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It's never too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Not that I haven't been around, I've just been quiet. Which is rather odd for me in RL but there you go. I hope everyone is nicely recovered from their chosen festivities and settled into the new year. (Harry Potter fandom, wank is not a pretty way to start the year, not that I really expect better)

I liked 2006. It was an amazing year. Won't do a meme, or maybe I will later, but 06 was probably the best year ever. Have visited 8 counties, had the most amazing summer, met some wonderful people, improved friendships, passed my first Oxford exams, lived. Not sure what this year has in store, though a few things I am afraid of but won't be getting into that now seeing us I am good at avoding issues.

Celebrated New Year's Eve on the Isle of Weight, visiting a friend, considering I had been, and still am a bit, rather ill, sadly no alcohol was involved, but they have a tradition of people dressing up in fancy dress and going on a pub crawl and that is what we did and it was lovely. So surreal walking the streets and seeing hundreds of people of all ages all dressed up in the most amazing costumes, bops have much to learn, I have discovered, in terms of effort put on a costume, some truly amazing things, wish I took pictures. The island itself is very pretty, amazing scenery, I was taken on a tour there...god only yesterday, seems like much longer, just before embarking on the 5 hour journey back to my house. I rather like travelling, as you do nothing and yet you are not considered idle for you are moving, if comforable a journey is my favourite thing. That was not a comfortable journey. The fact that my iPod died 5  minutes into it and that Plato's Republic was the only reading I brought meant that I spend a large part of said journey playing games on my phone. 1st of January well spend.

From tomorrow I am a changed woman. Resolutions I don't tend to do unless they are very immediate and extremely doable, so I will try.

Immediate and extremely doable goals:
1) Fucking start revising already, the past have erased any memory of Ethics from your brain. That is very bad indeed.
2) Find a house. You will otherwise be homeless. That will be rather sad for you.
3)Same goes for a job, it doesn't matter that half the deadlines have gone and that applications make your eyes bleed rather like that guy in James Bond, you need to make rather than waste money this summer.

Everything else:
1)LESS PROCRASTINATION (like that one ever works)
2)LESS FEAR, do the things that you want, don't be an idiot.
3)Rethink priorities! Don't miss out on having fun, now is the time, not later.

Oh and: 1) Watch the OC, it makes you happy!

Happy belated birthday [personal profile] lizardspots! <3 Hope that the year is really good to you, for you very much deserve it!
Lots of love to [personal profile] annephoenix, just because.
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Whoo! I am ridiculously pleased with myself despite being an awful procrastinator and not having done any studying as of yet. But there's always tomorrow, right?? Hee, am pleased because I did manage to finish my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic on time despite all the odds being against that and that I actually like it. I am not sure if others will, but it feels very close to my heart for a variety of reasons and so I am happy with it. Am quite terrified of anyone else reading it, but at least no one will do so for at least a couple of days.

Went to London yesterday with my brother to show my grandparents who are visiting around, went on a boat tour which was fairly uneventful and also went to an anime/manga exhibition. That was fun.

The actual reason for this post is to wish Ani a Happy Birthday, I was hoping to have a fic ready, but felt rather uninspired, so just give me a prompt and I will write you something.

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY [profile] anna_bonita!!! ♥HEARTS♥

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I am alive! *waves and bounces*! :DDD It is my 2 year LJ-versary today and I thought it would be appropriate to finally update. It has been a good year, I have met so many of you and you are all fabulous and even though I hardly have time to be around I feel very comfortable in fandom whenever I slip back into lj land. *loves and loves*

France was so good and I only did a little bit of skiing, spending most of my time relaxing or getting drunk (heee!), it was so cool to meet lots of new people and share with them the smallest room ever. Seriously it was four of us in this hallway like thing and it was self catering with no kitchen just a stove and a sink all squashed together. It was such a mess by the end it was disgusting, heh, I can't believe we managed to clean. The snow was beautiful and the weather wonderful and sunny. I fell on my face whilst dressed as a nurse because of the Polarbear! There were only Pizza restaurants and Oxford won all the races, yayness.

I have been ridiculously busy but not actually doing anything in the past few days, finally send all the christmas cards, hope you get them sometime before Chinese New Year...but it's the thought that counts, right? Thank you so much everyone that has send me a card, they are all gorgeous and I love them! :DD

I suck at organising things, went Christmas shopping and ended up with a lot of things for myself...

I have earmuffs and they are white fluffy love.

I miss you all so much, but have to start finish my yuletide fic, would anyone be willing to very quickly read through it when I am done???
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Hello, thank you all for the birthday wishes, my day was sort of quiet but nice nonetheless. No crazy drunken antics this time, I suppose I should act mature now, no longer do I have the excuse of being 18! :D I am only kidding of course, not thinking about being 20 next year, because it is a scary age, my mum married when she was 20, not that I will but still.

There was cake and presents and I might be going out today again but I am not sure yet.

I feel odd recounting about my birthday and being cheerful about it when most of the posts on my flist have been full with hurricane Katrina's effects and links to news articles and ways to help. I can't not mention it when so many people have died and continue to do so, and I am thankful for my flist for the information because not living in America makes it much more difficult for me to feel much when hearing the news, it is simply too far away. What all of you have done is bring it much closer and I guess the anger and horror are infectious, you all are in my thoughts.

Going back to happy news, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze! Hope you have a wonderful day! :D

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HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] kuteki  !!!!!!!!

I hope i managed to surprise you!

I wish you all the best in this new year, lots of fun at uni, success, love, luck and everything else that you want to be wished, but i can't think of!!! Have a great day!

Love you lots, [livejournal.com profile] anna_bonita .

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Scary, scary storm. Thunder and lightning and a lot of it too. The lights just flickered :( And today was such a lovely day too. I am not complaining, just saying.


My birthday is on Friday and I still have no idea what is happening, I will be going out on Thursday but have no idea who is coming as few people have confirmed and no one has money/is working all the time and I maybe I need to get myself more friends. Then again, three people have said they will see me on the Friday and I will be going shopping then with one of them for my present and then I think we are going to the cinema. In the evening something family is planned, though we could invite a couple of people. On Saturday I will be going out again with people that can't come on Thursday, hopefully. It is all coming very fast and I hate it when I don't know what will happen exactly, and panic that no one will turn up. Also I will be 19, and the rational part of my brain is aware that isn't old, but on the other hand it isn't 18 any more, and 18 is the best age and last year of being a teenager is omg just so scary. And yet I am full of birthday squee! My dad has agreed to get me a pink mini fridge for uni! :D How cool is that? (Not for a birthday present, that would be sad, besides I prefer surprises must to my parents' annoyance)


Today the Economics part of my reading list arrived. (Yay for Amazon) Three large books, from which I will need to read a substantial part and answer questions. Is it bad that I find it boring? I have always hated the making notes for yourself part of the course (Eh. That's why I didn't do any of it...) I am afraid I might find it all a little boring, and this isn't as bad as it sounds, I like economics, I like getting taught and discussions in class and evreything but note making. Which actually is bad, because university is supposed to be about independent study and research and reading books, right? How exactly do they expect us to change so completely from what we are all used to?


Oh and bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! No I am not insane, I am however writing a couple of things and I haven't done that in forever and I am very excited and will have to finish everything for once. Writing it down means that I am more likely to. I hope. :D

Oh and isn't my icon the greatest thing ever? *emg* <-evil monkey grin


Jun. 30th, 2005 06:20 pm
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Haha I can't quite believe that it is finally over and I was lucky to get a wondeful paper with wonderful questions and now I don't even know what to do. I mean yeah there are tons of things I need to do, but where do I begin. Also I am happy, because its over and all that but not as happy as I thought I would be, not omg extatic or anything.

Am going out to celebrate when I come back tonight expect a monster update.

Birthday Banner [livejournal.com profile] sparksandclocks !!! You are wonderful, have  aSurprise<333333333333

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was Yesterday! And I missed it! Argh! Am so annoyed with self, I kept checking before, because I did not want to miss it, and now I have. It is typical really, exactly what I always do when it comes to deadlines of all type. But I wanted to do something, anything on my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I guess I always have next year. But it would have been neat to say what I've accomplished, and all that. To say how many great people I've met, how many great fics I've read and how much beautiful art I've ogled and of course the whole community and the friendliness of most people. I am so glad to be a part of this fandom, which can be such a lovely place if you don't count the wank, but this is a happy entry, so I won't get into that. :D <3 <3 <3


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark!

  <---Yay! You can even drink in America now!        

   Party Time<-------look, look, this will lead to a drunken threesome :D

I hope you've a wonderful day full with joy, laughter, presents, chocolate and happiness! You deserve it. You are such a lovely person, I am so glad I know you. ♥ Read more... )

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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] superhot!

Hope you are having a great birthday with a lot of presents and fun and friends. I will see you later today and if you want me to write you something just say so.

<333333333333 Katia

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[profile] dimana   !!!



That first line meme is so much fun, I've read a vast amount of gorgeous, sad, lovely, fluffy etc drabbles and at the moment am busy in an atempt to write some. Here is one I wrote for

[profile] magdellin  's challenge, I know I said drabbles but this is 150 words, sorry.

A quick spell that was all. That was all he needed at the end. All he used. The hours and days spend in training, fighting, the anger and the tears, the hatred. No need for any of it. He wondered vaguely at the absurdity of the situation, Voldemort dead. Voldemort dead and the no longer human body lying amongst the flowers. More and more petals falling with every gush of wind, slowly, almost deliberately covering the Wizardings World's most tyrannical master. Harry couldn't move very much and even if he could, he didn't think he could really go anywhere. So he sat there in the wind and the petals with the corpse of his worst enemy, wondering what now. He'd achieved his one aim in life, his one goal, and now he felt. Well, he felt, spend and awkward and even a bit useless. So he sat and waited...for something.

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Happy 18th Birthday to me!

*points at sparkly text* Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

So, am 18 today, am also completely alone at home. Which is ever so slightly pathetic, but am not really complaining, just mentioning the fact. Also that job I was realy happy about, it ain't gonna happen, to make a long story short my friend is getting it instead, which I am suprisingly ok with, I just wish they told me in a slightly more official way then just telling her to tell me.

Will be going to a restaurant with my parents and brother tonight, was going to go out afterwards with two friends, both of which have very recently told me that they can't go out tonight. It is not their fault so am not annoyed, although the selfish part of me wishes I was. Haven't really got a reason to complain, will be going out tomorrow and then having a house party on Saturday and then a joined B-day party at a club on Wednesday. My friend N was just here and gave me very pretty gold earings and quite a few people, some of which surprised me have phoned or send me a message or an email. So Katia is happy. :))

Thanks for any and all birthday wishes and many special thanks and kisses for [livejournal.com profile] angeline_dark for an absolutely gorgeous fic she wrote for me. What girl isn't happy at getting porn for her birthday! And it's Harry/Draco/Severus my absolute OT3! It isn't just a PWP, but a fic with a lot of depth and hints concerning their past, I just wish she's post it somewhere so I can rec it here. Thank you sweetie!

ETA There is a link I just hadn't checked *blushes* here it is

Was going to post some pictures, but I can't log in to my photobucket account for some reason, will try again tomorrow.


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