Apr. 5th, 2009

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So I was sitting in Shakespeare's head in Holborn with a couple of friends, a pub I have been in many, many times, I was trying to cheer my friend up because her laptop was stolen at King's Cross a few days ago and she has exams in three weeks, and then I said, we should all be careful, let me just check my laptop is still here and upon looking under the table discovered that in fact it was gone! GONE! MY BEAUTIFUL LAPTOP AND worst of all EVERYTHING ON IT, ALL MY NOTES, ALL OF THEM! (And photos and music and films and fic and EVERYTHING!) You see TWO days ago the memory stick on which I had saved everything was acting really weird, saying it was full when it wasn't and I needed to transfer some photos and DELETED everything from it and hadn't got round to re-saving it. TWO days ago, I deleted my back up,. I am so so stupid. Also screwed. This is possibly my worst nightmare, to revise for exams with no notes. It's like the year is gone.

There was CCTV footage of the guy taking it, but his face was hidden, so nothing could be done, of course.

Then I was really upset, only to get to Euston and find out that I have to wait for a train for over an hour!! As opposed to the usual at most 10 minutes wait. And then I cried like a crazy person in the middle of the station.


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