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So I was sitting in Shakespeare's head in Holborn with a couple of friends, a pub I have been in many, many times, I was trying to cheer my friend up because her laptop was stolen at King's Cross a few days ago and she has exams in three weeks, and then I said, we should all be careful, let me just check my laptop is still here and upon looking under the table discovered that in fact it was gone! GONE! MY BEAUTIFUL LAPTOP AND worst of all EVERYTHING ON IT, ALL MY NOTES, ALL OF THEM! (And photos and music and films and fic and EVERYTHING!) You see TWO days ago the memory stick on which I had saved everything was acting really weird, saying it was full when it wasn't and I needed to transfer some photos and DELETED everything from it and hadn't got round to re-saving it. TWO days ago, I deleted my back up,. I am so so stupid. Also screwed. This is possibly my worst nightmare, to revise for exams with no notes. It's like the year is gone.

There was CCTV footage of the guy taking it, but his face was hidden, so nothing could be done, of course.

Then I was really upset, only to get to Euston and find out that I have to wait for a train for over an hour!! As opposed to the usual at most 10 minutes wait. And then I cried like a crazy person in the middle of the station.
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Why do I only post when upset/annoyed/worried? I am sorry for that, I always want to actually say stuff (most recently regarding the new ep of Gossip Girl which is so much love!) and also post photos, because I have been trying to do this weekly photo meme and have been taking photos of my day (in the library! Though slightly more exciting than than..slightly) and other things but instead you are getting a mini rant.
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I was going to post about my new found love of David Ford and the awesome gig I went to tonight with [personal profile] lauds and one of my housemates and how I did abysmally on my collections, but a glance at my flist showed me something I didn't want to believe but was forced to by all the repetition.

Heath Ledger has died. I am really upset right now, I have never been that upset about the death of a celebrity. I am just in a such a shock, he was so young, so talented, this is so sad. I love so many of his films and him. 
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I was browsing the IMDB Brokeback Mountain page earlier today only to come across some things so appalling I just needed to share them, these are all in response to an article someone posted in which Heath Ledger called the cinema owner in Utah that canceled the showing of the film "immature", not the word I would use but you get the point. (emphasis mine)

"Very immature? For a society to stand up for something they believe in? Why should you support gays if you don't believe in their lifestyle. Obviously you don't attack them, but you sure as hell don't support them. Lets all be sensitive and put aside our beliefs so we don't hurt other peoples feelings. Oh, I'm scared, what if people call me a bigot. Unbeleivable. I'm sick of this oversensitivity. Its Millers theatre, he can do what he wants. End of discussion. Lets admit it, people who support gay lifestyles are just moving closer to embracing that lifestyle themselves. Tolerance, yes. But not at the expense of moral beliefs. I'm going to go throw away my Knight's Tale DVD now"

At least that person can string a sentence together...

"...Also it's obvious God is real, when people think they are gay it's in their heads not their hearts. Satan is putting his mind into theirs tricking them, it's called temptation. I may not believe in the ways of them but I will still be friend them because I don't judge a friend by what they do or any of that. I am just stating an obvious fact that there is no way in hell evolution is real. I think that it's obvious a man and woman belong together on so many levels. One might think they're gay but they're really not, it's the society making people think they are."

Don't you all wish you had friends like this?

"im glad they did it. The movie is very impressonable. It could make kids and whoever think that being gay is alright, when it is not. That is the most unnatural thing that goes on with humans, even more so than substance abuse. One thing makes me feel better....that they will infact not breed and multiply, but they will multiply not by breeding, but by society gradually accepting it. Im not saying prison, rights and all that. Im saying we should acknowledge it as wrong. Gladly, about 70% of america is against gay marriage."


My response right now is simply "..." some people make my head hurt. I don't think I need to say anything, I guess these speak for themselves pretty well.


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