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*waves* Hope you all had a lovely Christmas etc and have planned a good way of ending the year. Mine was not bad at all (best things I got was a camera, a watch and a chocolate fountain!) and I have spend the last couple of days either shopping (I am too weak to resist the sales, even if I have no money whatsoever, very bad!) or reading Yuletide, and not any work, even though I am going to Morocco in less than a week and need to do some work before that, but never mind that now, here's some recs. I love Yuletide and read everything with which I am even vaguely familiar, so these are a very random mix. In no particular order:

Wimbledon: In Dreams: This is a story set after the ending of the film and it is what I wanted to read ever since I saw the film about three years ago, it is quiet and bittersweet and utterly lovely.

But I'm a Cheerleader: Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield's Guide for Cheerleaders: As the title probably makes clear this is wonderfully funny and it really keeps with the spirit of the film.

Love Actually: Someone you love: This is about Sarah and Karl after the film ends and it is absolutely perfect.

Saved By The Bell
: Bayside Revisited: I used to love Saved By the bell, can't quite believe fic exists, but it does and this sees the gang reuniting after 15 years and it was a joy to read from start to finish. Oh nostalgia.

RPF Politicians: Ten Sephirot. Nine and a Half Fingers, Eight Nights, 44 Presidents: Yes this is Rahm Emanual/Barack Obama, but really what makes this fic utterly compelling is the stuff before the slash. Really beautifully written and great characterisation.

RPF Pundits
: Breaking News: Rahm/Anderson Cooper, need I say more? Okay, this really is a great fic, and you should really, really read it!

Angels in America: I'll find you in the morning sun: This is a fic about Prior after the end of the play, it includes a Louis that finally gets a clue, an incredible Hannah and an always wonderful Belize and it is really fantastic, and what I particularly liked was that the hope. It managed to be realistic without being too bleak.

RPF Gossip Girl
: Ed Westwick is no Repair man: Ed/Chase is not something I normally seek out, but this has a really great Ed voice and I really enjoyed it.

Shelter: Laying In: It takes off where the film ends and presents us with the hard reality of actually moving in with your boyfriend, who is the brother of your best friend and having to take care of your nephew while trying to attend college and it includes a really great OC.

Little Miss Sunshine: Nine Steps in a Circle: Dwayne and Frank both need to rebuilt their lives and their developing friendship helps them along. I really enjoyed this fic, a great storytelling voice.

The History Boys: Now for a breath I tarry: A fic the follows Scripps through his three years in Oxford, don't want to spoil it, but it (eventually) has a pairing I hadn't really read before and it does it really very well.

Merlin: Buggre Alle This: Bodyswap fic, seriously awesome, what more can I say?

More might come later, though I have pretty much exhausted my known fandoms. Hope you are all good! A more substantial update may come later.

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Date: 2008-12-30 12:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lauds.livejournal.com
Oh, thank you for that LA rec! They were one of my favourite storylines and you're right, it is a perfect ending.
I loved the History Boys one, have been meaning to post about it as well! (Scripps was always my favourite.<3 )


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