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I am back from Morocco. Well, have been back since Monday, but as it was the first week of term I was thrown a bit off the deep end into classes and seminars and trying to see lots of people and having last minute driving lessons and doing copious amounts of laundry. Am now reading for my first essay for the year (On ethics in foreign policy, this whole choosing your own essay topic thing used to annoy me, but I do love it now) and of course now have found the time to update!

Things are good right now and I am sure that by half way through next week, it will be less good, so I want to record this...

I had driving test number two on Friday and it was raining and dark and horrible and nonetheless...I PASSED! :D Yay, I can now drive and soon there will be insurance and hopefully one day I will learn the way to my house.

In other news Morocco was absolutely fabulous. It started very badly, as it was meant to be 4 of us going, but ended up being only 2, but apart from the minor glitch it was fantastic. Met some awesome people, had a bit of a crazy itinerary (Marrakesh - Ouarzazate - Desert (near Merzouga) - Rissani - Fez - Rabat - Casablanca - Marrakesh) but impossibly it all worked out, spend one night in a bus, one in a Berber tend in the Sahara, two at a friends' girlfriend's flat, one in a room with a stranger I'd met hours earlier and one (innocently) sharing a bed. Saw snow in the mountains, rain in the desert, the sunrise over dunes, the sunset from a camel's back, the markets in Fes and Marrakesh, the mosque in Casablanca, the apartment of a friend of the boyfriend of a friend of the girlfriend of a friend (that was insane). The people were on the whole very nice especially when they don't want to sell you anything but they are not too bad even when they do (esp if you very firmly say no or la in Arabic) speak a million languages and (probably because I was travelling with at least one guy and was never by myself) almost no one did/say anything inappropriate to me.

Best week ever. Highly recommend it as it was really very cheap too, well it can be, as you can fine basic accomodation for under £10 and fantastic food for £1-£2, yeah the food was another high point. They were very nice about making me vegetarian things and even in the desert made me my own tagine (the others had to share) and everything was very delicious, cous cous and tagines are the main things, with lots of root vegetables, fried aubergines, fantastic pitta bread, eggs and lots of herbs. Mmm, getting hungry just thinking about it! And though I didn't buy very much they had lots of beautiful things for sale and I personally enjoy the game that is haggling, especially since I wasn't too bothered about buying specific things, though we did meet a number of people who'd been ripped off (felt very smug when comparing how much we'd spend for the same thing)

Now just need to sort out the 1000s of photos I have taken.

Oh and I am so pleased to see how almost my whole flist has been converted to Merlin! I started watching as soon as ep 1 came out and there was tiny bit of fic, (used to go on to [livejournal.com profile] merlinbbc  and [livejournal.com profile] merlinxarthur after each ep aired to read ALL the reviews/comments and fics, guess that would be no longer possible...) though nothing great and I have looked away for a bit and now suddenly there is lots of fic and it is really good and as a result have been reading Arthur/Merlin AUs till very late at night. Though still not sure where people are posting, as the comms memberships have not grown all that much.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Have tried but failed to catch up on what I have missed, so please tell me stuff! And Merlin recs wouldn't go unappreciated...

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I have my driving test in a few hours. I am scared :(

Am heading straight to the train station afterwards, as am going there for a conference on emerging powers in international relations. I only just researched the place, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

I need to pack and get dressed but I am too scared to move. :(

Oh and I really fail at numerical reasoning tests.

A question

Sep. 22nd, 2005 11:07 pm
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Whee! I finally got my year DVD (We couldn't afford having a year book and so have a DVD with pics instead...For those of you in the US, here year books are not the norm, so I'm pretty pleased we actually have something.) the photos on it are not half bad even if some of the names and things are messed up and some people are missing. I quite like my picture, but because it is on a DVD I can't save it or anything, so I have a question:

How do you take screen caps??? Do you need some special programme or is it really simple?

Also, despite the rocky start, my driving lesson rocked today. I drove really fast on a dual carriageway and even overtook lorries! *wins*

*offers chocolate as a way to distract from post's pointlessness*

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Shiiiit! At quarter past 10 this morning I was supposed to have a two hour driving lesson...

I woke up 20 minutes ago, needless to say just a tad too late... There was a note from my instructor, aparently he waited and rang the door bell and rang my phone (which I'd left at my friend's house) and I just slept through it all. Now two hours of driving is prepaid 44 quid, thank god he said he will come at half two and we will have an hour long lesson, which he didn't have to do. Despite this I obviously suck. :((

Also I booked my theory for Tuesday and so far know nothing. Heh, this will be a fun couple of days.

And not to leave this entry completely pointless, I prersent you with a fic. It is written by everybody at Monday's London Meetup and it is quite brilliant if I say so myself:

(Round Robin: The Battle of the Ships)

Not that it has a name, but [livejournal.com profile] annephoenix came up with that and I like it because it's true.

And now I am going to be a good girl and learn my theory.
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Spend a very long time yesterday redoing my layout, that is to say I customised all the different options and after a lengthy period of elimination I decided on this one! I really love it, the pink was starting to give me a headache, however it might change again soon as I am not yet used to the friends page.

Have had four hours of driving in the last two days which is quite a lot and am really pleased, driving is FUN! Even if I am not very good, next time we are doing roundabouts, since I live in Milton Keynes we have a lot of those. Need to start learning theory.

In fact I need to do so many things that I will need a big to do list and actually follow it because what is happening now is that I don't know where to begin and as a result am not doing anything at all.

It turns out that my school has a Prom website full with pictures, (people submit theirs I think) I even found myself on the background of one, it is weird seeing the pictures because the majority are of people I have never spoken to and some I don't even know the name of. Hopefully later on in the week we will be getting our Year CD, that's right we can't afford a Year Book.

Oh and I am good on my way to filling the 100 available icons, I heart my icons, isn't this one fabulous?

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After the excitement of Results Day and Prom on Thursday and Friday the weekend has been rather quiet but in a very nice way, after all a girl has got to rest. I have finally completed all the horrific forms that Univ send me ever so kindly, (I hate forms, they are never clear and I can't do 'block capitals' thank you very much) Still the simple action of filling the forms has made it all a lot more real and my anticipation has grown so much more, along with the new found fear, but that is too silly to mention. All the talk about subfusc clothing (and no I had no idea what that was) and formalwear and what not has made me squee excitedly and tremble in dread. (What if I get it wrong? What does 'dark' suit mean? Black/grey/navy/brown? Can it be pinstriped? How long does the skirt have to be? OMG a gown! etc etc)

And now I have to finally start on the gynormous reading list, I hadn't before of fear that it would be pointless if I didn't get in, and now it is so very daunting.

Starting driving lessons again (tomorrow morning, eek), this time hoping to go through with the course and pass, not that I will be getting a car soon, but it would be good to be able to drive.

And because I have nothing much to say apart from whining about my inability to write anything right now I will share a recap of Thursday and Friday, because I haven't but mostly because I like having a record of things.

Thursday: Results Day (no need to click, seriously) )

Friday: Leavers Ball/Prom whatever you want to call it )


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