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So, I have become a bit obsessed with fashion, and seeing as I spend half of my time online on fashion blogs I thought I should probably mention it (the other half is spend lurking in [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama and laughing hysterically and being pretty much in love with Rahm Emanuel, but that's a story for another day) I can blame London or Gossip Girl or the fact that when you spend an hour and a half getting to Uni, it seems worth it spending a little bit longer deciding what to wear in the morning.

I have always loved clothes but my venture into the fashionblog world is very recent and I can blame Gossip Girl on all counts, as I started off looking for GG fashion and things went downhill from there. So from my observation there seem to be two type of fashion blogs (broadly speaking, there are many many more), the type where rich teenage girls spend ludicrous amounts of money on designer labels and include hideous (and insanely high) shoes and lots of studs/leather/fringed things and insane layering and the other is where people use their creativity and combine high street and vintage to end up with pretty awesome stuff. The former reside more often than not in the US, while the latter are often British. I unashamedly love both, though for different reasons.

So let me qualify my love of clothes, before fashion the things that matter most are comfort and warmth. This doesn't mean I am making an excuse for Uggs, because I am not, there is comfort/warmth and then there is UGLY. The latter is taken into consideration. Mostly that means that I don't do heels, they can look hot (for a shoe rant see below) and all, but they also hurt my feet and at 5ft8 I love my flats in every colour ever and BOOTS obviously. Also I have no money so I am very careful about what I buy, though I have somehow acquired a pretty big wardrobe over the years, and love wearing something old and styling it differently than I used to, making it feel almost new.

My fashion loves/current obsession:
  • Tights. Okay my obsession with tights is still going strong and the fact that coloured/patterned/thick tights seem to be 'in' is so pleasing, as it was much harder to find the perfect shape of purple a year ago. I am pretty much in tights heaven right now.
  • Dresses and skirts I have always loved, but recently I have pretty much stopped wearing trousers, or at least long trousers, and when I put on the occasional pair of jeans I put a dress over it, so it doesn't really count. I love that it is perfectly acceptable to put on a summer dress over a black jumper and tights and have been doing that a lot lately.
  • I love this season when you can wear lots of layers and jumpers and warm things, combine this with my love of dresses you can guess that I am pretty fond of jumper dresses. Fantastic worn with bright tights and boots.
  • Belts, especially waist clinching belts are a huge current favourite of mine, have been using them to add to the highwasted 50s inspired silhouette I've been loving. You know high wasted full skirts, tucked in blouse? Yeah it took me a while to get used to the highwastedness, too many bad flashbacks to my childhood, but am so on board right now.
  • Bright colours, in contrasting/clashing shades and clashing patterns/styles, think biker jacket with a tutu, not that I have either.

My fashion needs/wants
  • Harlequin patterns, I would sell my soul for this dress, but since that's not gonna happen this skirt would do nicely.
  • Oxford booties, preferably vintage, definitely with a small heel. I want some so much, but am yet to find the perfect pair, that is with a 2 inch heel rather than 4, as that would kill me.
  • Tall black flat boots (rain proof a must) which fit snugly around my calves, seriously looks like I will have to splash out on some as the cheap ones I find are always really big on me and make my legs all stick like and upsets me, apart from that requirement I am pretty easy, lace ups would be fantastic, or buckles, though smooth would probably be most versatile.
  • A bandage dress, I need to find out where one can get good Herve Leger knock offs, preferably super multicoloured, (google Lindsay Lohan and Herve Leger to see what I mean)

My fashion hates
  • The recent shoe/boot hybrids, like open toed boots and the like, and the general trend of really ugly shoes, bulky, inbuilt platforms, what I used to call hooker shoes do not make pretty footwear. Lots os studs, fur and suede fringes and really futuristic/alien meet cowboy look is just really ugly. :( Really ugly and it upsets me. I know I am not into heels, but I like pretty shoes or kickass shoes but not open toed boots, because some things are just wrong. If you don't know what I mean, you are living in blessed ignorance, nonetheless go here to find out. Wow, that was a bit of a rant.
  • Leggings. Yeah the line between tights and leggings is fine, but significant, I am proud to say I don't own a single pair of leggings and I especially hate leggings as trousers worn with a short top. No. Just no. Though a secret part of me is sort of in awe of the shiny metallic and/or leather-like ones but not enough to buy any, but certainly to secretly admire from afar.
  • Jumpsuits/playsuits, whatever you want to call them they are 9 out of 10 times really awful. There are exceptions, and as much as I dislike Katy Perry, she can pull off a jumpsuit, but that doesn't meant that you can.
  • Dropcrotch pants (oh god, I keep saying pants instead of trousers, I am ashamed but will stop correcting myself) oh god, why? WHY? They are just so unflattering and hideous and never look good on anyone ever.
What else? Oh yeah I have crazy amount of work and so no time to go shopping ever, which is sad, I so long to go charity shopping in London, but maybe in December. Oh and some trends look good in theory and fail in reality, thigh high socks are one of those fails for me, as they kept slipping down, meaning I had to pull them up every few steps, making walking pretty uncomfortable. Also, I keep wanting to keep a 'daily wear' diary, but am not sure where my camera is.

That is all, not that anyone cared. But I have been thinking a lot about these things recently and needed to say them in order to get on with my presentation.

ETA: What do you think? Do you agree/disagree? Think I am the shallowest person ever? (I am a bit ashamed about posting this, in fact wasn't going to when I started writing it, was meant to be just for me, but then there were bullet points and I had to share)


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