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I don’t know if any of you are still watching Heroes, as it really did go downhill, but yesterday I caught up on the last two episodes and they were fantastic! For the first time since probably season 1 I truly enjoyed watching it, so that I had to pause it to flail and write down quotes and yell for my brother to squee at him. So much of it was so good. Some less so. Now I am craving a long plotty fic explaining what the fuck happened to Nathan (bodysnatch? Pls?) and how him and Peter reunite and it is wonderful. But until I find that. My thoughts. Well, noncoherent squee. Same thing.


Clare Bennett, ilu! Clare is seriously kicking ass and being so proactive and fantastic and is a little bit redeeming show’s obsession with torturing and killing blonde women. (Tracy, Elle, Daphne…) And her new love interest is a lot cuter than West and in her closet, though I am sure his comments re girls and comic books would have pissed people off, I like him!

Sylar and Luke! Omg, their scenes win at pretty much everything. I love ‘technically a serial killer’ Sylar and his “Luke, you are really going to have to stop trying to be my friend or I am gonna have to kill you” which is especially funny because it is true. And Luke is super creepy, he makes Sylar seem sweet. But their love is so deadly and disturbing and yet awesome! They bonded over milkshakes and pie!! And Sylar saved him and gave him Advice and opened up. I sort of want fic featuring these two, not necessarily porny (though that would be extremely horrible and yet…) I am totally down with platonic evil apprentice.

HRG and Angela are still running the show, love that and Loved Angela’s shoes. In moments like this I wish I could wear heels without the pain and becoming a giant. I also love that HRG’s “it’s all about Clare” is in fact a cover for “I am just really booored, and I miss having to be super cool and sneaky and morally grey” Good on Sandra for kicking him out though, she’s awesome. Also HRG/Hunter? y/y? Their failure at bonding was so adorable and now they are taking Nathan down, Hunter scares me though. I think he has a secret power and is super repressed and filled with self hatred about it.

Peter was pretty fantastic also, loved his efficiency and competency and the fact that he actually shot Hunter and yet his lack of any trust towards Nathan while completely justified totally breaks my heart. Oh Peter, he does love you!

Mohinder and Matt really annoyed me, though they so acted like bitter exes, heh, and the fact that Mohinder feels pretty bad for his behaviour is something I approve of. The old Mohinder which I loved is back, though it looks like he will be working in a lab for evil, once again, have we not been there before show? Hm? The same thing goes with DC exploding, come on! Stop with the explosions already!!

This brings me to Nathan. Worse till last. Or something. I don’t quite understand what happened there, until the last episode of last season he was crazy and born again but not exactly evil and I don’t quite understand the trigger that really threw him on this path of rounding up all the specials even his own brother. I am really trying to be understanding here, but it makes no sense. None. I understand he doesn’t want to kill everyone and things are sort of not under his control anymore and he believes he is doing good etc. And I would sort of accept it if he wanted to capture the people with dangerous abilities, rather than his friends and family who he know are not going to do anything bad or have harmless powers. It just makes no sense, how can he change from the Nathan that would die for Peter and wanted to tell everyone about abilities to the man he is now. I keep hoping for a future redcon, mind control/it’s not really Nathan, anything? Maybe it was the fact that it was Peter that shot him that did something to him, not sure.

And a meme tagged by [livejournal.com profile] the_sea_to: Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then post this to your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Clothing: Yeah I love clothes. I already made a post to that effect and the number of fashion blogs I frequent has grown quite a bit since. As has my tights collection. Every day I get on the bus from Euston to Holborn, sit on top at the front and look outside judging people’s outfits. Since it’s central London, this is so fun! I’ve been attempting to take photos of my daily outfits, not because I think I am awesome, but because I am curious as to what I wear and try to not repeat an outfit, but keep forgetting to do it, so the result is not very accurate, but the photos I have are growing. I sort of want to post them, but doubt this is the right place for it.

Travel: I guess I am quite lucky as have done quite a lot of travelling in the last few years, though there is so much more I want to see. I am not really a holiday person, and by that I mean going somewhere to do nothing but relax/sun bathe/drink, when I go somewhere I need to see everything. I adore different cultures, the food, the atmosphere of places and though I do go to the museums and galleries my favourite thing is to simply walk around the streets and look at people and buildings and take a million photos. I try to avoid the super touristy areas and see what the parts which are not the city centre are like, try more authentic food and talk to local people. I am so looking forward to going to Barcelona soon. Especially since I have been before, as there is something wonderful about revisiting places

Oxford: is one of my favourite places. I did my degree there and lived there for three years and I don’t want to sound like a cliché but they were the best years of my life. It was wonderful, a lot of work, sometimes too much but also a lot of fun and really fantastic people. As for the city itself I never really got used to its spectacular beauty, the river before proper sunrise, cold and ethereal (rowing was good for something), the Covered Market filled with shops selling pearls and dresses and the scent of Ben’s cookies, the oldest Oxfam, which I could never enter without purchasing something ridiculous, the Cowley road graffiti, all the colleges of course, everything else.

Fanfiction: I still read and haven’t written in a very long time. Though I have a fantastic idea about an Arthur/Merlin fashion AU, a sort of The Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty. with Uther as Miranda and Gaius as Nigel. Arthur is Daniel and Merlin as the clueless writer who has no idea about fashion at all and accidentally gets a job as Arthur’s personal assistant. Arthur tortures him of course but Merlin’s idiocy is sort of endearing and he accidentally saves the day a few times and Arthur slowly falls for him. Will is Nate and Morgana is Alexis and Gwen is Lily and I so want to write this. What do you guys think?

New people: I like new people, both in RL and in LJ, looking at my flist it looks like I need some new faces as half of you haven’t posted in forever and I hardly share a fandom with most of you, but at the same time I am not a big fan of change.


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