be very explicit, am thinking about posting it on a community instead of here, as to not offend the innocent minds of certain people. You know who you are!

Am going to do a Chaucer timed essay, but first of all am off to upload more icons! Yay!


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