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OMG! I just watched the finale and I know no one cares anymore but I need to put my thoughts about it somewhere!

What?! I mean seriously, what the hell just happened? Also, every finale so far has ended with Nathan being potentially killed, why do you do this to me show? And I thought I didn't care about Nathan Petrelli anymore, turns out three little words is all I needed for my love to return tenfold, OH PETRELLICEST I have missed you! Welcome back! Seriously Peter and Nathan walking down that corridor, their faces in shadow saying they love each other was pretty much the best thing ever!!!!

But I don't like Nathan being dead and in Sylar's body thing, on the one hand I have written essays on Personal Identity which would have argued that this is now actually Nathan in every way that counts, on the other the clock thing was really not good. Now I want to read fic about him having disturbing dreams and inappropriate thoughts towards Peter and Clare and that would be awesome. Yeah, Clare, I don't know, okay? But the Sylar/Clare thing was super creepy but kinda awesome also, because it is true in a sort of Aziraphale/Crowley through the ages love.

What else?

I am worried about Hiro, omg Hiro I don't want you to have a tumour :(

I saw the water and said, "Hi Tracy" I like her as a water avenger. Interesting how powers can adapt!

When did Sylar learn to fly? No wonder we haven't seen West in a while...

Angela and HRG are the best team ever.

In conclusion, this was one hell of an episode, but I am worried. And I live Zachary Quinto and Sylar, so wouldn't want him gone.

Wow, two posts in one day. Haven't done that in years. Now look at me not posting for a month.

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